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    Holly Ahlberg: Lost Civilization Discovered in Chile?

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    The Atacama Desert is unique and very hostile.

    It's considered the driest desert in the world with dramatic landscape with some parts of the region that has never received a drop of rain, or at least not as long as people have been keeping track of such things.

    Nuevo Albergis is the name given to the city that was discovered by Ms. Holly Ahlberg (Nov, 2012) in the Atacama Desert, that to date has not been explored by a significant archaeological team. A number of pilots and explorers have discovered geoglphs in the area, most noteably the giant  large anthropomorphic geoglyph known as Cerro Unitas. What Holly discover is amazing. Using Google Earth satellite imagery she found a city which appears to have been built in several phases separated by different flood events, and/or over a period of time. The presence of numerous 'canals' leading to the structures highlights the possibility that it was built where it was because of the availability of water running from the now dried up Salar Uyuny salt flats (Once a freshwater lake and over 80 miles away).

    These imagess only show the smallest fraction of what can be seen to have once been a vast complex extending out in the flood plain for several miles, consisting primarily of (several) thousands of similar plots, tightly grouped and laid out in neat grid formations. It is clear that whoever built these structures, they were well organised and the complex must have been of great significance when it was in operation.

    This is a significant find, and one that may reveal an ancient people.

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    USMNT vs Chile Preview, Sebastian Giovinco, Martin Odegaard

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    (Start - 1:45) FA Cup upsets!

    (1:45 - 23:30) USMNT vs Chile preview (including very specific predictions).

    (23:20 - 31:20) Sebastian Giovinco to Toronto FC and Martin Odegaard to Real Madrid.

    (31:20 - 49:30) Listener questions, including set plays, culture shock in Major League Soccer, supporting smaller teams, and did Clint Dempsey fail in the Premier League?

    (49:30 - 53:11) Weird soccer traditions and superstitions.

    (53:15 - end) Listener donations.

    Send questions to contact@totalsoccershow.com, support the show at http://totalsoccershow.com/support or buy a tee at http://totalsoccershow.com/shop


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    SHOOTING from the LIP -- w/ Bill Saunders & Kevin Hale

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    tonight's SHOOTING from the LIP - 10p E with hosts Bill Saunders @bsaunders12 and Kevin Hale @kevinhale423

    10:05 – Ally Tucker @AllyTuckerKSR & Aaron Flener @AFlenerKSR - Kentucky Sports Radio

    recap the recent UK Hoops Men's game and preview upcoming

    10:35 – Chase Kloetzke @ChaseKloetzke - Ufologist and Field Investigator of unknown phenomena

    discuss Roswell and the connection with Wright-Patterson AFB

    11:05 – Matthew Grant @WeeklyWPodcast - Weekly Wrestling Podcast

    Recap WWE's Royal Rumble PPV

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    Prosperity Gospel Prophets Who Speak Visions From Their Own Minds (55)

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    This devotional Bible study scheduled for Friday January 23, 2015 is based on Jeremiah 23:16.  The prophet Jeremiah was distraught over the great damage false prophets were causing in Israel to the north and Judah to the south.  The pseudo prophets Jeremiah alludes to in Jeremiah 23:16 were giving God's people bogus "visions fabricated in their own minds, and not from the mouth of the Lord."  These false, man-based revelations only led the gullible further away from God and closer to eternal damnation!  All five radio programs scheduled for this week are based on Jeremiah 23 and will tackle the subject of False Prophets, their Ministerial Character and Nefarious Activities.

    E-mail us at manna4today14@gmail.com in order to receive daily outlines corresponding each Bible study.

    Please spread the word about DAILY MANNA FROM HEAVEN by telling your fellow church members, family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers about this life inspiring and Christ-honoring radio program.

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    FTH #73 The Tenth Realm?

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    I - Epic Boss McFall - start the show out not according to our well planned out notes, but instead bring up why Evergreen is an ongoing inside joke with Klotz. We also start a new drinking game today by having you take a shot every time we mention PVP. Some great news today from the posibility of Angela being included in the game, new newsletter features, and sooo much more. Tons of laughter and excitement, and some great debate as well. Enjoy the show.

    Help us build a better community and influence the growth of the game. Join Patreon today!


    There’s Magik in the air
    Spec Ops is coming soon.
    New Newsletter and Page features
    Fantastic 4 New trailer
    King’s Page on new site
    Marvel Teases Angela for upcoming pvp
    Open Call for Articles/Content Submissions

    Get more detailed notes at The Helicarrier.

    Email FromTheHelicarrier@gmail.com

    Give us a review on iTunes

    Find more of Agent McFall on Success Freaks

    & more of Agent Ibbott on Coverville every week!

    Music provided by The Beginning at Last - Follow them on Facebook

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    SHOOTING from the LIP -- w/ Bill Saunders & Kevin Hale

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    tonight's SHOOTING from the LIP - 10p E with hosts Bill Saunders @bsaunders12 and Kevin Hale @kevinhale423

    10:10 – Jon Hood @jonnylightning4 - SFTL UK Hoops Correspondent & former UK Hoops Player

    recap the recent UK Hoops Men's games

    10:35 – Rob Bell @RBelly_ - SFTL NBA Correspondent

    discuss UK players in the NBA and prospects from this year's team

    11:05 – Matthew Grant @WeeklyWPodcast - Weekly Wrestling Podcast

    preview WWE's Royal Rumble PPV

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    Whispers From Heaven W/ Mediums Lorie Johnson, Amelia Pisano & Paul Francis

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    Paul Francis    "I have been a professional medium for 20 years starting off like most people as a part timer doing readings here and there and when I could fit it in with my other work, but I always knew I had another journey and another part to the puzzle I knew that my current career had only been designed as a training tool or stop gap to get me ready to do what I was supposed to be doing, which is the light work. My training in the music and the music business gave me the confidence to be able to work on the big stage and as I'm sorry to say but you get noticed quicker there than working from your front room of which I was just like any other medium trying to do their best.

    To learn more and to have your free mini read on Wednseday night with Paul Francis..make sure to call in early and get into the chat room early as we have limited capacity for both!! 

    www.blogtalkradio.com 347-945-7857 show starts at 8pm e.t. be there by 745pm to guarantee your place in line to speak with anyone of us.

    Thank you!



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    Whispers From Heaven with Psychic Medium Lorie Johnson and Amelia Pisano

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    THIS IS A SPECIAL , celebrating my birthday weekend 



    Im going to give one free question readings, remember I'm psychic medium , shaman healer , animal communicator,
    please keep it to one question .
    please post your question here ....
    please do so before Wednesday .....
    I will explain on Wednesday ! ...

    please do not try to stump the psychic , or your question will not be answered . Thank you . this is on the questions that make no since to me , like where's my momma ? explain more what your looking for without giving the answer .
    is she passed? or missing ? were you adopted out and are seeking for her ? you know that way .
    remember one question
    Love and Light ...
    God Bless , Lorie Johnson

    Call 1-347-945-7857 for the reading or to listen in.. join our chat room, make new friends and chat with the hosts as well.  

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    2nd Annual Thanksgiving & Holiday Wines & Hard Ciders

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    Wine Muse hosts Linda Rez and William Pollard, from Wild 4 Washington Wine, ring in the holiday season with the 2nd Annual Ideas for the Holidays: Holiday Wines, Sparkling Wines, Champagnes and Hard Ciders.  

    If you like wine, you might enjoy these winemaker conversations answering the question: What's So Great About Pinot Noir?

    Part One: Chile Pinot, Francois Lurton

    Part Two: California (Carneros) Pinot, Michael Richmond

    Part Three: Oregon Pinot, Steve Lutz

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    From The Basement To The Boardroom

    in Self Help

    "FROM THE BASEMENT TO THE BOARDROOM" is hosted by business/tax expert Brian Joubert and Tony Fleming. Brian & Tony give business tips, tax tips and mindset growth on how to build a proper blueprint for SUCCESS! Also, they get to release their passion for helping other entrepreneurs, which gives potential, inspiring, and existing business owners an outlet to be highlighted and profile their businesses.

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    From Behind The Veil

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    Today's Show: BROKEN PIECES

    Relational wounds cut deep.  When one experiences a relational wound, they are often left with broken pieces. Maybe it's a broken heart.  Maybe your self-esteem has been impacted in such a way that you have a broken or distorted view of yourself and of how God sees you. No matter what you have experienced, know that your brokenness is not your identity, God sees you as more than what you've experienced. Your broken pieces are not an indication that you are damaged goods, nor are they a sign that you cannot be made whole.

    For the next two weeks, Tanyka will be talking from the subject of broken pieces. Join her as she shares how God can and will not only heal you, but mend your broken pieces and use them for your good AND for HIS GLORY.

    Links: www.btvministries.com


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