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    Last Minute Madness

    in Social Networking

    ladies and Gentlemen it is that time of the week once again to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing!! The Stoned Poest Society are scientists of the last mintue and tonight we want you to share your last minute dash stories!! It is thirsty thursday and you cannot successfully quench your thirst until you admit you are thirsty. Let SPS quench your thursday evening with a cocktail of conversation. Bottoms up

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    Nicknames and Knick-Knacks

    in Fitness

    We are all born with a name given to us by ma and pa, but a nickname is born within your inner circle, some by default and some by design, and on this wonderful day of thirst the sps crew will seek insight on your nicknames and your loved ones, as well find out the origins of some of the most funniest and notorious nicknames around!! Join the enigmatic DJ Smellykat along with the infamous Mr Slambumptious for an evening filled with your favorite segments!! Sit back, log in and stayed online with the crew on cloud nine

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    Canadian Classics and American Dreams

    in Pop Culture

    Thursdays are now back in working order now that Season 3 of SPS is underway!! The DJs' of The Stoned Poets Society welcome you to enjoy the classiness and dazzling array of commentary on all of todays current events!! DJ Smellykat is not nervous but instead...at your service!! Mr Slambumptious is ready to put some paint...where it ain't!! So invite your friends over to partake in a fun couple hours of the peoples radio!! We talk about anything and everything and are liable to say just about...anything!! Stay thirsty our friends!!

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    Tis' the Season 3

    in Real Estate

    Season3 of Stoned Poets Society is underway!! alot has happened while the DJs' of SPS were on break but they are back with a whole list of new insults and slanderous material!! Hid yo kids hide yo wife and hide yo husbands too...because SPS is back and on top of the radio game!!

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    The Devilish and Divine Bump and Grind Show

    in Entertainment

    It's that time of the week again folks!!! Time to bump and grind with the devilish and divine kickin off another thirsty thursday in the best way with your two favourite D'J's. Time to put that swagger back in your stagger SPS is coming at you live uncut and unsensored spittin the good word world wide. So throw your hairpiece back crack open a cold one and chilax we takin it to the max with a special bash for none other than B Mac who's finally biting his bid. We are broadcasting from and undisclosed location with a bumpin green room your golden destination from my side of the tracks to your  reservation. Fall is in the air and I do declare that the best place to be is tuning in to SPS deep in the heart of Wiky. We have all your favourite shit bumpin and bangin with the the show in the world you fell in love with. Take it from me SPS is the place to be ...so until then keep your head up wikwemikong    

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    in Radio

    My fellow Stoned Poets. The following is a run through to test the technical aspects of the show.  The SPS show has gone Pro!!! We are excited to say that we have a new sponsor for the spring. We also have an upgrade wioth equipment and some new ideas and formatting for the show. The same SPS crew that you know and love will ensure that your time with the Stoned Poets will be time well wasted!
    The new season will commence this Thursday May 9, 2013 and will be followed by a special Birthday edition on Saturday May 11, 2013.

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    The Devil Takes Care of His Own

    in Lifestyle

    Here we go again...like a dog on a chain...like a mutt with no name...straight outta rehab...a dipsomainiac goin madd. Here we are agaian like we always were stealing your hearts  and what's beer and all of the rest ...we shoulda went right ....when we shoulda went left left.... However the devil take's care of of his ownspark up a spliff ...lets get stoned hah ha ha SPS is back in actio for that rez beat ghetto ass smelly slap satisfaction, Straight outta rehab baby ..here we go bumpin up and down that street sweet meat puttin that stagger back in yo swagger and all that good goodness so pop it off with the SPS thursasday at 9 chin check it ...and if you dont't know...now ya know ..nishnob  

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    sexiness in not a fish that you can catch

    in Lifestyle

    Internet Radio brought to you by DJ Smellykat and Mr. Slambumptious discussing everything from Celebrity gossip to questions about Love and Life. Tune in for Smellykats take on Responsibility with alcohol and Mr. Slambumptious' ear for language in the Thirsty Thursday Freestyle segment. All this plus much much more. The motto of the Broadcast is "We don't have answers,we only have secrets". See you online!!!

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    body contact exhibition game live at the thunderdome

    in Sports

    a live broadcats from the thunder dome the wiky hillbillys vs the c.s. warriors for all those outta towners bringin you the play by play be sure to tune eeen live updates to the bingo action too so tune in and be a part of the action