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    Why Children Hate Their Parents | K8426

    in Parents

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    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy discussed why America's children hate their parents.

    Visit - FhuEngland.com

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    Why Hate on Cam Newton?

    in Sports

    We will be talking about the hate surrounding Cam Newton and hopefully talk a little Carolina Panthers with author/blogger Matt Ham.  In addition to discussing his blog entry called "Why I Let My Kids Cheer For Cam Newton (And Probably Why He Makes So Many People Mad)", we will touch on the following:

    Why the hate with Cam Newton?
    Reaction w/i Panthers Nation when Newton was drafted?
    Is Newton the new face of the NFL?
    Panthers' chances in Super Bowl 50?

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    Black Self Hate: Why Don't Black People Help Each Other?

    in News

    Black Self Hate: Why Don't Black People Help Each Other? Join in!  The Tim Black At Night Show 1/13/16 - Call in 323-870-4064 Tim Black At Night Show airs everyday 9P Est.Tune In! http://www.TimBlackTV.com

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    Why God hate some people before he created them

    in Music

    In National Geographic world history has written some religious insanity, and such are unprecedented in the life of moderm intelligent human beings. Charlemagne waged battle in the name of Christianity. "It is our task," he said, with the help of divine goodness to defend the holy church of Christ  everywhere. The church's teachings and practices shaped the lives of Christian Europeans. As representatives of Christ on Earth, medieval popes eventually clamed patal supremacy, or authority over all secular rulers.  The text says:  In the Middle Ages the church's most important  achievement was  to Christianize the divers peoples of Western Europe. In 597, Pope Gregory 1 sent Augustine to convert the Anglo-Saxons in England. The medieval  Church developed its own boday of laws and administered  the sacraments, it had absolute power in religious  power. What is seriously and fatally wrong with this Church establishment, is that  it lacks real precedent, no occasion is cited for where the church got its initiative from, as to where the initial authority  derived.  How can the evil invation of Jews brings or yield us Jesus?  How do they come up with a spirit God that foreknew all things prior to making the creation. How can a God knowingly make man to sin, and beforehand hate and love some people over others?

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    Why Thugs Hate Church

    in Comedy

    Less than a month remains this season. Help us finish strong.

    I hope you enjoyed "Why Youth Hate Church". It's Week 2 of our Evangelism series, and each week gets more compelling as promised.

    This week, we're taking all you Christians to a place most of you hate to go, but know very well. We're taking you to the streets. We're taking you to the corner right outside your house or right up the street. We're going to the same corner your cousin, brother, son, daughter or best friend calls home.. the same corner you used to call home. We're going to the Strip Club. We're going to the prison. We're going to the crack house.

    This week, we're discussing drug dealers, drug abusers, strippers, pimps, prostitutes, killers, etc. How much better are you than these people? Do you know any of them? How do you treat them? How should an evangelist approach them? Does an immense resume of sin make someone "worthy of judgment" ? ..more worthy than you?

    Don't forget our Season Finale Survey. Send your "Best Black Comedian of All-Time" in to the show!

    And join us this week for . . "Why Thugs Hate Church" with Pastor Danny Sutton on The Erik Terrell Show

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    why all the hate in the world today

    in Music

    should Pete Rose be let into the Hall of Fame?

    Why is there so much hate in the world today, is it also in sports?

    some say no, is this true or we just not looking close enough?

    let's talk about this, the facebook family was talking about this matter, some of them have it a little swisted.

    some say if you look closely at the colleges that's a start, hardly any black head coaches.

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    Why Youth Hate Church

    in Comedy

    Christians !

    Our last series of the year is for you! We're getting religious, and we're getting real. Join us for our Evangelism Series! It's the realest Evangelism Series you've ever seen..

    First up.. Minister Mike Burger will join the crew to discuss the Church's approach to the Youth. Is there a window for which people are impressionable and open-minded towards religion? When's the window close? How can we get there before it does?! And who are we competing with exactly?

    The Season Finale Survey was revealed last week: Who's your Best Black Comedian of All Time?

    Join us this week for "Why Youth Hate Church" on The Erik Terrell Show..

    Love y'all !

    - ET

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Why Hillary & Bernie Hate Each Other

    in Politics Conservative

    New Obama policy forces Border Patrol agents to release all illegal aliens; Obama finds way to raise oil prices & bankrupt "Big Oil" at the same time; Hillary & Bernie hate each other, tied nationally; Trumpophrenia; Enough with this "establishment" nonsense; Conservatives shouldn’t throw around the ‘Republican Obama’ label lightly; and the GOP says good-bye to the ‘good loser’ model.

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    The Cardi B Effect: Why Women Love to Hate on the Bad Bitch

    in Pop Culture

    "There is a stigma associated with being a bad bitch that delineates the type of character women want to associate themselves with. As if being goal oriented, driven and alpha is a bad thing. Here's what happens when women place societal isms on other women, we become competitive. We become unfriendly. We begin to other. We become the mean girls that tell other girls they can't sit with us. We become bitter. We become petty. We become categorized in memes. We become fetishized through a patriarchal lens on what real women should be. We become the reason "I only have guy friends."

    In her most recent essay, The Cardi B Effect, Maria Rodriguez discusses the dangers of categorizing and judging women who seemingly decide to take control of their lives, their sexuality, and commit to living life on their terms by any means necessary. Tune in Sunday, January 10th @ 9 pm as we discuss the essay that has taken social media by storm. It's a candid discussion on why women love to hate on the "Bad Bitch" #thecardibeffect. 

    Read the essay here and dial in tomorrow and make your voice heard 


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    Why do Liberals hate Columbus?

    in Politics Conservative

    Why do Liberals Hate Columbus?




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    Women vs. Women: Why Women Who Are Whores Hate Women Who are Sluts

    in Relationships

    'Upfront & Straightforward' Host Alan Roger Currie leads another one of his 'Open Forum Discussion' topics, with this one centering on women who love to exchange their sexual companionship for financial favors from men, and why these women have a strong disdain for the women who have sex with men without demanding anything in exchange for it

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