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    Theology Thursdays "Who is God and where did we come from" with Ngozi

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    *******ATTENTION FAMILY *********

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    We Like Sports (Ep. 11)

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    Today we talk about how awesome the Nazi Party was, and why we should give in to ISIS ideals. 

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    A Good Look At Who We Are in Truth

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    This episode, Bonnie W. Kaye author of "My Journey to The Other Side," will lead the discussion of "Who We Are In Truth."  Growing up, our parents taught us the best of what they were taught by their parents.  Our grandparents listened and passed on what they were taught by their parents; much of which may not be absolute truth.  As teachings are passed down from one generation to another, things get modified and changed.  

    A lot of limiting beliefs were developed from negative outcomes which were interpreted either by the adult and passed down or seen by a child and assimilated into their subconscious.  Misunderstandings about where and how these beliefs got processed are at the heart of most negative emotions.  Today we are going to explore some of those areas and learn the truth.

    Join me and my guest Bonnie W. Kaye, http://MyJourneyToTheOtherSide.com, for this interesting discussion

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    The Gift of Being Who We Are

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    Jessie May's 'Sunny Side Up' is a stimulating show which explores and uncovers ways to live your life with true purpose, joy and passion. As a Life Coach and Creative Visionary, Jessie May shares her experience and guidance with you in a playful, energetic hour filled with inspiring themes, insightful ideas, and unique guests, and welcomes you to call in with your questions offering healing and hopeful solutions. Jessie May's show is a beautiful way to light up your week with the Sunny Side Up, and an invitation to discover the brilliance of who you are called to be!!!

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    Who is God and where did we come from part 2 with Ngozi Amen Ra Squad

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    Today is Part 2 of "Who is God and where did we come from" with Ngozi from the Amen Ra Squad.......Join us today at 6pm Eastern . Call 3478269457 or www.blogtalkradio.com/itsrealtalklive

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    Human Hybrids: Who Are We Now?

    in Paranormal

    Human hybridization has been a controversial subject for longer than you may think.  In the 1920's, a scientist was working to create a human/ape hybrid.  For what purpose?  What other hybrids are being created?  What are the risks and/or benefits to creating human hybrids?  Find out the extent that human hybridization has come to and if it will pose a threat to life as we know it, or if it will benefit us with longer, healthier lives.  The argument continues . . .

  • They Are Who We Thought They Were: Playoff Preview Edition

    in Football

    What's going on everyone?! Today we will be getting into all of the important matchups for the upcoming year that are going to have major playoff implications, including games such as Atlanta vs New Orleans, a game that will likely decide the NFC South; Denver at Cincinatti, our Monday night game of the week; Seattle verses Arizona, one of the big games in the NFC that could decide who is going to get that first round bye and many, many more! Plus don't miss our insight on a new subject that I won't reveal here. You'll have to tune in to listen!


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    Who We Got Wednesday- Domestic Violence Survivor Kemba Smith

    in Motivation

    Today, We Got Speaker, Author, and Activist Kemba Smith. Get ready for an uplifting show as we talk to a woman who has been on a turbulent, yet rewarding journey including incarceration, domestic abuse, and her victories of today. In a time where more blacks are incarcerated and more black women are victim of domestic violence, her experiences make for a very valuable wisdom.

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    We Are Not Cattle Radio (#101)

    in Current Events

    Topic for the show:  It is my first attempt in months of running a live show.   With the difficulties of parenthood, slow internet connections and holiday variables we are going to try and make this happen.  Tonight we will be discussing the Small Arms Trade Treaty, Americans now finding out that "good guys torture" and I speak with one of my activist friends James Woods better known as James From The Internet about his experience covering the marches in New York and how Fox used his feed during their broadcast.  All this and more on We Are Not Cattle Radio

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    reflections, at look back on who we lost in 2014

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    i want to talk about who ive lost personally and who we as a black community have lost nationally. from Maya Angelou to Micheal Brown. from Ricky Stewart to Damien Phillips, i want to stress that we as a people are leaving this life on Earth at an alarming rate.

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    Women Who Rock With Success

    in Entrepreneur

    Long ago, their were times in which I didn't like the thought of a purse, didn't want to carry one, didn't have a need to be bothered with a purse. I always tried to find a way of carrying and cramming everything into my pockets. No thief is going to rob me right, because I don't have a purse. But as I got older, I found out, hey, these things are pretty neat. So I began to fall in love with purses, some coach bags, and many other designs, still not a huge fan of them, but hey! it will work for now.

    So a few years ago as I began to start a new pitch in life; all types of ideas and entrepreneurial thoughts came to mind. So this is what this blog is actually about, not the purse that we carry around, bu the purse we carry inside. Whats's in your purse?, What's in your passions?, your dreams?, your DNA?, your career life?, your goals?, what you have accomplished?, what you have achieved?, where do you see yourself this time next year? So many times we plan goals for the next five years, but technology is rapidly changing, your goals need to be every year now, not five to ten years down the road.



    My purse contains essentials in which I can provide more to my business, my clients, my networking circle, and its not just locally, it's globally. I want my purse to say more than what my business cards and websites can speak for me. At the start of our business, I was always scrambling for words to tell people about our vision and mission of the business. Of course this will take time as you are growing towards your potential. But the more I worked effectively on the business, the mission became a reality to me and no longer had to think, scramble, or figure out what or who I was in the business, but I knew.



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