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    Why do men undervalue women?

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    I was on the online chat following "The Doug Stewart Show" and somehow the discussion turned from Michael Jordan being a billionaire into his high profiled divorce from his ex-wife.   The show is basically has the men opinion all over it, many stating the fact that his ex wife didn't do the work therefore didn't deserve the 168 million that was received. Many of my fellow men just don't get it. So let me explain why women are very valuable not just in the bedroom

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    The Friend Zone: Where the good men are

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    Many women complain about the shortage of "good" men, while self proclaimed good men complain that they are often overlooked or placed in the Friend zone. We've all heard the saying that good guy's finishes last, and that women historically desire the bad boy. Well tonight we will discuss the validity of such claims. Are there plenty of good viable men out there simply hidden away under the blanket of only being seen as a friend? Or is it true, there are no more good men out there?

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    Why Women Are Rejecting “Good” Men

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    Withdrawal is a common male behavior in relationships, but it’s beginning to seem that entire groups of men are withdrawing from women in general. Men should not strive to stay out of trouble. We should strive to be the best men we can be. Only then are we worthy of women’s love. We shouldn’t complain if women are unenthusiastic about our lack of direction. We certainly shouldn’t cry victim if our spiritual listlessness drives them to the arms of men who pilot their own ships—or at least appear to do so.

     It wasn’t supposed to be this way. We men learned how to change diapers and cook risotto. We learned to watch for barely perceptible nods of approval before opening doors for women. We even learned to manscape, for goodness sake.

    Women were supposed to be happy with the new variety of men. Yet they are divorcing us just like they divorced our insensitive forefathers.  American woman initiate 69 percent of divorces. Who can blame women for being bored with men these days? Far too many of us have lost our masculine fortitude. That fortitude has nothing to do with being dominant or avoiding vacuum cleaners. It’s a product of solid values and strong backbones. I think most men are retreating from the sense that nothing they do is good enough, and women will forever be unhappy with them. They’re propelled even further by a small, but vocal, contingent of women who provide a steady stream of anger and disapproval.

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    Why Are Men And Women Scared of Marriage Today??

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    We will discuss the reasons why men and women are so scared of getting married to one another today. They have good reason though, and we will look at the statistics behind their thinking. Join the show at 10:30 am. Call (818)301-5834.

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    The Fall-Socially Conscious Art Remembers the Holocaust Victims

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    Please join Frankie Picasso host of  The Good Radio Network on Thursday, February 19th, 2015 at 1:00 pm est when she is joined by Julien Hanford, a Brithish  Artist/Photographer from London, England whose ambitious project titled "THE FALL" is his offering to the World, to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War 2.

    THE FALL is an art installation and event to commemorate the genocide of six million civilian human beings during the course of the second world war.

    The installation consists of 6 million domino tiles. These are arranged, stood on end, in a gigantic block measuring approximately 7,500 square metres. For 6 days they stand, marking the 6 years of the second world war, between 1939 – 1945.

    At noon on the 6th day, they will be toppled, row after row, by the hand of a Concentration Camp survivor.

    Says Julian, "To this day, I struggle to visualise this vast figure – it’s an abstract number, diluted by the passage of time. Around us in the intervening 40 years, we have also witnessed the re-ignition of the same racism and intolerance in the world that our species should have consigned to the waste bin of history. This is true to the point that there is an active movement now for the denial of the holocaust.

    We also feel priviledged to be able to give our listeners a first listen to Mad World by Aurelia which is due to be released  by Amazon on 26th Feb!

    Please join in this important conversation. We look forward to sharing this incredible story with you.

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    Double Standards.....Why Women Can't Do What Men Do!

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    As women, we want and deserve to have the same rights (and respect) as men. I don't care what anyone thinks; we birth males, there's absolutely no reason why my son (or any male) should have more rights than I do! The hell? However, there are a few exceptions! And it's not necessarily a "right," but us women have to understand, there's just some things we CANNOT and SHOULD NOT do as a female. Yes, if we want, we can definitely piss standing up, operate heavy machinery, change a tire and all the other things society considers a "man's job," but can we have multiple sex partners like men and not let feelings get involved? I know some women are reading this and saying "hell yeah we can!"....okay, I need for you to ladies to call in! As much as I want to believe we can, we're not built that way. And multiple sex partners? Forget what society thinks and the names you'll be called.....our vaginas are attached to something sacred - a womb! Sleeping around eventually catches up to you. I don't care how many kegels you do a day, there's no exercising the womb. Now I'm not saying a woman can't enjoy a fling here and there, but we have to be careful in the decisions we make. A woman would settle down with a man knowing he's had a VERY active sex life....not so much the other way around! A woman would have to move to another town cross country and just start over! lol but I'm serious! We'll talk more this Wednesday, so make sure you tune in to hear what our special guest, Comedian Barry Nalor has to say on this topic!

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    Conversations with Trent- "Why do Men struggle more with Sexual Temptation?"

    in Relationships

    Women are by no means immune from sexual temptation. Men just happen to struggle with sexual temptation to a much greater degree. In my opinion, more men commit adultery than women.

    Join the conversation tonight 8pm (CST) / 9pm (EST) as we discuss "Sexual Temptation"

    Call/Listen (347) 324-5327


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    The co-host of CWT4R Terry Boi, Ina Antony and Michelle E. Brown,  this week will like all of the Empire, Facebook Posters to join us at 9:30 pm, Wednesday night - as we start to talk about EMPIRE as it winds down its first season. We are aware that the last show starts at 7pm and ends at 9 pm. That will give all of our Empire fans a chance to call in and be ready to talk about one of the hottest series on Fox right now. Oh by the way did I say it is on FOX Network?

    Join us for an open conversation about the women/men of EMPIRE, with some honest talk. Every week you watch the show and before the show is over Facebook is on fire with conversation. Let your fingers rest tonight and let’s talk. The issues are real but the series EMPIRE is for entertainment but it makes for good conversation about Motherhood, Identity Issues, LGBTQ issues, Entrepreneurship Opportunities, Rising for the Bottom to the Top and The other Woman.

    Be honest could you go to jail for 17 years and leave your children? Would you have been able to come back to your family where your kids don’t know you, hate you, love you, disrespect you and still be on the top of your game? Could she come back from jail and be a part of YOUR family and company?

    Check in time and show starts at 10:30 est/9:30cst. Call into 347-215-8985 and Press 1 to speak.

    BLACK WOMEN/MEN, Strong and in Charge not being Silent anymore even when it’s only for entertainment.

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    Don Adams & The Sassy Diva Talk Show -- Why Black Men Cheat

    in Romance

    Join us as we revisit Don Adams & Sweet T's open conversation on infidelity.

    Topic of Discussion: Married men that cheat, and the WOMEN that let em cheat....

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    Why do people fall in love?

    in Music

    Real Soul Music Talk Radio presents a detailed discussion on the subject of why do people fall in love?  Host DJ Jano G and Co Host Mr. Ye Yo and Mr. Tim Poetic will give a very good discussion on what is really going on why this is happening.  We hope to help with something of this crazy epidemic that plague us all no matter what ethic background.  Please join the movement and we do not judge anyone.

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    Why Do Women Call Men Dogs??

    in Social Networking

    Join the show as we talk about this age old stereotype of men. Join the show at 6:30pm. Call (818)301-5834. 

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