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    The Real 50 Shades of Grey!

    in Romance

    Ever since 50 Shades of Grey came out everyone had grand plans on being part of the BDSM lifestyle. Men wished for women that would do as they were told and women wished for a billionaire that would take care of them. While most people that actually live this lifestyle well before it became popular finds 50 Shades vanilla at it's best, others were upset that it made people want to jump into a lifestyle that they knew nothing about and really didn't want to take the time to learn.

    I'll be interviewing Evvie to get a better look into the BDSM lifestyle. Evvie is a slave that has been with her master for 3 years, and she has permission to talk to us. 

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    T.R.U.E. Shades of H.I.M. by Best-Selling Christian Author: Qshebra Latasha Taylor

    in Religion

    Watch and listen to a special show time LIVE podcast on Wednesday, October the 7th  9:30 am EDT. My special guest will be noted best-selling author: Qshebra Taylor-Dickerson a Gifted, Anointed woman of God called to the ministry of teaching and empowerment through God's Word. Ms. Taylor is a mother of five beautiful children and an encouragement to many others.                            

     She is currently a student at Beulah Heights University studying for her Associate's in Leadership Studies. The new and refresh Self-Published Author of T.R.U.E. Shades of H.I.M. {''F.R.E.E. To Be The Chosen M.E.}and B.A.M.M. EmpowerEment.Com project are her recent accomplishments. As a true servant of God, she shares her testimony of faith everywhere she goes on how God is Able to Do Anything and If you believe it '' All Things are Possible''.

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    Talk with Marie Presents Live music in Second Life, Concert Window & BestSellers

    in Books

    Today's show highlights new books, live music and upcoming shows in Second Life and Concert Window. First up, Marie shares what's on the bestsellers List. Let's connect on Twitter and Pinterest!

    Featured Books

    Regulating Desire: From the Virtuous Maiden to the Purity Princess by J. Shoshanna Ehrlich

    The Book of Night Women by Marlon James

    Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie

    Claire of the Sea Light by Edwige Danticat

    Music by James Olmos

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    How successful were Aston Villa in the summer transfer window?

    in Soccer

    We could have taken the week off. We could have taken a cue from the rest of the footballing world and enjoyed a little bit of time on the couch. Or done like Saido Berahino and made use of the 7500 to Holte private jet. We could have followed the Brad Guzan route and gone for a walk in exotic Washington, DC.

    But no, we came back for you. And besides, I can take that walk in DC after we record.

    We're here to help get you through the international break! And what better way to do that than by casting our gaze back on the Summer transfer window. We'll also talk a bit about the match against Sunderland. And of course, we take your questions from Twitter.

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    Shades Of Grey Q&A

    in Self Help

    Many of us believe we're definitive in our likes and dislikes, our actions and words, but often we're not. We're fickle. Meaning, we're all shades of grey in how we think, feel and act. We may think we're clearly stating to the world who we are and what we're about, but often others see us through their own filters.

    If you see yourself and life as black and white, then you're trying to fit the broad strokes of life into a small SAFE compact package....and life can be quite miserable when not experienced beyond this tiny intellectual opening.

    Being weird, unique or hypocritical even, are what most of us may try to hide to fit into the straighter lines, but why do it?  We think it's safe. Perhaps, intellectualizing reality was the way you've coped your entire life?

    How can you ever know who you are or what you want based on someone else's rules on how to live? And how do you gain the courage to live outside the lines?

    Join me for this Q&A on how to really live, a happy, loving and successful existence. Got questions? Please email me at info AT tracycrossley dot com.

    I've already received questions such as:

    How does the way we relate to others keep us from overall success in life?
    Can I get rid of low-level anxiety as a constant companion?
    I want to change and grow, how do I do it?
    How do I tell if this is the right relationship for me?
    I keep repeating the same patterns in my life everyday! Help!
    I hate my job, my apartment and am alone, what can I do?
    Why can't I let go of my marriage...we're basically roommates?
    How do I know who I am and what I want?

    Ready? Tune in with me for these answers and more!

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    Another school shooting, zimmerman and a baby was thrown out the window?

    in Entertainment

    To Hell In a Hand Bag; On the next special Monday edition of The Absolute Truth, we explore what has gotten into the minds miscreants and murderers. We'll look at the unfortunate and sudden shootings inside a community college in Oregon and ask; why these incidents keep happening? We look into the story of a mother that allegedly threw her newborn baby out of a window, killing it, and see if it could have been prevented. And  George Zimmerman is back in the news for all the wrong reasons again. That and more hard hitting talk on a special Monday night, 9pm edition of The Absolute Truth Show with your host with the most The Hot Rod with the one and only  Sean Black and Anitra B. 

    Where We Tell It Like It Is!

    Call us @ 347-989-8402 

    Tweet us @ theabsolute100 

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    Talk with Marie Presents Blaze your Sole & Live Music Second Life Concert Window

    in Art

    Marie highlights the mission of Blaze your Sole. Listen in to learn about their founder. The song of the day is by Nahko & Medicine for the People. Follow Talk! with Marie on BlogTalkRadio. Let's connect on Twitter and Pinterest!

    About Blaze your Sole

    Founded in 2008 by entrepreneur and adventurer, Katie Visco, who ran across America in 2009, Blaze Your Sole has touched the lives of more than 100 million people across the globe. We share the stories of soleblazers - creators, passionate innovators, positive disruptors, underdogs, overdogs, big dreamers, game changers, adventurers, catalysts, do-gooders, seekers, extraordinary ordinaries, and you – in order to empower the epic and unimaginable in all of us, and highlight the common spirit we all share. Blaze Your Sole builds community through story both online and offline to foster the renewal of self and of interconnectedness, and to ignite a unified generation that is soulfully expressed.

  • TALK! with Marie Presents Musicians Kuya Kano Concert Window & Tukso Okey SL

    in Music

    Today's show features Musicians Kuya Kano Concert Window & Tukso Okey Second Life. Marie also shares what's on her reading list.  Stay connected on twitter!

    About Kuya Kano

    Kuya is an acoustic musician who performs World Inspired Spanish Guitar. His 12 year experience of world traveling has captured European, Middle Eastern, Latin and Asian sounds that make his music a unique blend for almost any occasion. Although Kuya Kano began performing music in the United States, his career as a Professional Yachtsman took him around the world where his international sound was eventually formulated. His musical style was first inspired in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico by a duet known as "Latcho and Andrea" who conducted a Spanish/Flamenco performance on his yacht. Since then, his passion grew for this free-style and adventurously spirited style of the Spanish guitar.

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    Music by Singer/Songwriter Offiong Bassey, Concert Window & Second Life Events

    in Music

    Talk! with Marie Presents New books, Music by Offiong Bassey, upcoming shows on Concert Window & Second Life Events. Follow us on Twitter.

    About Offiong Bassey

    Singer/songwriter and poet, Offiong Bassey, is an exciting artist who draws upon the numerous influences that have touched her life. As the first generation from her Nigerian family born in the U.S., the soul, jazz, and gospel music of America reside within her just as comfortably as the musical traditions of West Africa. She brings to them her unique ear for harmonies and phrasing, her ground-shaking, power vocals, and her unmatched versatility to create music that is fresh, inspiring, and just plain fun. Her talent has garnered praise from diverse audiences, including South African youth in Johannesburg, attendees at the U.S. Africa Business Summit in Washington D.C., to Jazz enthusiasts at the world-renowned Scullers Jazz Club and RegattaBar venues in her hometown of Boston. She was honored to perform for the Obong (King) of Calabar, Nigeria and the Governor of Cross River State, Nigeria. 

    Book (s) Featured:

    100 essential modern poems by women by Joseph Parisi and Kathleen Welton

  • Window Shopping - Fantasy Football's Waiver Wire - Blind Bidding Show

    in Sports

    Join Chris and Bob every Monday for Fantasy Football’s Window Shopping Show.   Fantasy Football’s real life waiver wire, blind bidding show.  Targets, observations, and drop for every format.

    Listen in as Chris and Bob provide values, add to your roster targets and drop candidates.  Additionally they highlight watch players and bench movement.

    Send your questions to bob@allpurposeroto.com or chris@allpurposeroto.com

    Check out featured free content at www.allpurposeroto.com  Player rankings, Depth Charts, Coaching Grid, Offensive Line Rankings and more.

    Watch to join our new mailing list to get our The Fantasy Tactics  Tip Sheet . . with no pesky advertising.

    4 new shows every week

                            Saturdays:           The Hot Stove  - 30 minutes of news and player updates

    Mondays:            Window Shopping – Our Dumpster Diving Show, a look at waiver wire and blind bidding targets for your team

    Wednesdays:    Fantasy Tactics – With KFFSC – The Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship.  High Stakes experts join this show every week to discuss strategy, tips and  tactics.

    Sundays:              Zero Hour – Our Daily Game Show – Quick Recap for your Sunday Lineup playing Daily Fantasy.  Listen in to strategy and advice on value start and sit players.

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    Window Dressing Ferguson,MO

    in Politics

    The act of decorating and arranging products to display in a store window. : something that is intended to make a person or thing seem better or more attractive    Webter

    A year after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown sparked a firestorm in Ferguson, the city is still pumping out thousands of new arrest warrants and jailing people over minor offenses, according to an exclusive CNNMoney analysis.This practice continues despite a scathing report from the Department of Justice in March that found that Ferguson's police department and municipal court were unconstitutionally targeting low-income and minority residents with tickets and fines for minor offenses -- often in pursuit of revenue. The report noted that there were more than 16,000 people (residents and non-residents alike) with outstanding arrest warrants as of the end of last year, equivalent to around 75% of the town's population.

    The problem is widespread. Since Brown’s life was cut short on that fateful August day, we have witnessed incident after incident, in communities all across the country, of unarmed black men and women dying at the hands of police. Video cameras do not lie, and information and social media isn’t keeping people in isolated communities any more. Al Sharpton