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    The Evolving Face of PR

    in Business

    On November 19, my guest will be Alan Winnikoff.  Alan is co-principal of Sayles & Winnikoff Communications, the boutique public relations firm he co-founded in 2003, along with his partner, Carina Sayles.  Alan shares in the strategic direction and overall management of the company. The agency’s focus is primarily, though not exclusively, on companies, product and content for the children’s and family market.  Sayles & Winnikoff also works with a wide range of arts, media and entertainment companies, as well as non-profits and start-ups.

    Alan is responsible for the strategic direction and overall management of the company and the account team.  With a recognized expertise in branding and messaging, he sets the agenda for, and manages, the agency’s client relationships.

    Alan was one of the founding executives of Sony Wonder, the family entertainment division of Sony Music. He helped launch the label in 1993 and directed all PR efforts there for seven years, working with such high profile brands as Sesame Street and Nickelodeon Home Video.  He left Sony Wonder in 2000 to join the children’s Internet company MaMaMedia.  He has also held executive PR and marketing positions at the cable news channel MSNBC and at IDG Books, the publishers of the For Dummies series and Frommer's Travel Guides, among other brands.

    Alan began his career in Los Angeles with The Lippin Group Public Relations. He moved to New York and ran the firm’s New York office, then joined Worldvision Enterprises, a worldwide television syndication company, owned by Aaron Spelling Productions.  As Vice President, Communications, he was involved with the Hanna Barbera library, as well as with shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place and Twin Peaks. 

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    1st Sunday Superstars - Bridgette Wilder

    in Motivation

    Changing Minds Online Presents...1st Sunday Superstars!
    These are people that changed their lives around for the better and became true inspirations!
    The 1st Sunday Superstar for November is Bridgette Wilder. She is a Chief Human Resource Officer and Entrepreneur. Learn how she when from battling a serious childhood illness to becoming a powerful Human Resource Maven and Entrepreneur. Her drive and determination is a true inspiration to everyone that she encounters. We are excited to have Ms. Wilder share her story with us this Sunday, 11/2 at 9pm EST / 8pm CST. Call in at (949) 203-4763 and hear this wonderful story. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2014/11/03/1st-sunday-superstars--bridgette-wilder

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    November 2014 Laura Ingalls Wilder Update

    in History

    Join host Sarah Uthoff as she catches you up on what's going on in Laura Ingalls Wilder fandom during November 2014. From Christmas plays to end of season dates join us to catch up on all the news.

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    October 2014 Laura Ingalls Wilder Update

    in History

    Join host Sarah Uthoff as she catches you up on what's going on in Laura Ingalls Wilder fandom during October 2014. October is always a quiet month, but join us to catch up on all the news.

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    Chat with Charity Show with Charity Wilder-Fischer

    in Youth

    The show at Planet 301 was a success and Thanksgiving is gone, now it is time for Charity to do her thing...

    There is a lot to talk about from the past few weeks and Charity will hit it all.

    School, grades,homework,after-school programs and activity. Sports and more..

    Join Charity and the CWC Gang as she does her thing..

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    Woman2Woman Wednesdays How to Work Your Network w guest Yolanda Lamar Wilder

    in Entrepreneur

    Hoseted By Danaya Azure and Diva Ebony B

    Yolanda  Lamer-Wilder is The CEO and Founder of Women's Entreprenuers Of Americs

    (WEA) is  a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, membership-based organization that mission is to "empower and support" women in business and provide resources to those who want to start their own business. Assistance to small business concerns owned and controlled by women


    Our mission is to "empower and support" disadvantage women in business and provide the resources to those who want to start their own.

    Company Overview

    Women Entrepreneurs Of America, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit membership-based organization that empowers and encourages disadvantaged women to reach their fullest potential in business. For over 10 years now, this premier business women’s national organization has been guiding and supporting women in the pursuit for business success. Founded by Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Ms. Yolanda Lamar-Wilder.

    The organization offers a balanced range of “membership activities” which are supported by educational services including workshops, seminars and consulting services. Through monthly business luncheons and forums outstanding self-promotion and networking opportunities are made available and, more importantly, encouraged. The ignition of trade between members is one of the organization’s most recognized and valued features.

    On joining Women Entrepreneurs Of America, Inc. you instantly tap into an extensive network of business and personal contacts and an environment that is supportive of your personal business goals. Women Entrepreneurs Of America, Inc. continues to grow and lead the way as to be one of the most respected and valuable resources for women in business today. http://www.weainc.webs.com/

    Follow @danayaazure and @divaebonyb on twitter and Instgram


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    Women In Beauty & Entertainment PR

    in Business

    This eposidpe we will be discussing beauty and entertainment public relations, with your hosts Anje Collins & Burt Luna

    Our guests are:

    Charissa Lauren is the co-owner of Pretty Living PR, a firm working internationally with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. She is a Publicist and PR Professional with experiences both on-stage and as a production coordinator, she was given a first-hand knowledge of the skills required to thrive as a business and individual. After retiring from the stage, she’s since dedicated her time specializing in public relations to appoint others in the development of their business. While acting as a full-time publicist and business owner, Charissa is also a published writer, her work being featured in numerous magazines. In addition to her passion for writing, she has a strong talent in envisioning productions, and a drive for community fundraising. www.prettylivingpr.com @CharissaLauren on Twitter. 


    Allyn Lewis – Co-Owner of Living Pretty PR

    As a renowned model, dancer, and socialite, Allyn is no stranger to the worlds of fashion and entertainment. Her on-stage experiences has proven to be an asset with business relationships by providing an insider’s point of view. This media mastermind advantages from her varied expertise in turning a vision into a production. ?Allyn’s stage-savvy persona and on-the-go determination benefits both her clients and co-workers while also making her a total package in the industry. Tackling modeling, production, and PR, this blonde-haired, green-eyed vixen is the definition of drive and compassion.

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    Chat with Charity w/ Charity Wilder-Fischer

    in Youth


    Tonight we take time to pay tribute to those who died senselessly to the violence that is taking over our city, the last victim to fall is Nazerah Bugg, a 14 year old student from International  High School who played basketball for Kennedy High School. The parents have asked for some time to greive and we will respect their wishes.. 

    The first youth hosted, youth based online radio show that caters to the young leaders of our tomorrow. Charity Wilder-Fischer is the Voice of the Youth of Paterson....

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    Ep 60 Travel Tips for Laura Ingalls Wilder Vacations

    in History

    Tonight we're calling on fans and hope we get a lot of response. As people start planning their Laura Ingalls Wilder trips for next year we want to give them the best advice and we're counting on YOU! Call in and give your best Laura related travel tip. Which route do you take? What's your favorite Laura trip related discovery? Is there a cool store everyone should visit? Where's the best play to stay? Which homesites are best for adults only? Which homesites are best with kids? Single stop or big circle route? Should you do back to back pageants? Plus any related tip or hint you can think up. Please call in at: Call in (714) 242-5253or toll free 1-877-633-9389 Or Chat while you live stream the episodes. If you only call in once this year, this is the episode to do it.

  • Sandy Lawrence PR and Marketing strategist | Traffic Masters Radio

    in Business

    Sandy is the author of the Do It Yourself PR Guide and the DIY PR Resource Kit. Her latest publication is Soar 2 Success in Marketing: 58 Marketing Tips to Getting the Word out and Growing your Business. She is an International Bestselling author with her personal story in  Share Your Message with the World.

    Sandy Lawrence has developed programs including PR/Marketing Boot Camps and PR Mastery, where she trains and mentors participants to do their own PR and marketing – effectively and with results. Her marketing skills and wealth of knowledge to those who needs the competitive edge that only a truly perceptive marketing expert can give.

    Join us for "Traffic Masters with Gina Gaudio-Graves and Jack Humphrey" as guests share their secrets for building relationship capital, relationship marketing and internet marketing strategies, & business systems that have created thriving businesses.

    Each week, Jan Riley, Founder of "You Create You" hosts an intimate short with guests from Directions U. Virginia Parsons shares why she is the Google Hangout mentor and why you need to use this powerful tool too. 

    Airing weekly on Tuesdays at noon eastern and in permanent replay, come learn how you can apply these secrets to succeed in your own business as well! In between episodes, you can get help any time you need it through the FREE Directions University's "Amazing Traffic Vortex" walks you through applying the internet marketing strategies and online business systems.  It shows you how to apply what you learn about on the show to YOUR business, step by step!

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    Chat with Charity Show - Charods Dream - Charity Wilder-Fischer

    in Family

    Charity is an inspiring dancer, actress and now America's newest personality. She is a gifted and talented young lady who has won the hearts on many.She is an honor student at the Paterson Charter School of Science and Technology Elementary School. Charity has danced with the renowned Dance Design Dance Company, Kingdom Kids Dance Ministries and NJ Performing Arts Center Dance Program. Her acting career includes The stage play "The Walls Between Us" and the "Wizdome of OZ" and "Behind Closes Doors". Charity's film includes "Striving" and "UMI" both directed by Jamal Hall. Recently in an interview with NBC News she showed off her new found love of television. Charity has won the hearts of many. With her new adventure of her talk show "Chat with Charity". Her admirations came about when her idol Oprah Winfrey annonced that she was retiring, Charity took out a pen and paper and the rest is about to become history. Her show is different and original, never before has there been a child with and old soul interviewing celebrities tell there stories. Her concept is to share stories on the set but also go out and get the info and bring it back. She wants to get in the heat of her issues by displaying them on film and on stage. Charity was a twin to her late brother Charod Wilder. She is also a Co-founder of the Charod Arts Foundation in his memory. She is always speaking to the masses about kind acts to others and keep the world green. This past March 2014 Charity was honor at Paterson, NJ Black Girls the Rock. So America get ready to " Chat with Charity"!

    Charity's vision is that "A dream is only reality waiting to happen".  Charity believes that children have a voice but often its goes unheard she wants to be the voice of her peers and show that they too can make a difference in this world. The Bible said "and a child shall lead them".

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