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    My insights and advice are based on my own personal experience from helping thousands of women understand what men think about dating, love, and commitment. I am not a doctor, psychologist, or licensed professional.

    Results may vary from woman to woman - so I encourage you to read my free newsletters and decide for yourself. Please check out my advice and see if it can help you, but do not use it as a substitute for professional help.

    Women write to me all the time about the amazing changes they're finally experiencing as a result of my materials. I truly hope they work for you, too. I'm here to share with you what I know - and the rest is up to you. Congratulations on taking this powerful step to create a better future!



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    Innovative Black Men - Can Good Sex cause you to Settle?

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    Can Good Sex cause you to Settle? Let's talk about it tonight at 7PM (CST) / 8PM (EST) Sharolyn Payton will be joining me on the Innovative Black Men show to disscuss this thought - provoking topic.

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    Why It's Great To Be 'Good Enough'

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    "You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody." ~ Maya Angelou

    Most people will tell you that they are their own worst critic. Are you that way? Do you often feel embarassed about your shortcomings? Do you long to be thinner, prettier, wealthier, or smarter?

    If you focus on what you aren't and what you lack, it's easy to lose sight of what makes you special. Special, not in the sense that you're perfect, but in the sense that nobody can beat you being YOU. Whether you know it or not, that's not only good enough, it's necessary. If you struggle to accept yourself as you are, or you feel judged by others for not being what they think you ought to be, you should tune in today.

    Find out why you can only be your best when you are being yourself. You CAN get better at accepting yourself - flaws and all, and learn to love it! 

    Call in to our switchboard or log in to our LIVE chat room and be EMPOWERED by today's chat. 

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    "I'm in Love With a Church Girl... Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys"

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    In today’s society, we’re seeing more and more self proclaimed “women of God/ virtuous women”, dating/having sex with thugs and known drug dealers. A great example of this trend is shown in the recent movie, “I’m in Love With a Church Girl”, starring Ja Rule. Tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” tonight at 9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast of our in depth analyzation of the movie and a discussion on why so many women claim to live for the Lord, yet choose men who clearly aren’t doing so. Listen 7 nights a week, 365 days a year by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters.”

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    Why the idea of trying to make a good impression on a man or woman is a mistake

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    "Upfront & Straightforward" Host Alan Roger Currie conducts another one of his entertaining "Open Forum Discussion" format shows, with this one centering on the drawbacks and weaknesses of attempting to leave men and women with a "good impression" of yourself in a first conversation and/or a first date

    Get a FREE copy of Alan Roger Currie's "Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking" on Audible.com

    Get a FREE copy of Alan Roger Currie's "The Possibility of Sex: How Naïve and Lustful Men are Manipulated by Women Regularly" on Audible.com 

    Alan Roger Currie on Amazon.com

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    Innovative Black Men

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    Innovative Black Men” Introducing original conversation and creative thinking on great ideas in relationships and dating. We will discuss innovative ways to reach your target market and how to expand your brand in business!

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    Why Men Don't Listen to Women on What's Right About Men

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    Today on What's Right About Men? - Why Men Don't Listen to Women.

    If you are a woman have you ever ever asked your boyfriend or husband why don't you ever listen to me?  If you are a man you know the times when you heard the words but aren't listening.  Many times men have difficulty validating and emotionally supporting their wives or girlfriends join us as we share with you some of the reasons behind this behavior.

    Callers are welcome and encouraged:  1-347-205-9869


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    From the Man Cave: Black Men Speak for Themselves

    in Current Events

    Ferguson. Staten Island. These American cities have all found their way into the collective social conscience of our nation. Why? Because of the frequent, questionable, and often unchallenged, use of force by law enforcement officers on UNARMED African-American males.

    The headlines are ripe with disturbing images. Social media has driven videos that capture the rising community unrest about these alarming events to an all-time viral high. It seems that if you are an African-American male in the U. S. right now, you may be part of an endangered species.

    Is there any hope? Is our government doing enough to probe this matter of civil rights abuse? What is to become of our young African-American boys in the future?

    Tune in and join the chat with my husband, Charles Miller, and a panel of other concerned men as they discuss these recent events and what can be done to change the plight of the African-American male.

    Call in, 646-716-6910 or log in to our LIVE chat room during the broadcast.

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    Men: Why Wait? Pt. 3

    in Christianity

    Let's have an open discussion about Christian young men waiting until marriage to have sex.  As Christians, do we encourage young men to wait?  Or do we agree with the world's view, that it is impossible in 2014?  How do we reach this generation and minister to them that God's way is the best way?

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    Redo Show: Why Good Black Men Are Invisible...

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    How is everyone? This simply is a redo show because I want to have a perfect audio version of what I feel to be one of 9MindsSacred Sisterhood best call in recap shows. People are downloading certain shows from IT. So I want there to be a good version in the archives worthy of purchasing. The intent is to continue taking calls from Black men about the questions I asked in the; Why are Black men invisble show but the audio highlights ended taking up the entire 2hrs. I can't set 3hr shows until my FTP is up. Will try and keep as close to the orignal as possible but there will be some slight tweaks and adjustments here and there. Will do my best to remain calm and cuss less but sometimes when the Ancestors speak thru me, they make me (turn up). lol Again I will spend the Most time on mr. contradiction aka Peter from PA. Since he feels so strongly that everything that Black men aren't doing or can't do is somehow our fault even though the historical imperial evidence doesn't reveal that to be so. Peter threw himself and BM collectively under the bus the more he sought to explain our condition. But I think shows like First 48 have shown us that Black males seem to have developed a SNITCH gene in their DNA so the Sisterhood should not find this shocking. Why Black men need to find FAULT in Black women? Well that's the purpose of the 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood show. To EXPOSE malicious propaganda being spread by the secret order of the he/she brotherhood (lgbt community) to our impressionable and in most cases (fatherless) sons about Black females designed to steer them into the arms and beds of non Black females and of course, THEM as well.

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    Why Good Black Men Are Not Visible In Black Communities?

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    Show yesterday was awesome. I would like to thank everyone that listened, the guest in the chat room and our caller out of Maryland, Greg. Some of what Greg said on the show yesterday got me to thinking. Especially when he said that it was not the resposibility of good Black men to check and or rid their communities of the crafty con artist type Black males. Of course this logic is shocking to me and I was wondering just how many other good Black men feel the way Greg does? Why is it that the destructive Black male is so visual and out front in Black neighborhoods while the good law abiding Black man, Fathers, Business owners ect... seem to (always) be the invisible silent types? Someone on FB even said that nobody listens to the married men. Again I want to know Why? Has the good Black mans good reputation been used against them by their more rambunctious, minstrel cooning street wise brethren? Are responsible elite Black men out there handling their business as visualy and publically as those they claim to be the thugs, shyters, pimps and players are? It seems that Black men with all the wisdom and knowledge on how to live a civilized, drama free life are keeping those SECRETS to themselves huh? So I would like to know if this imbalance of the good Black man vs the devious ones, harming the image of Black men as a whole? Does it cause their women to see them as WEAKER. And the world to lump all of them into one box? Tonight I want Black men (only) to call in and answer these questions. ooohhhh i can't wait.

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