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    Dr. Will Moreland Shares Expertise On Identifying Your Genius

    in Self Help

    Dr. Will Moreland is America's #1 Leadership Life Trainer, he visits The Wealthy Speaker Show to share expertise on tapping into your genius. Paul Lawrence Vann host this episode to provide listeners with a dynamic show that speaks directly to maximizing your human potential. 

    The dynamic Dr. Moreland has spoken to over 1,700 audiences over the course of his speaking career and he delivers with passion and purpose. Having overcome the odds in life, Dr. Moreland went on to serve his country in the U.S. Army and provides the kind of dedication, commitment and expertise to organizations of all kinds to help audience members tap into their genius.

    This leadership development, personal development, business development and success development expert provides a behind the scenes look at how to get to the core of one's genius, to assist in unleashing personal power which we all have and live a victorious life. Dr. Moreland is the author of nine books, to include the #1 bestseller, Copycat Millionaire.

    Wealthy Speaker Show fans, followers and family tune in to listen to Dr. Will Moreland, a man of incomparable expertise and abilities as he shares how to tap into your genius to live victorious. You can listen live and in the web chat room: http://www,blogtalkradio.com/paullawrencevann.com and or call in with questions at: (877) 404-1615.


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    House of the Moorish King: Phil & Paul Moreland of S.T.E.A.M.S. & F.A.C.T.S.

    in Internet

    Introducing STEAMS/FACTS: Looking for a way to have a positive impact on your local community? Let's find out from "Twin Pillars" Red (Phil) and Blue (Paul) pills what STEAMS and FACTS are and some best practices for implementing Social Entrepreneurship. 


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    Brian Moreland - Horror- Thursday October 1 - A Good Story Is A Good Story

    in Books

    Brian Moreland is Marsha Casper Cook's very special guest on October 1 at  6PM PST 7PM MT  8PM CST 9 PM EST. His new novella is Darkness Rising.

    Brian Moreland is the author of supernatural horror: DEAD OF WINTER, SHADOWS IN THE MIST, THE DEVIL'S WOODS, and THE VAGRANTS.

    Kindle owners, download his FREE short story THE GIRL FROM THE BLOOD COVEN. The eBook sets up the mystery for THE WITCHING HOUSE.
    Brian has been on the show several times and not only is he a very exciting horror writer he is very knowledgeable about writing. Join Marsha and Brian as they talk about writing and how he has managed to keep coming up with great exciting stories over the years.  He will certainly help new writers as he shares his stories with everyone.

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    CopyCat Millionaire - Dr. Will Moreland

    in Self Help

    Constance Arnold talks with Dr. Will Moreland is an Author, speaker, trainer and Consultant.  He is America’s #1 Leadership Life Trainer and has authored 30 books.  He will be sharing about his new book – CopyCat Millionaire.  The 21 laws to becoming a Millionaire.  Some of the Laws that will be shared are:  Serve, Strategic Partnerships, Mindset Mastery, Create Success Systems, Leverage Your Strengths, Time Ownership and Risk and Reward.


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    What happened to the Moreland Commission

    in Politics

    John Sullivan offers his views on the disbanding of the Moreland Commission

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    Dr. Will Moreland on Genius Potential

    in Self Help

    Humans love to define things in number. For example, those who have a body mass index of around 30 and above are considered obese. People who are six inches are considered tall, and Bill Gates with billions worth of assets, is deemed one of the richest persons in the world. When it comes to intelligence, numbers also play a huge role. Albert Einstein had an IQ from 160 to 180, making him a genius. In other words, numbers tend to determine who we are, whether we are large, intelligent, smart, tall, or voluptuous. Figures also make it so much easier for us to classify ourselves.

    However, this can also cause a potential issue. What happens when you don’t fit into any of these numbers? What if your IQ is below 160? Does that mean you’re not genius and therefore not smart and intelligent? Wouldn’t that initial realization dampen your spirit and decrease your motivation?

    Fortunately there’s one man that attempts to redefine the word “genius”: Dr. Will Moreland.

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    GRUDGE INC- Grudge Inc Talk Radio with Southern California's Teo Russo.......

    in Automotive

    WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE.....Come join Teo and the gang.  WEST COAST HOT ROD ASSOCIATION "THE BATTLE OF THE WEST at the Las Vegas motor speedway May 20th & 21st Sponsored by ULTRA-CARBON Go to www.westcoasthotrod.com or on Facebook at WEST COAST HOT ROD ASSOCIATION!!!! and YES there will be a GRUDGE LANE!!! May 20th 4pm-10pm TEST N TUNE Car and Driver $50 Spectators... May 21st gates open at 10am Car and Drive $75 Crew $25 Spectators $20 Parking Pass $20 Class event$200 Team event $1000...LOCK IN WITH THE WEST COAST!!! MATCH RACE MADNESS BARONA DRAG STRIP SATURDAY JULY 9TH 2016 4:00pm-10:00pm BOB MORELAND vs DAN SLEMONS and this just in A CALL OUT SHILOH DAVIES THE FASTEST NA SMALLBLOCK MORPAR ON THE WEST COAST HAS CALLED OUT STEVE SHERMAN YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!!! And the VEGA NATIONALS JUNE 17 AND 18TH AT THUNDER VALLEY RACEWAY IN NOBLE OKLAHOMA t-shirts are ready for order who's coming and who's going to be left behind show starts at 7:00 PST and if you want to call  into the show the number is 347-215-9989

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    Howie Hawkins talks about the Moreland Commission

    in Politics

    Green Party Caniate for Governor Howie Hawkins shares his thoughts on the Moreland Commission

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    The Knowledge Show Live Featuring Bob Morlan and Robin Marvel

    in Radio

    Topic 1: Birthday Shout Outs and Announcements

    Topic 2: Bob Moreland, Author of "The Atheism that Saved Me" at 645p. 

    Topic 3: You remember Twana Lawler's story a few months ago? Now meet Robin Marvel with a similar story and struggle tonight at 745p

    Topic 4: Ask Malik


    Topic 5: Current Events Discussion


    Topic 6: Final Thought


    After Show Chat: Journey Through the Bible with Malik Shakur. We will continue our Journey with Deuteronomy 10-13

    Reminder: Donations to the show are tax deductible. Deadline to file is April 15th!

    Thought for the Day/Week: The Truth will make you free.

    Guest Co-Host is Ms, Twana Lawler

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    CeCe Moreland Founder of People Staffing Service

    in Radio

    Ce Ce  Moreland, a DBU Alumni received her B.S. Degree in 2005.  She received relevant entrepreneur experience while working as a Human Resources Assistant and Business Relations Coordinator for the Texas Workforce/ResCare, Inc. 


    Ce Ce  founded People Services Staffing with two partners and contributes much of her entrepreneurial success from relevant experience gained while employed with the Texas Workforce.  It was during this employment she realized a hunger for serving in a human services capacity; a hunger for moving job seekers from a dislocated status to job placement. Ce Ce started volunteering as a teen advocate several years ago.  She believes that our future leaders must be developed today.  She has hosted Family/Teen Educational Summits for about several years now. 


    These Teen Summits are meant to transform the lives of at-risk youth through mentor relationships while providing the skills for success in educational, emotional, and spiritual development for youth and their families.

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    Bill Samuels talks about the NY Times editorial about the Moreland Commission

    in Politics

    Bill Samuels of the New Roosevelt talks about the July 23rd New York Times editorial on the Moreland Commission

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