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    Why Did I Get Married

    in Lifestyle

    Why do people get married?  Ladies do we get married because of the fantasy of marrying our knight in shining armor?  Do people marry for fear of being alone? Tonight on this episode we will be discussing reasons ppl get married and is there a right and wrong reason for getting married.  We also will discuss 5 ways to have a long lasting marriage, so tune in from 7pm to 9pm and call in at 858-947-1929 to join in the conversation.

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    Why Did I Get Married

    in Spirituality

    Often times the seasons of marriage leads to a place of regret.  Feeling unhappy, feeling like giving up, feeling like you made the biggest mistake of your life is the norm for many.  It is time for a renewed hope in the covenant of marriage between man and woman.  Join author and Prophetess Theresa J. Scott as our special guest.  Dionne Adams is the Queen of the Week.  Book Chat: The Bishop's Daughter, by Tiffany L. Warren

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    Is Getting Married For Suckers?

    in Entertainment

    People lie, deceive, rob you blind, break your heart, break your bank account and take your stuff so why get married?  

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    Married 2 Change with your Host Infini Blu

    in Spirituality

    Join us tonight as Married 2 Change on Married 2 Change Radio welcomes Wu Tang Clan's own and our brother Solomon Childs to the family...Wow what an honor!! Tonight on the show we will be discussing all things Scorpio as we take on the sign in our Zodiac sign series..Where each week we have taken an intimate walk with each sign to gain a deeper understanding from the male/female perspective ... If u have the desire to get to know the Scorpio in ur life better feel free to call in and listen @ (516)590-0975 or press one to comment Live ...

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    Slut shame...or did I Call Your Name?

    in Entertainment

    Tonights show is about slut shaming. What is it? Why did Amber Rose do a walk in Los Angeles about this? Are you being called a slut or are they calling you by what you answer to? Or are we just calling you by what is the truth? You will hear my views on this subject. Clearly I have much to say as I wrote about the "Hoe Stroll" in my book ,"Stay in Your Lane: A Diary of a Hot Mess" Tune in or call in.

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    WHY !!!

    in Entertainment

    Lots of why and want answers well what I think about it and my take on subjects

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    Why can't I?

    in Current Events

    I titled this broadcast after an incident in where I was accused of something that I simply did not do. My character speaks for itself and it was by a person who was not secure about themselves and made some assumptions. I also posed this question because everytime I think about Rachel D. who posed as a black woman it makes me wonder did she bear the full brunt of what we deal with on a daily basis. If you are assertive you are classified as a you know what. If you are direct then your rude. If you do not speak your mind your seen as weak. Common sterotypes: Loud, neck rolling, eye rolling, finger in the face and the list goes on. Viola Davis spoke to lack of diversity regarding women of color in Hollywood and before the night was over a soap opera actress had spoken out. I do not understand why I can be sure about myself and what I am talking about. It does not make me a witch or whatever else you make think of me. Why can't I raise my voice at times to get my point or across or check you if need be. This is not me being intimidating or threatening. Why can't I not have to think about always being politically correct? Why can't I support other women of color without someone feeling slighted? Michelle Obama has even been negatively sterotyped and she spoke about it. Melissa Harris Perry spoke about trying to stand up straight in a crooked room in her book Sister Citizen. Again I ask the question Why can't I?

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    Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson: Dealing with Death

    in Health

    Good morning and Welcome to Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Founder of Miclknight, where health and wellness are full-circle. Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Mental Health need to be balanced to live a healthy life.

    I am an educator, author, speaker, and very passionate about Healthy Living.


    Topic: Dealing with Death

    How does Dealing with Death belong to Get Healthy Now?

    I will tell you a true story that will illustrate on how Dealing with Death requires having a balanced life.

    2007: F-I-L amputation

    2009: F-I-L ready to die in Convalescent Home

    Nov. 11, 2009: Matthew picked up his Father and took him home to us to die. The two had a conversation and Jr. agreed to give us 6 months.

    2010: started swimming daily

    http://www.youtube.com/Bond of Three Swimmers  (1:54 min inspirational)

    F-I-L's Overall Health improved.

    I took care of him until 2012 (accident)

    Matthew took care of him from that date on 24/7 until

    9/17/2015: Good day, swimming, shower, dinner...

    ER, ICU, Step Down Unit, Maintenance Unit

    9/21 @ 8:10 AM Dr.'s visit

    9/21 @ 8:20 AM last breath. Went in peace and without pain.

    What did we learn during the 6 years we had with Jr.?

    Patience, love, tolerance, E.S.P.M. Health, Blessings, Stories, No Regrets

    Conclusion: Living a balanced life, to keep our health!

    Gift: http://www:Footsteps in the sand

    Contact Info:



    Ph.: 562-335-4956

    Until Next Week! Stay Healthy and Empowered!


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    Married by God with Ronald and Rachel

    in Relationships

    Married by God with Ronald and Rachel

    Join us Monday night as we announce the winner to a husbands love challenge. Also join us for some more insight to our soon to be released book Married by God: Gods blueprint to a successful marriage. We will talk about marriage vision, prayer in marriage and making everything you need equate to everything you want. You don't want to miss this show.

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    Pam Duncan, DiD I Ever Say I Love You?

    in Culture

    If I did'nt say it enough, it's to late now . So the moral to this story is......Tonite at 6;00til8;00 on Ask Uncle Billy.

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    What is Instagram and Why Do I Need It?

    in Business

    You have probably heard about the power of Instagram and how it can really help build your business.  But....you are still doubting the effectivness of this social platform.

    Doubt no more!

    Listen in today and let host Christopher Tompkins help you understand what exactly Instagram is and why you need to sit up and pay attention!

    The Social Marketing Academy, powered by The Go! Agency, offers social media marketing education when and where you need it! Host Christopher Tompkins, CEO of The Go! Agency, will be covering a wide array of topics from how to get your business step up using social media to more advanced tactics and techniques.

    Tune in live or on-demand to take full advantage of all of the social media marketing information provided in each show. The Social Marketing Academy is an educational resource devoted to helping its students to better understand social media marketing and other online marketing topics through educational workshops, webinars and many other online AND offline tools.

    To join The Social Marketing Academy today - visit us online at http://www.thesocialmarketingacademy.com