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    Angels on Air - November 26, 2014 - Monthly Angel Readings

    in Spirituality

    On Wednesday November 26, 2014, at7:00PM EST either dial in (626)-213-5652 or join us via the chatroom.  Host Nanette Ellis and her wonderful co-hosts Rev Nancy Sue, Lori Martin, Olivia Hall and Jamie Street shall be on the line with all the bells and whistles this wonderful day before we celebrate Thanksgiving. The show is our monthly "Angel Readings" or as some call it  "Messages from the Angels".   How amazing is that going to be? Join us with open hearts of compassion and have your question ready to go.  Should you not feel nudged to "Ask" a question it is all good.  There are always and I mean always nuggets of information for all of us as we do these readings.  So if you can only listen via the recording it's ok.  I believe in my heart should you feel inclined, do listen with an openness and the message that you have needed at this point in time will make itself known to you.

    We would like to acknowledge our sponsor AngelsTeach.com, Rev Elvia so lovingly guides us with on our Spiritual Awakening and for some taking your knowledge of the Archangels just a little bit deeper.  Cruise her site and the information contained therein.  There are free resources along with classes you can take to assist you in opening up to the Spiritual side of you which includes working with the  Archangels.  Join her facebook page - Angels Teach and be aware that there is a closed facebook group called Living with the Angels, in one word I would call this page "LOVE".  Each and every month there are events and daily inspirational messages 

    Your host Nanette Ellis has been through each of the programs over the past 5 years and is now completing her Seminary course.  Whoo!!!  Hooo!!!  What an amazing journey she has been on since finding AngelsTeach.com. 

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    55 - Sketches, The Animated Series

    in Entertainment

    Steven Chitty and Bill Karalius have a dream, to create an animated series called Sketches! We're going to learn all about the show and get y'all pumped to make this show a reality! Whoo-hoo!

    Check out thier Indigogo page ...

    When our listeners reach out to us, we respond! 
    Creative solidarity, man!

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    Let’s Get Real about Spirituality with Rebecca L. Norrington

    in Self Help

    Whoo Hoo! Let’s Get Real about Spirituality with the return of guest, Rebecca L. Norrington, on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 at 8pm Eastern. Rebecca tells it like it is! She will go over spirituality principles and how to use them in everyday life. You can be happy and grateful no matter what is happening to you, listen to this show to learn how! For questions on the topic call (646) 478-0020.

    Rebecca L. Norrington is first and foremost a student of the Universe and ITs Laws. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, along with decades of education on topics from Spirituality to Human Behavior. Rebecca is a Happiness Specialist, Healer, Intuitive, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Radio Host and Fitness Instructor. She is the host of RealitySpirituality Radio, an online radio show that shares revolutionary thoughts and behaviors that enable us to maintain a personal vibration of internal peace, regardless of all external circumstances. Rebecca’s first book, RealitySpirituality: The Truth About Happiness was released in April, 2014. To order your copy go to rebeccanorington.com $19.95 (USD) Free shipping in the USA.  For more information: http://www.rebeccanorrington.com/

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    You'd Like to Prove that Wouldnt You Ep 56

    in Entertainment

    Its Humpday..Whoo Hoo

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    You'd Like 2 Prove That Wouldn't You Ep 57

    in Entertainment

    NFL preview, Its Friday Fun....Weekend is upon us...Whoo Hoo

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    You'd Like 2 Prove That Wouldn't You Ep 46

    in Entertainment

    ITS WTDH night WHOO HOO Topical Show that ranges in ideas from daily topics to listeners phone calls.

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    Abortion to Activist! When God gives you a 2nd chance!

    in Entertainment

    Whoody whoo y'all...it's August!!  My birthday month...YAY!  This show will be full of encouragement and enlightenment. Our Birthday Fun Forecast for August birthees, will be a 3-card reading using the Angel Dream Cards.  I have a little sumpin sumpin on my mind before we get to our guest, Norie Marfil of heartsnest.com. Norie is a HeartPreneur with a Masters in Engineering.  As a #1 International Best Selling Author for her story "The Voice of Truth Tells Me a Different Story", she shares how her life of abortion, trauma and near tragedy was pivotal to her living in truth today!  She also is a money-whiz and will share about that too!  She has a {{{FREEBIE}}} for the listeners...so don't miss it!

    Our music tonight will be from a talented, singer/songwriter who's originality of inspirational lyrics and vibe cannot be matched...Bob Sima with his song "Gravity".  Yes, Norie loves hummingbirds and this song is about hummingbirds. You can find Bob's songs at bobsima.com and on iTunes. 

    Be sure to check out the broadcast y'all!  And as always, you can find me at mamachar.com and @mamacharblessed on ALL social media sites. 

    Blessings and love...Mama Char

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    Kym Douglas and Kim Coles on Finding Bliss, Balance, and Gratitude in Life

    in Lifestyle

    Beauty and Lifestyle Correspondent Kym Douglas from "The Ellen Show" and Comedienne, Author, and Motivational Speaker Kim "Whoo-Whoo-Whoo" Coles from "Living Single" share tips on how to make your dreams come true through Bliss Boarding and Gratitude Journaling. The two TV superstars encourage positive thinking and reaching success with faith and intention. They offer some practical solutions and everyday advice to make positive change now. "When you look for things to be grateful for, they show up," says Kim. Join this fun conversation and empower yourself for a new day!

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    GetAtMe3PcSnack HotNewHits ft RichGang, 2Virgins & Tink

    in Hip Hop Music

    Tonight on the GetAtMe3PcSnack HotNewHits we bring you some new kids on the block (well literally).  Tonight we bring you Rich Gang's new single "LifeStyle" (is Young Thug the new Lil Wayne), then we let you hear a cut that blasted up the sales charts 2 Virgins "Like Whoo" (the cut is strong #orReal).  Finally we introduce to everyone a new female act Tink and her new single "Treat Me Like Somebody" (great song for this new generation).  We'll check out these new cuts and bring you up to speed on the new trends and news.  Call in at (347) 826-774

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    It's our party we can do what we want...Mama Char's Maiden Voyage

    in Entertainment

    Whoody whoo y'all...welcome to Mama Char's houzzz on my first blogtalkradio show!  So extremely excited to be joining the millions that utilize the internet to connect with like-hearted people.  

    So a little bit about this show...like the title says...It's our party we can do what we want (whoop s/o to baby girl Miley for that one) and each week will be different!  I have lined up guest speakers that will bring knowledge, affirmation, inspiration and probably some that will just piss you off...I'm going to bring real stuff for and by real people!  We will have live interaction with the host (me) and guests, positive comments are encouraged.

    There must be dancing!  I am going to promote a new song each week and will play it in it's entirety between the 2-segments.  So, if you know of someone that needs air time and promotion, I am interested.

    The first Tuesday of every month, I will have my BFF (Birthday Fun Forecast) using Angel Cards.  This is a reading for everyone celebrating their birthday that month.  Our first BFF will be for those making their grand entrance into this world in the month of July!

    This week's song is by international singer and songwriter and recent International best selling author, Candace Asher.  Her new song "I'm Looking Forward" was dedicated to her new book "Pebbles in the Pond Wave Three" and both can be found on her website http://relentlessresilience.com.  Check her out and leave her a comment if you dig her vibe...if not...it's all good...we all enjoy different things!!

    So that about does it for this episode!  Listen in on Tuesdays at 9E/8C/6P as I guarantee, I will always have a personal opinion about any topic!  Blessings...Mama Char

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    You'd LIke to Prove That Wouldn't You - Ep 13

    in Entertainment

    Friday Fun....Whoo Hoo

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