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    Whisper n Thunder EREZ Fund

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    Join our host Billie Fidling - founder and President of Whisper n Thunder, along with several members of the Whisper n Thunder board of directors and Ambassador team as we give our listeners an insight into the history of the ERez fund and why our fund raising efforts are so important




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    Russ Letica Reads Articles He Wrote for Whispernthunder

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    Russ Letica, who is Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, reads his articles that he wrote for Whispernthunder.
    The Articles are:
    Bringing Children Home
    Native Education


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    Saving Our Youth - Suicide in Indian Country

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    With the hopes of changing the course of history for our people.Our blog talk radio team with producer Claudia Julien and Host Joelle Clark , will be having an in depth discussion , with Guest Arvol Looking Horse,19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle and its teachings. Spiritual Leader of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota People, along with Roger Bird one of the Spiritual Leader's, and Sylvia McAdam Saysewahum and other guests regarding the heart breaking outbreak of teenage suicides across Indian Country and how returning to the Spiritual Traditions of Our Nation's may be the only way to save the lives of our children and bring hope instead of despair to our next generations.

    Recent reports from 2 communites in Canada and USA:

    Pine Ridge: In November, the OST ambulance service responded to 17 suicides or attempts. In one 12-month period during 2008-09, there were 97 suicide response calls." Rapid City Journal February 14, 2015

    Northern Manitoba reserve of Shamattawa is mourning the deaths of 4 young people in the past 6 weeks, with concern growing after 4 more suicide attempts since. March 19,2015

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    Oral Traditions

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    This Sunday our BlogTalk radio program will cover the importance of carrying on oral tradition, and introduce our listeners to  our WnT YouTube Channel. Join Billie Fidlin, president of WnT and Millie Chalk, member of the Board of Directors and part of the YouTube Channel team.

    Oral tradition is the spoken relation and preservation, from one generation to the next, of a people's cultural history and ancestry, often by a storyteller in narrative form.

    Oral tradition is cultural material and tradition transmitted orally from one generation to another. The messages or testimony are verbally transmitted in speech or song and may take the form, for example, of folktales, sayings, ballads, songs, or chants. In this way, it is possible for a society to transmit oral history, oral literature, oral law and other knowledge across generations without a writing system. It often refers to the transmission of cultural material through vocal utterance. WnT has brought some of the oral tradition to life in written format through our online magazine and by then sharing a oral recording of some of those stories on our YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/WhispernThunder

    The historical marginalization of indigenous people, the dogma of stigma, the continued oppression of an entire race of people to the political and social edges of society cannot and must not continue. Telling the story begins the healing. Telling the story also begins the true understanding of a history of both tragedy and triumph.

    To read more articles & find out about us, please go to whispernthunder.org

    opening song http://youtu.be/aop1Ffep_AA by Taina Amayi

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    Whisper n Thunder - A Gathering of Women

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    Join Whisper n Thunder President Billie K. Fidlin and Karen Spencer- Barnes, WnT Director of Development along with special guests Jaclyn Roessel and other Whisper n Thunder staff as they discuss Whisper n Thunder's Gathering of Women events. For the last 2 years women across the country have gathered to discuss the topics that affect Indian Country. This show will discuss the origin of these events, what happened at the events - who came, what was discussed, and plans for the future. 


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    Mother Earth - Water Rights - Environment

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    An important topic from one of our archives is being played today on our show. Please take the time to listen, or download it to listen to later on…

    Hosts Billie Fidlin and Russ Letica are joined by our guests Sootahkii Calling Last, an enrolled member of the Blackfoot Confederacy her studies include Environmental Science Water Resources at the University of Montana, her current research includes studying the indigenous relationships with water and water contaminant clean-up methods.  Brian Stuart, is a Natural Resource Technician at Maliseet Nation Conservation Council. The discussion is on environmental issues facing Indian Country, amid a host of other topics.



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    HIV/AIDS in Indian Country

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    Russ Letica, Board Member and Co-Chair of the WnT Radio Committee, and Natalie Brown, WhispernThunder Board Secretary, will host this informative and educational program about the imporrant topic of HIV/AIDS in Indian Country. 
    This program on HIV/AIDS will express opinions concerning the stigma, the level of stigma and reasons for stigma.  WnT will present accurate facts concerning the severity of this disease in our communities as they are today. 
    National Native American Awareness Day is March 20th. 
    Guests will include
    Alyssa Bittenbender, Program Director of the Arizona AIDS Education and Training Center at the University of Arizona College of Medicine;
    Melvin Harrison, Navajo AIDS Network; and
    Native Americans living with HIV/AIDS.
    Links of interest are:  http://www.nnaapc.org/news/awareness-day.htm

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    Free Grassy Narrows - Treaty Rights - Clear Cutting and Water Contamination

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    Join host Russ Letica in and open the discussion with our guest Judy Da Silva, on topic of the  long battle for First Nation communities who depend on Mother Earth for thier livelihood.  In Treaty 3 which was signed in 1873, Canada promised to respect the right of the Ojibway to hunt and fish in their territory. There are high levels of mercury in that and scientific studies indicate that the boreal watersheds subjected to clear cutting often raises the mercury levels in fish above the levels fit for human consumption. This situation goes back to 1962 when Dryden paper mill dumped 9,000 kg of mercury into their river.

    A River Run will be held in Toronto July 29 - 31 2014 https://www.facebook.com/events/740594235961702/


    "What Grassy Narrows wants more than anything is to maintain its community … a protection of its traditional way of life and finding a way of building a local, sustainable economy.”

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    Indigenous Sovereignty,Protection of the People, Land and Water

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    This Sunday join our host Russ Letica, co-chair of our radio show, and member of the Whisper n Thunder Board of Directors. He will be  joined by our guest Sylvia McAdam Saysewahum co-founder of Idle No More who will bring us up to date on the Idle No More movement. They will talk about the Gateway Pipeline and First Nation Control for First Nations Education Act. http://www.idlenomore.ca/

    "Idle No More calls on all people to join in a peaceful revolution, to honour Indigenous sovereignty, and to protect the land and water"

    "Enough is enough. If they don't meet the concerns and the positions of the First Nations on sustainability and protection of the environment -- if they just keep doing what they are doing -- we have no other choice ... We want justice for the environment, for the land, the water and the air."

    Chief Allan Adam, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

    “First Nation’s Peoples —and the decision of Canadians to stand alongside them— will determine the fate of the planet.”—Guardian, UK

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    Environment Issues in Indian Country

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    Join hosts Billie Fidlin and Russ Letica with guests Sootahkii Calling Last, an enrolled member of the Blackfoot Confederacy her studies include Environmental Science Water Resources at the University of Montana, her current research includes studying the indigenous relationships with water and water contaminant clean-up methods.  Brian Stuart, is a Natural Resource Technician at Maliseet Nation Conservation Council. They will discuss environmental issues facing Indian Country, amid a host of other topics. This is Open Mic night - we hope you'll call in with your questions and comments.


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    An Open Discussion on Addiction

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    Please join hosts Russ Letica, member of the Board of Directors for Whisper n Thunder and Claudia Julien, Ambassador for Whisper n Thunder, in an open discussion on addiction as we attempt to answer the questions of what is an addict, and why treatments work or don’t work for many. Our guests have all had first hand experience with addiction. Because Whisper n Thunder exists to empower through the expression of uncensored truth this show is important. An Open and honest discourse will bring transformation; transformation will bring change. Change for a tomorrow where suicide, substance abuse, depression and isolation are no longer a part of the conversation.
    Empowering Native Americans through Education, Awareness & Opportunity is what Whisper n Thunder is about

    We ask you to become a part of the Whisper n Thunder movement, through your readership, your financial support, and your actions.

    Main site: http://www.whispernthunder.org