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    Whisper n Thunder

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    Tonight join our hosts Billie Fidlin, President and founder of WnT, and Russ Letica, member of the Board of Directors, Fund Raising Chair, and Co-Chair of WnT BlogTalk Radio.  They will be joined by several members of the Board of Directors in a dialogue on the accomplishments and goals of our non-profit organization.

    Whipser n Thunder was Launched on New Year's Day 2010
    We begin our 5th Year! Thank you for your Support!

    At midnight on New Year's Eve 2010, the online magazine Whisper n Thunder began its journey to share the stories of the indigenous people. Through history, family stories, profiles of courage and current events that we must address, we will share truth. History has neither been kind nor accurate. We intend to change that.
    Whisper n Thunder: Empowering Native Americans
    through Education, Awareness & Opportunity
    Whisper n Thunder is a 501c3 NonProfit Organization
    Whisper n Thunder Inc
    PO Box 10891
    Glendale, AZ 85318
    For more information please contact Billie K. Fidlin at bkfidlin@hotmail.com
    Help support Whisper n Thunder with your tax deductible donation to PayPal or by personal check.

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    Whisper n Thunder EREZ Fund

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    Join our host Billie Fidling - founder and President of Whisper n Thunder, along with several members of the Whisper n Thunder board of directors and Ambassador team as we give our listeners an insight into the history of the ERez fund and why our fund raising efforts are so important




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    Whisper Out Loud Radio presents On the Front Lines w/ Vashty Ybyby (Kim Wilkins)

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    Whisper Out Loud Radio proudly presents On the Front Lines with host  Vashty Ybyby .  The show is a beautiful experience of spiritual understanding and power as Vashty and others join to fight for justice On the Front Lines.

    Come and join in the revolution on Whisper Out Loud Radio Network, On the Front Lines. Dr. Kim will be in the studio. Come listen to the word and join in the revolution.

    Thursday 4-6 pm (MST)/ 7-9 pm (EST)

    Guest Call in (347) 857-2809

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    Whisper Out Loud with Dr. Kim

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    Today we are broadcasting the show live from the KFNX 1100 AM Talk Radio studio,  Dr. Kim and co-host Kevin I.B. Wise take an in-depth look at...

    ~ human trafficking, 
    ~ domestic violence, 
    ~sex crimes against children, and

    Dr. Kim is empowering listeners in an 8-part series with experts, special guests, and tools to protect and inform.

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    Whisper n Thunder WINDS Scholarship

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    Join our hosts, Russ Letica, member of the Board of Directors for Whisper n Thunder and Billie Fidlin, President of Whisper n Thunder as we discuss the Whisper n Thunder Winds Scholarship.

    This scholarship is for any Native American / First Nations student of any age can apply for the Winds Scholarship, provided they are a student of good standing enrolled in vocational, college, or university study. The scholarship will be awarded on a one time basis to the nominee.

    Whisper n Thunder exists to empower through the expression of uncensored truth, to tell our story. Open and honest discourse will bring transformation; transformation will bring change. Change for a tomorrow where suicide, substance abuse, depression and isolation are no longer a part of the conversation.
    Empowering Native Americans through Education, Awareness & Opportunity is what Whisper n Thunder is about

    We ask you to become a part of the Whisper n Thunder movement, through your readership, your financial support, and your actions.

    Main site: http://www.whispernthunder.org

    Winds Scholarship page: http://whispernthunder.org/WnT_Winds_Scholarship.html

    ERez Fund :http://whispernthunder.org/EREZ_Fund.html


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    Whisper n Thunder EREZ Fund

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    Join Whisper n Thunder Vice President and EREZ Fund Chair Rebecca Balog, President Billie Fidlin, and Development Director Russ Letica for a discussion on Whisper n Thunder’s emergency effort to heat reservation homes through the EREZ Fund. 

    Listen in to hear personal stories we learned from recipient families, how the fund works, and why your support to the EREZ Fund is critically important to the health and wellness of tribal families. Please help us, help them.


    History has never been accurate or completely truthful for the American Indian. We intend to change that through educational and informative talks on a variety of issues that impact and affect Indian Country.


    Music Credits : Electric Pow WoW drums by Tribe Called Red are a Canadian electronic music group.

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    French on Friday: Careless Whisper - Friday Night Dance Party!

    in Indie Music

    Everyone remembers the timeless classic Careless Whisper by Wham! featuring George Michael.  In tonight's Friday Night Dance Party we're going to hear the Austrian group French on Friday's version and find out how they came to get such worldwide attention for this adaption!

    In Hour 2 - SPECIAL SURPRISE!  Broadway star and Pop Sensation, Kfir, will call in at the start of Hour 2 to do a WORLD PREMIER of his new hit single, "HEART ON FIRE!"  Then it's YOUR requests and my new #1 Hit Single, "GAY WEDDING" which is NOW available on iTunes!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask questions from French on Friday or make a request for hour 2!

    Visit French On Friday's website by clicking here!
    Like French on Friday on Facebook by clicking here!

    French on Friday are a group of musicians with different backgrounds, united by their love of quality pop music. Looking back on and up to the great piano-playing songwriters of the past decades, Elisabeth Kaplan (lyrics) and Nikolaus Newerkla (music) strive to create songs with strong melodies and staying power, songs that capture the imagination, songs that are somehow familiar yet surprising. And Angelika Huemer (viol, recorders), Philipp Comploi (basse de violon) and Jakob Sigl (drums) round off the unmistakeable, almost orchestral sound of French On Friday.

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    Angel Whisper Psychic Network

    in Spirituality

    Please join me Kristina Lafrance for a interview with a very special guest as we offer a Healing event.
    Tune in and receive Karuna Reiki Distance Healing on Angel Whisper Psychic Network. This healing is to help each of us release that which is no longer serving our highest good.
    Karuna Reiki Master & Teacher Amanda Dodd will be working one on one with callers as well as giving a group Karuna Reiki Clearing Meditation. Interested in receiving distance Reiki, learning about Reiki or taking classes? Tune in for details and special offers.
    To Redeem offers please join our Facebook event.

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    angel whisper psychic network radio

    in Spirituality

    please join me Kristina lafrance for a interview with a very special guest and new operator on the angel whisper network! Jeanette dames. Jeanette is a angel intuitive as well as a psychic medium. she is also a love yourself and heal your life teacher.

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    Whisper Out Loud w/ Dr. Kim on KFNX Talk Radio

    in Current Events

    Whisper Out Loud w/ Dr. Kim The Voice of The People in a State of Distress begins a two part series on SEX CRIMES aginst Children that exists in overwhelming numbers and rips not only the life out of our children but families.

    The number of U.S. children victimized by abuse and neglect has dropped for the sixth straight year, but child fatalities linked to maltreatment increased by nearly 4 percent, according to the latest federal data.

    To say that there is not enough protection for our children is a falsehood because with predators advancing in the world of technoligy and the hardship we face through our disrupted economy, detecting who is capable of such an act and preventing it is vertually impossible. 


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    angel whisper psychic network radio

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    Please join me Kristina lafrance for a interview with a very special guest and angel whisper psychic networks very own Amanda Dowel. Amanda will be teaching us about aromatherapy and doing readings with essential oils. call in to find out what essential oils  are right for you!