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    Why Women & Men Cheat

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    They say that people will be who they want to be.......but what if who you want to be is not socially acceptable? This is the dilemma that many relationships are experiencing in todays society! I need more! It's not enough! Why can't you be who I want you to be?These are some of the reasons that unfaithful partners are giving as an explanation of why they cheat  All these questions and more, is what we will be discussing tonight, here on Women vs Men at 8:00p.m. sharp!We welcome your input & interaction.

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    Why Do Men and Women Cheat (Part 5)

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    Ok, It's New Year's Eve, and Charles and Reniel is back, continuing the topic "Why Do Men and Women Cheat." We've already talked about a lot in the previous episodes, but today we're looking at trying to sum the whole matter up so that we can enter in the New Year with a new committment to being a more aware and responsive mate in our relationships! This show is going to be another great one, so hold on to your party hats, and LET'S GO!!!!!!!


  • Why Do Men and Women Cheat? (Part 2)

    in Relationships

    On this show we will continue to talk about "Why Men and Women Cheat". We will begin to dive into the depths of cheating by asking the question...What is Cheating?
    Is frequent conversations with someone of the opposite sex cheating? Can the opposite sex be friends without it being classified as cheating? Is it cheating to be physically attracted to someone other than your significant other? We will be discussing these facets of the topic and many more! You don't want to miss this show, because it's going to be a sizzler!

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    Why Exactly Do Men Cheat?

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    Have you ever been cheated on? What reasons did they give you? Do you believe all men cheat? Have you ever cheated yourself? Can you honestly say your significant other pushed you to it or do you blame you and only you? Call us we would love to hear your stories or reasons on why men cheat!?


    We have our very own VA’s Mr. Broadway calling into give us the male perspective on cheating in relationships. You don’t want to miss it!


    Tonight at9pm EST. 6467168772

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    Don Adams & The Sassy Diva Talk Show -- Why Black Men Cheat

    in Romance

    Join us as we revisit Don Adams & Sweet T's open conversation on infidelity.

    Topic of Discussion: Married men that cheat, and the WOMEN that let em cheat....

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    THE HONEY SUITE: Honey Pot "Why Men Really Cheat?"

    in Romance

    It's an aged old question however we never get the same answer. So we finally wanna hear it from the men's perspective Why Do Men Really Cheat? Join Lakrush Hearts with male commentator Big City to tackle the real deal about cheating and other relationship mishaps. It's gonna be an interesting show Don't Miss It!!!

    CALL-IN LIVE 805-830-8320

    CHAT LIVE http://www.phonefantasyradio.ocom

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    Why Women/Men Cheat 👫

    in Hip Hop Music

    Tonight on #CTFRadio our topic well be why women/men cheat...women blem the men and men blem the  women but who's really to blem tho? We well dig deep tonight to see just what the women and the men has to say....things might get a lil heated tonight but hey...let's catch this fade!

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    Why Do Men Cheat?

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, we want men to call in and tell us "Why Do men Cheat?" 

    Do women don't give enough of themselves, or is it that we give too much?

    What could make a man step outside of his relationship?

    I have spoken to some men and the folllowing are some of the answers I received:

    One guy stated he cheats, because he can. 

    Another says no sex or not enough.

    Tired of the relationship, but don't want to leave his children.

    His wife/girlfriend changed.

    I will be reading some of your responses 7 taking you call tonight at 8pm Central Time. 

    Leave us a post on our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/chicagogirlfriends, be sure to like our page. 

    Or just call into the show (646) 721-9546

    Click the link to listen live: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/chicagogirlfriends/2014/06/21/why-do-men-cheat

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    Why Do Men Cheat? (premiere rebroadcast) + Bonus Commentary!

    in Relationships

    The first one was so good we are doing it again, with special bonus commentary from Dr. D Ivan Young!   On this epsiode - Why Do Men Cheat?

    Ladies, are you sick and tired of being cheated on? Do you keep getting involved with men that are unfaithful? Are you fed up with having your feelings trampled on?   Knowledge is power. Get the answers to questions that you don't even know to ask. Find out the truth about why men cheat.  

    If you missed the premiere last week, keep listening for a repeat of the show that got everyone talking!   


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    Why Men Cheat?

    in Dads and Family

    If you wanna no why men cheat you should hear from the men.

    To Watch live:

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    " Relationship Tuesday" Why Men Lie & Cheat - What's In It For Them?

    in Family

    Why Men Lie? So you really want to know why Men lie about cheating?

    To protect what they're "precious reputation". Most of the time they are unwilling to accept what they have done as it is taboo. Don’t be surprised if this is the case, as some people change their attitudes to justify their own actions. 
    Before uncovering the reasons behind why Men cheat and why do men lie about cheating, you need to understand where it starts. They will look for temptation or fall into it which can be anywhere at anytime. They fall into the thrill, deception, and guilt of infidelity. However, where do men find the sexual partners they cheat on with their significant others?

    He doesn't want to lose you!

    He lie's about his cheating because even though your partner has cheated on you in there mind you are the one they love and the one they want to spend their life with. You are the one who has built a life with and he may have too much to lose if you find out.

    What EVERY woman needs to know about why men cheat

    The secret to keeping your man faithful couldn’t be simpler: be confident, demand attention and make it clear he is lucky to have you and won’t get a second chance.

    I’m also convinced there are faithful men out there. They have a moral code and strength of character. They don’t lie or cheat. They’re more interested in being the sort of father their children can look up to than their own selfish pleasure.

    Am I that sort of man? I really hope so. Not just for my wife’s sake, but for mine. Most of the adulterers I met are the most miserable men on earth.


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