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    Why "Construction" For a Life Lesson

    in Motivation

    Join your host Jane Coy as I speak about a “Life Lesson” while riding on the Metro Bus.  This show will be about the Life Lesson that I learned about Construction.  Tune in and hear how this changed my life and the way that I look at the people that are around me and how it has helps me adjust and not be so hurt by others.  It just may be life changing for you also.   

    By the way MARK YOUR CALENDERS because the show turned One Year on 7/10/2014 (date first show aired). WE WILL BE CELBRATING ON 7/31/2014 from 7pm to 10pm at the Lanham Skating Rink, 9901 Lanham Severn Road, Seabrook, Md 20706. Make sure you come out for your chance to be LIVE on the show with Your WHY.  All those who mention the show will get in for $5 & Skate Rental $3. Two, people will get in completely FREE but, you have to stay tuned to learn how.  I will have to vendors joining me to help me celebrate the show. Mia of www.facecreationsbymamamia.com and Melanie of Melanie Cakes https://www.facebook.com/melanie.gill visit their links to see what they do.

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    Why "Celebrate" Show First Year

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    In case you did not know, What's Your Why? Blogtalkradio Show turned One on July 10, 2014.  Therefore, what better way to celebrate than take back to the days of how I had fun when I was young, ROLLER SKATING.  So, join us at Lanham Skate Center. 9901 Lanham Severn Road, Seabrook, Md 20706 Phone (301) 577 1733, you may have the chance to be on the show to tell the listners YOUR WHY.  Mention the show and get a discounted rate.  Join in for the Facecreations by Mommamia and mini cakes (cupcakes) by Melanie's Cakes.  See you there.

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    What's new with What's Your Why

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    Join me as I give an Update with what's new and upcoming events for What's Your Why.  We are coming up on the ONE YEAR anniversary and I have something that all will enjoy.  I will be talking about some of my upcoming guests (one is a famous photography/Hollywood Famous that is).  Also, the chance to join/support in the quest for me to become a facilitator for Voice to Today thru the Service Project Pendant and a “Live” Online Jewelry Party (click the link to register to attend). Don’t miss out I will also be offering opportunities to my fellow business owners & those with a story.

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    Why Me Diabetes

    in Health

    Please visit us at www.WhyMeDiabetes.or

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    Why I Do It A Replay

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    Please  "Like" our FanPage & my Break Free Project which though your purchase of this charm will help me bring awareness to Child Sexual Abuse/Molestation. All commissions from Virtual Parties I do brings me one step closer to being a Facilitator for Voice Today in the DMV area. Those who are interested in hosting a Virtual Jewelry Party can always inbox me on my FanPage or email the show whatsyourwhyradioshow@gmail.com with the subject line Virtual Party for more info.

    This is a NOT A LIVE CALL please do not call in. Join the host Jane Coy as she is interviewed by a close friend and interviewer Michelle Cousins.  Tune in the hear "Why" I started doing the show and "Why" the format is the way it is.  Some may be suprised, even the ones who may know me.  As, I always try to live my life by "Never Judge a Book/Person by it Cover/Outward Apperance" you never know what's inside/what they have to face or have faced.  So, tune in for another great show.

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    Why We Need Protein...

    in Health

    Please visit our website at www.WhyMeDiabetes.org.

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    What's New With My Why

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    Join me your host Jane Coy as I update everyone on what’s new with my “Why”.  Here all about my new Service Project and how it is connected to my upcoming conference which will be in Apr2014.  Also, find out how you can help with these new projects.  Plus, here and join my event that I am doing for this month for Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence.
    As always don't forget "Like" my FanPage & leave a comment about the show. Remember I have changed my service project to the Break Free Charm & I am in the process of becoming a Facilitator of a support group for them for DMV area.  Last if you are looking for a unique gift that will inspire and encourage, than visit me at BeautifyWithJane or you can host your own Jewelry Party at home, office, favorite restaurant or online just email for more information.

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    Monique Evans "Why" Domestic Violence

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    Join your host Jane Coy as the show celebrates Domestic Violence Awareness Month with Ms. Monique Evans, Founder/Lead Advocate of The L.E.I.L.A Empowerment Project Inc. which is based in Suitland, MD.  She is a survivor of physical, psychological, emotional and verbal domestic abuse as well as sexual abuse.  Because of this, it’s her sincerest of hopes & strong desire to educate the public on the effects of domestic abuse, & hopes to eventually put an end to domestic violence.  Right now the services that are offered are crisis intervention services, weekly rap sessions, seminars, community events, & workshops.

    "Like" the FanPage & leave a comment about the show. Please email about the my service project the Break Free Charm which helps break the silence of child sexual abuse through awareness, prevention, & healing programs, through your purchase of the charm. Also if you are looking for a unique “Hallmark” experience than host a Virtual Jewelry party & help me to get one step closer to being a peer facilitator for Voice Today in the DMV area.  You can now see the preview of the Virtual Party by clicking on YouTube.

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    The Purpose of The Black and Latino Conference. Why Now?

    in Education

    This is a platform that deals with Invincible Truth from the Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We will deal with the purpose  The Black and Latino Conference that is set for June 12-14 2015. Why is it so important and needed in this hour. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us that there is 17Million with the 2Million Indians in North America at the time of 4 Billion 400Million all over the Planet Earth. We have to Unite as a solid wall in this crucial hour as Blacks and Latinos. Although we understand the airways are clouded with propaganda and filth that clouds the minds of the people. That doesn't allow them to think clearly and freely. This suppresses The God within and The God without of each and everyone of us. We will also deal with the importance our our Black and Latino Unity Conference. The Weekend of June 12th-14th. It is Our duty as TheGodSquad is to spread the Message and The Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad through His His National Representative The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. So Join us this Sunday at 6PMEst to deal with this great topic. Invite your friends and family.

    Tell a friend to help us in Our great Mission to resurrect the dead by the thousands.

    Like our Page on Facebook:www.facebook.com/platformforthegods

    Twitter Page:@Thegodsquad1God

    Call in speak with the Host;(347)857-1256

    Listen in/ archives:www.blogtalkradio.com/thegodsquad1

    Please donate: http://bit.ly/1w0tMVM
    Via paypal: Ministryofjustice85@yahoo.com

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    Why is it So Hard to Find a Partner?

    in Romance

    We will approach the topic for why it is so hard for people to find partners. Through our knowledge of online dating, marriage, long distance relationships, and relationship repair, we will address the issues individuals have in finding partners. Could it be the fear of an idea of relationships? Could it be a previously damaged relationship that stops us from finding partners?


    Find out why on Wednesday.

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    What's new with Dr. Ressurrection Graves 'Why'

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    Join me your host Jane Coy as I do Part II & find out what is ‘new’ with her ‘WHY’ with Dr. Ressurrection Graves who is the author of "Identity Crisis, Identity Christ is: A Journey to Love", blogger of Love, Life and Relationships: Overcoming Emotional and Child Sexual Abuse, speaker, coach & trainer.  This powerful young lady will open your eyes as she stands on the front lines of bringing Child Sexual Abuse & her proposed bill Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming a Felony to the public eye.   You can connect & follow her at website & sign her petition for the proposed bill above here.  Trust me when I say reading any of Dr. Graves’s articles or blogs will open your eyes & change your life, so can you imagine what hearing her on “What’s Your Why” will do.

    "Like" the FanPage & leave a comment about the show. Remember service project the Break Free Charm which is supports a Child Sexual Abuse awareness, prevention, & healing program with purchase.  You can visit BeautifyWithJane or host a Virtual Jewelry party & help me to get one step closer to being a peer facilitator for Voice Today in the DMV area.