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    Part One: The Prosecution of a Great Scientist, Wilhelm Reich, in the U.S.

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    Thursday, October 2nd, 2014, at 6:00 - 8:00AM EST, on my Blog radio show, "Philosopher Vortex:"

    "Part One: The Legal Prosecution of a Great Scientist, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, in the U.S.A."

    This segment of "Philosopher Vortex" will analyze the case of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his prosecution by the Food and Drug Administration. The Host, Steven J. Katz, is a lawyer and philosopher. He will explore the deep issues of jurisprudence and society revealed by this case, and its ongoing relevance for the legal system.

    The tragedy of this case will also be analyzed from the perspective of an experienced litigator and an alternate way it could have been handled if Dr. Reich had employed a lawyer throughout the proceedings, from the initial complaint going forward. It is highly recommended that those who intend to listen and call-in to the show watch the recent film "The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich." It is posted on youtube and can be watched without charge. Also recommended, is the excellent work "Wilhelm Reich vs. The U.S.A." by Jerome Greenfield (N.Y., W W Norton Company, 1974). See also, recent books: "In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years' War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century's Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists" by Dr. James DeMeo, PhD.(Ashland Oregon, USA, Natural Energy Works, 2013); and "Wilhelm Reich & The Cold War" by James Edward Martin (Ashland Oregon, USA, Natural Energy Works, 2014).

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    A Review of the New Movie: "The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich"

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    Dr. Reich, because he touched on the deepest longings and emotions of humans, always brought (wanted and unwanted) attention to his work.  Many of those who sought in some way to describe this work, and Dr. Reich's personality, presented a very distorted picture.  The latest distortion appears in Christopher Turner's book "Adventures In The Orgasmatron."  Decades ago, a similar disortion was portrayed in Dusan Makavejev's movie "WR: Mysteries Of the Organism."

    Until now, the only counteracting films have been short doucmentaries made by Reich's current day students.  This new film, released last year, finally presents the best the most truthful pciture of the great scientists's work.  It is posted on youtube and I highly recommend it to veterans of Reich's work as well as newcomers.

    Steve Katz, Orgonomic Theologian, provides some comments on this topic.

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    Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Life Energy Metaphysics

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    In 1952, natural scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich conducted an experiment that broke the barrier between physics and metaphysics.  He called it "The Oranur Experiment."  It is in his "Collected Works," and can be ordered from the Wilhelm Reich Musuem in Rangeley, Maine.

    I would also suggest reading Dr. Reich's work "The Murder of Christ" that he specifically links in the Introduction to the Oranur Experiment.  This experiment provides the scientific proof of what humanity has called God.

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    Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy

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    The Hermetic Hour for Thursday June 28th, 2012 will feature a discussion by host Poke Runyon of the life and work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, his psychology, methods of therapy, and his development of free energy technology for medical treatment. We will frankly discuss the incredible suppression of Reich's discoveries, and his persecution by the FDA, the American Medical Association and the U.S. Government, resulting in his imprisonment and untimely death. Dr. Francis Regardie employed Reich's methods in his chiropractic practice and had a full scale Orgone Accumulator in his home. We have constructed Orgone pads and found them quite effective. This technology and methodology is now "legal" to practice and employ, but "The Powers that Be," will never admit that it works -- so, if you're a-Freud Jung was Reich, tune in and we'll confirm it.

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    The Heretics' Hour: Music of Christmas in the Third Reich

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    Margaret Huffsticker returns with another great musical show -- a tour of German Christmas music that was heard during the Third Reich. Eleven selections are played, ranging from children's choirs and soft lullabys to the voices of soldiers from all the many fronts in 1942 singing Stille Nacht together, connected by radio ... and by their comradeship.

    Margaret translates and comments on each selection, giving us some background information and a sense of how Germans celebrated Weinachten at that time. I hope you enjoy it and Fröhliche Weinachten to you all!!

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    The Political Implications of Natural Spirituality and the Work of Wilhelm Reich

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    Cosmic energy, life energy, and heathy natural spirituality have profund implications for all areas of human functioning, including the socio-economic.  

    This segment will discuss some of the issues.  These are live and ongoing issues in human society.  We live together and can only survive together in peace and coooperation.

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    Dr. Wilhelm Reich's Philosophy of Law

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    Your host, Dr. Steven Katz, lawyer, philosopher, and theologian, will speak on the philosophy of law behind Dr. Reich's defense of the FDA legal action against him.

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    Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn: Third Reich Music

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    With Margaret Huffstickler. Margaret returns after too long of an absence with another musical treat (feast?) for us. She'll tell us and give examples of conductors, composers, classical singers, popular song, opera and choral music. The Third Reich was truly a Golden Age of Music.

    Quote from Die Musik im dritten Reich by Peter Raabe:

    "In order to reach the people and bring them joy, to strengthen them for their work and life-struggles, first everything that can cloud their senses with non-art must be swept out with an iron broom."


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    Reading and Commentary on the Introductory Essay of Reich Book

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    This episode will include reading and commentary on the "Introductory Essay" to my Reich book: "Wilhelm Reich - Liberation Theologian of Cosmic Energy," and more from the new work "The Metaphysics of the Life Energy - The Aim of Religion and the Method of Scientific Illumination." 

    This continues the clarification and development of a New Theology for the Third Millenium based on Cosmic Psychic Energy, and Reincarnation.

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    Spiritual Health and Political Philosophy

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    This episode of "Philosophers Vortex" continues a discussion that was implicit in Wilhelm Reich's philosophy of law as presented in the last two sessions.  What socio-political structures and laws provide the best environment for the full flowering of human spiritual health?  There has been dispute among philosophers, psychologists, and theologians on this vital core issue at least since Plato's "Republic."

    What is clear from both history and contemporary events is that we live in a pathogenic society and that healthy societies cannot be found anywhere in the present world.

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    The Occult, Psychotronic War, and the Rise of Fascism

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    Psychotronic war, or the attempt to render armies and people helpless biopsychologically, and indoctrinated with the attackers ideology, has been develolped by several major countries. 

    With the new rise of both secular and religious anti-Jewish fascism, and the unholy alliance between the political Left and jihadi terrorism, ways of occult defense must be developed against these dark demonic forces.  Only the life-affirmative occult can stop it, and defend against it.  The ground is being laid for the emergence of the anti-Christ by these demonic forces.  The fight occult fight against the last anti-Christ, Adolph Hitler, can help us.

    Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Alesiter Crowley, Dion Fortune and others have worked on defensive shelds.  The Oranur experiment and the projection of life energy via "space guns"can neutalized the deadly demonic psychic forces (DOR=Deadly Orgonbe Energy).

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