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    Can You Overcome Addictions?

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    Pleasure to pain! 50% of men and 30% of women around the globe drink alcohol. In the USA alone over 20 million 12 years to 20 years old are drinkers. 23 million use street drugs.  Every 15 seconds a women is battered by her husband, friend or partner. One drink can quickly lead to addiction and loss of mind power. 6 million children live with one at least one parent who has a drug addiction.  How can we prevent addiction to drugs and or alcohol and how can we reverse existing addiction, substance abuse, prevent suicide, prevent domestic violence, prevent a rise in crime and anger related violent crimes? Dr. Vie talks frankly about these hot issues in light of the trending movie Gone Girl - do you ever know who someone really is?  Congrats to September winner of Dr. Vie's naturally health gift spree...Melissa from Quebec.  Sign up for your gifts, learn about Taming The Female Impostor, Dr. Vie's new book and Mastering Your Energies course and get your free sleep tips at DrVie.com.

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    Episode #4 - Who Is Jesus? Who Do You Think Jesus Is?

    in Christianity

    Who Is Jesus? Who Do You Think Jesus Is? Do you truly know who Jesus is? Listen To Tonights episode To Find Out!

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    That's right! Who are you?


    Join Women of Wisdom Lynda Kennedy and **BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO** for a great conversation in discovering and uncovering WHO YOU TRULY THINK YOU ARE!


    We can have images and thoughts of one thing and yet our behavior and words can say something totally different!  I have come to the space where I AM conscious of my words matching up with my actions and vibrations and so too can YOU! 


    Angels, I have also been in the space where I would say one thing and do something totally different and yet it is possible to change!


    It takes practice and yet once you are in the flow you will uncover and LOVE even more of yourself which Angels, I believe it is what we are here to BE!


    Tuesday November 4th at 4pmPAC/7pmEST @



    See you there!


        bringing people back to themselves

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    What Do You Want? - Episode 117 - Where are You Now?

    in Self Help


    OK, back for the 2nd of the holiday shows.  Last week was so much fun, thanks for everyone who listened in live and who joined in on the Archive listen.  

    So this week we are talking about where are you now?  And while that seems like an easy question it really is sort of hard.  Right now is right now and that is the only moment that we create in.  Right now.  So where are you in your creation process? 

    Well it seems that is what we are going to be talking about on Wednesday.  Join in on the fun. 

    Love and light, 


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    Natasha Josefowitz. author of Living Without the One You Cannot Live Without

    in Lifestyle

    Returning today to the show is the Natasha Josefowitz, inspirational in her humor and drive, with some humorous perspective on driving yourself and being driven ...at age 88!

    PhD Natasha Josefowitz is adamantly un-retired at age 88.  She works full time and tirelessly outruns her employees.  While her present subject focus is helping others deal with grief and loss and she is conferring with hospitals on issues of technology and aging.  In her spare time, she is writing yet another book.

    But Natasha’s recently experienced her own fear, frustration and fortitude with the required re-taking of the written driver’s exam at the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

    After over 60 years as a licensed driver, addressing the specifics of proximity to a cyclist or a fire hydrant can seem both irrelevant and perhaps daunting. 

    The woman who wrote the handbook for women entering the workplace had to  face the rulebook for entering the roadways.  For Natasha, every day is a challenge, and an opportunity, and a stimulus for humor and reinvention!

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    Successful women ask for a raise?

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    After the exciting women in computing conference yesterday, and Microsoft CEO Satya's remark, I thought that today our gathering  should spin around  what you do for a living and more specifically women in the work place. Whether you are a female or male, or whether you go out to work or not, you are going to find this chat really interesting because it brings into play our we cause the problems that we are seeing in our very own homes, communities, nations and internationally today. Hear what the new White House CTO says about technology...hear what Wall Street says...

    1.    We are going to talk about what inequality really means and why  it is is the biggest threat to the world and needs to be tackled now
    2.    We’ll talk about technology and what women are saying about it…and

    3.    The “Whole issue of women asking for a raise…” and Microsoft CEO Satya's remark yesterday!

    Be sure to get special natural gifts from DrVie.com and empower yourself with how you can find the best job ever and be happy.Discover how women can change the world and bring back equality...by clicking here.

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    Better Sleep, More Happiness

    in Health

    Can you be happy each day? Discover how you can tap into a very simple technique, rejuvenate your energies, reboot your life and enjoy a blissful day.  Over 40 million Americans experience sleep problems, which result in high stress, frustrations, feelings of depression and of course unhappiness. Now, get the inside scoop in this heart to heart with your host, Dr. Vie, and get  the guide to unleashing your hidden powers and reclaiming your natural healing powers and helping your body and reshaping your future.Each month one lucky winner gets a gift. Enter to win fund gifts at DrVie.com  Get your guide with Taming The Female Impostor Book of Secrets to Unmasking the Real You.

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    Loving and Accepting Who You Are

    in Christianity

    Greetings I am thrilled about what God is doing in Women's lives. Stay tune for this evening show as we discuss Loving and Accepting You. As Women we struggle in this area we look for others to validate us and when others let us down we are standing alone wondering what we did wrong. So bring a cup of coffee and join us as we share together.

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    Who Do you Think You Are?

    in Spirituality

    See, if you ask the average person who they think they are, chances are the cat-done-got-their-tongue! Ask the same person what people think of them, and you’d be surprised at the flow of verbiage, and the eloquence of descriptive nouns with complimentary adjectives all in view of what others say or think about them. Who do you think you are?

  • First Monday of the Monday with Lloyd Strayhorn author of Numbers & You

    in Lifestyle

    It's time to gather our family and friends to give thanks for the blessing of making it through another year to celebrate Thanksgiving together. As you ponder what you're thankful for, tune in for our favorite numerologist, Lloyd Strayhorn, who will give us a sneak peek at what is in store using your personal numbers and astrological sign. We give special thanks to Veterans this month, who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and will be at the polls supporting people who support and honor them.

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    Optimize Your Brain Dr. Vie Dr. Gray Part 3

    in Health

    Dr. Vie chats with her good friend Dr. John Gray in this part  3/3 part series on how to restore the health of the brain and rejuvenate the mind, making the difference between inner peace or frustration. Both Dr. Vie and Dr. Gray are authors, scientists and natural health specialists, with a strong connection to India, talk about the key guidelines in their books Taming The Female Impostor, Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity and Staying Focused in a Hyper World..where chores of life become the burden of life….how women can restore balance to their lives…and help not only themselves and the ones they care about but the entire of humanity….learn about this movement to rescue humanity from the disastrous path it is on right now where the healthy brain size is decreasing leading to rise in violence, lack of empathy, frustrations, lack of love for others, addiction to medications, drugs…rise in autism, mental illness, depression, and early onset of aging, Parkinsons, dementia and Alzheimers…why are men over 40 losing testosterone much faster? Discover how to balance work, family time, and time with your true self. Win natural health gifts at DrVie.com and sign up, or subscribe to the show, or  take the free tour of Dr. Vie’s Change Your Lifeand begin to awaken your inner self from today...practiced by Dr. Vie who has lived in many countries and cities around the globe on her own. Missed previous 2 episodes? Check our archived shows. Congrats to Ashton winner of the go water flask last month.

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