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    Merrill Osmond Radio ~ Christmas Memories

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    Grab a front row seat on Merrill Osmond Radio! Merrill is excited to introduce you to his new radio show that will give you an inside track to what is going on in Merrill's life like never before! You will hear about his interest and he wants to know what you want to talk about!   There are times you will be able to call in live and join Merrill on air and messaging is always available to share your feedback and let Merrill know the topics you want to talk about!
    First show will air December 1st at 10:30 am MT
    Christmas is Merrill's favorite time of the year and he loves playing Santa, “HO HO HO”.  On this segment Merrill will share with you his, “Christmas Memories”. Have you ever wondered what Christmas was like in the Osmond household! Well wonder no more! Merrill will share with you personal Christmas memories of his childhood and those special Christmas times he shared with his children. You will find out if the Osmond’s were on Santa’s naughty or nice list! Join Merrill with Christmas memories and walk down memory lane while Merrill shares Christmas music that makes this holiday extra special!     

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    Young At Heart with Merrill Osmond

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    everyone focuses on the heart and love. On this show I want to talk about the things that keeps us young at heart!
    I'll introduce my friend Dr. Gino Tutera that introduced me to "SottoPelle" and helped me with my ability to stay young at heart and continue to do the the things I love to do and that is perform and get out and connect people together.  
    I'll also feature some songs from my latest love song CD. "Heart & Soul."
    Order at: www.merrillsomond.com

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    Coach Merrill Sports Radio

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    For all of the latest and up to date news and stories in Sports, tune into the Coach Merrill Radio Program.  Coach Merrill, a former baseball coach of 20 years reviews and gives his opinion on the latest and most contrversial topics in sports.  Join the program by calling, e-mailing, or tweeting with the coach daily.

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    Amateur Fighter Carissa Merrill

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    After winning in her MMA debut, Carissa Merrill is looking for her second win April 19th at Steel Fist Fight Night in Farmington, UT.

    We will tak to the Utah native about her next forray into the cage and her livfe as a fight and mother.

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    Jennie Dean 1852- 1913 ~Founded Manassas Technical School w/ Dr. P.J. Merrill!

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    Jennie Dean (1852-1913)
    Undaunted Faith~ Manassas Industrial School & Jennie Dean Memorial

    The most significant person in the founding of the school was Jane Serepta Dean. Dean was born into slavery in western Prince William County, Virginia around 1852. . Dean was a deeply religious woman
    Manassas Industrial School & Jennie Dean Memorial

    Tonight learn more about the school as  Dr. Phillip Merrill lectures on the Manassas School!


    Tonight learn more about the school as  Dr. Phillip Merrill lectures on the Manassas School!

    Join Dr. Merrill September 19, 2014. 6:00 pm
    @ An Artifactual Journey of Nanny Jack & Co.in NYC 



    On the site of the Manassas Industrial School for Colored Youth, this five-acre park is now a park of remembrance for the school’s founder, former slave Jennie Dean. The outlines of the foundations of the original building are marked, and there is a model of the school and a kiosk with an audio program that provides information about Dean and the school’s founding. Dean raised money for the school for almost 10 years before Manassas Industrial was chartered in 1893. The dedication ceremonies were led by orator Frederick Douglass.

    The History

    This five-acre archaeological site, dedicated in 1995, is located on the original site of the Manassas Industrial School for Colored Youth. The school was founded largely through the efforts of a former enslaved woman,  Jennie Dean who, after almost a decade of charismatic fundraising, chartered the school on October 7, 1893. The school was designed as a private residential institution providing both academic and vocational training within a Christian setting.


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    ARTIST & MONEY: The Goddesspreneur Radio Show with Guest Jennifer Merrill

    in Spirituality

    Join me Christina Sander, the Goddesspreneur, and special guest Jennifer Merrill as we discuss ARTISTS and MONEY.

    Jennifer is the graphic designer and CEO of Green Quince (www.greenquince.com), a design studio specializing in fresh and lovely modern design, letterpress printing, and eco-friendly materials. When she's not in the studio mixing up new ink colors, she's exploring her hometown of Oakland, California and dreaming about her next trip to Paris.

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    Finding Your Family Records at FamilySearch.org-Merrill White & Robert Kehrer

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    FamilySearch is a nonprofit family history organization dedicated to connecting families across generations. FamilySearch believes that families bring joy and meaning to life.

    Merrill White was born and raised in Sparks, Nevada.  He graduated from BYU with a BA in History and Minor in Music.  Has worked for FamilySearch for 14 years and is currently a Product Manager for the FamilySearch Discovery Center initiative.

    Robert Kehrer worked for 12 years as a molecular geneticist identifying disease genes by building very large family pedigrees. He has an MBA and worked for 7 years at Apple managing strategic alliances and driving market strategy in the sciences. For the last 7 years Robert has worked for FamilySearch as a product manager in the Family History Library, overseeing the public APIs, and managing the development of FamilySearch.org beta. He is currently the senior product manager of search technologies for FamilySearch.



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    Opera Star and Entrepreneur Claudia Merrill Comes to Lette's Chat

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    Claudia Merrill is Founder and CEO of Amethyst Health, Inc. the organization was established to provide Human Services, Home Care and Veterans Services, across the United States. She has over twenty years of experience working with persons who have special needs, first as a Special Education teacher and later as a Psychiatric Social Worker.

    She is the author of  “Yesterday, Everything Was Fine”, a practical guide to planning  for eldercare before the need. While taking the helm of her own company, Ms. Merrill added music to her curriculum vitae, becoming an opera singer and vocie teacher. In addition to her work  with Amethyst  Health, Inc.  Ms. Merrill is a professional opera singer, currently  performing with the Arbor Opera Theater in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and performed across the United States and Europe 

    In 2011 Ms. Merrill released her first CD Listening to God.

    In 2002, Claudia developed a Skin care line for normal to sensitive skin. The line includes Body Butters, essential oils, sugar scrubs, shower gels, bubble bath, lotions, and she butter soaps.  Items can also be purchased online as well. 

    Additionally, in 2006, Claudia took the helm of Audia De Essa/Assedo Designs, a specialty boutique created by her mother, Odessa, and her father, Claude. The boutique carries a variety of items from oriental furnishings and gift ware, to clothing and accessories. 

    Email Ms. Merrill:  amethysthealth8@gmail.com. 


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    Emmy Award Winning Producer Reba Merrill

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    On Today's Show:

    Host Phoenix D'vine talks with Emmy award winning producer, journalist, author, and speaker Reba Merrill.

    Reba Merrill social media:




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    Come Learn With Merrill Hope On What Is Happening In Schools

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    Hear from Merrill Hope what she saw happening in schools.   Get informed.  Please call in with questions.  Come learn with us.

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    American Sovereignty Radio: Highlight BreitbartTexas ~ Bob Price & Merrill Hope

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    Join us as we welcome two very hardworking Patriots, Bob Price (TW), and Merrill Hope (TW) from Breitbart Texas (Site)!!!
    Breitbart Texas (FB) brings Texas-centric political news on a wide range of topics related to the Texas political scene! They have been instrumental in bringing Texas Sovereignty issues to the forefront!

    Bob focuses on the Texas political scene, legislative issues, border security, and public corruption. He has been on top of the BLM land grab on the Red River as well as the current border crisis!

    Merrill focuses on Educational and Parental Sovereignty issues, bringing to light not only the Texas fight against CC/CSCOPE, but the big Common Core fight as well.

    I have often said that our job as activists is to help educate "We the People". That job is severely stymied w/out the information to share! Breitbart Texas, and their great team including Bob and Merrill, are instrumental in helping provide that information on a daily basis.

    This show is about sovereignty.  Sovereignty in the home, in our local communities, and in our States as well as our Nation. CommonCore, CSCOPE, ObamaCare, the EPA, BLM, and a plethora of other schemes and government agencies are trying hard to take away our rights and freedoms.

    Join Jennifer Montrose (AL), Dan Wilson (FL), and Scott Osborn (TX) as we discuss the issues of the day concerning our Sovereignty!

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