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    Asylum Fantasy Sports Show 184- He's Got A Few Whiskers

    in Sports

    It's an all new hour of fantasy goodness brought to you by Asylum Fantasy Sports. Listen in as we finally welcome Scott Fish back into the Asylum to discuss all things fantasy football. Check it out as we discuss Doug Baldwin, CJ2K, Terrell Pryor, and everything that ticks us off about fantasy football. If that's not enough, we also talk door knobs, Fall Out Boy, and Scott's affinity for Wisconsin women. don't miss it!!

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    Walk Your Talk With LeAnne into the Daily Audio Bible with Brian Hardin!

    in Leadership and Self-Development

    This week LeAnne welcomes Brian Hardin, he may be best known for founding Daily Audio Bible, the revolutionary Scripture podcast, downloaded over 55 million times, but Brian Hardin is truly a man of many hats. With his trademark soul patch of whiskers and wisps of hair framing his face, the Nashville creative rose to recognition throughout the Christian music industry. "Daily interaction with the Scriptures is the heart of all we do.  A deep and abiding friendship with Jesus informed by the rich texture of the Bible is the reason the Daily Audio Bible exists.  We believe that it is fundamental to every believer's healthy spiritual life that we be people seeking the counsel of the Bible every single day, that we be people who walk with God intimately and conversationally and that we live in community with one another". 

    LEANNE PARSONS is a CPC, ELI-MP is a certified professional coach with a specialization in working with adoptees and their families! Her unique Heirloom Coaching Process is the missing thread in the Tapestry of Adoption! Together we can weave your story together and create a brand new family legacy of love for generations to come.... LeAnne is CEO and Founder of The Tapestry of Adoption and The Walk Your Talk Coach at Legacy Now Lived.  LeAnne's specialty is empowering the adoption community to connect and embrace their stories and improve their relationships into a Legacy Now Lived!

    As a Coach, Re-united Adoptee, Mom, Warrior Wife, Stylist, Servant Leader, Radio Host, Speaker and “New Nester” LeAnne has the gift of encouraging individuality, integrity, confidence, and the desire to live a life of freedom and impact. Her passion and her experiences are changing lives one conversation at a time!



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    Monday Night Recap W/ LT and D. Whiskers

    in Wrestling

    Tonight we break down the action from Monday Night Raw!!! We give you our input, all the latest news and the breakdown of tonight's action.YES! YES! YES! YES!

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    ENCORE: Passion into Action with Christine Durrant

    in Self Help

    You may know what it is like to have a BIG dream, but the problem is, that is where most of us stop. Fear, doubt, and “life” get in our way, so our unique offering to the world stays trapped inside us.

    Our guest on this week's encore presentation, the very passionate Christine Durrant, will be sharing how she took her dream - and a huge risk - to create Animal Matters to fulfill her purpose and passion for the respect and care of animals.

    Her journey will inspire and move you into action around your own dream, AND I guarantee you will learn a lot about animals.

    Do you know which turkey gobbles, male or female? Or, how many whiskers your cat has?

    Find out when Chris shares the story behind her board game "Fur & Feathers!

    Visit her at: http://www.AnimalMatters.com/

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    in Sports

    Wednesday, August 22nd, 3 pm ET, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show will be talking raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, oh what a beautiful mornin', you've got to be carefully taught and so much more, when we celebrate truly something wonderful: the genius of the most influential lyricist of the American theater, Oscar Hammerstein II. Together with collaborator Richard Rodgers, Hammerstein helped define the modern musical, winning eight Tonys and two Academy Awards. From Showboat to Oklahoma!, South Pacific to The King and I, and, of course, The Sound of Music, Hammerstein taught us all to whistle a happy tune. Joining Halli to celebrate the genius of his grandfather and the influence of the entire Hammerstein family is Oscar Hammerstein II's grandson, author and painter, Oscar Andrew Hammerstein; currently starring on Broadway in Jersey Boys, Russell Fischer; President and Executive Director of Rodgers & Hammerstein, Ted Chapin; and author and vaudeville historian, Trav S.D. It'll be 90 minutes of sheer musical pleasure. So pour yourselves something cool and refreshing, kick back, and listen to The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds and Broadway musical lovers.

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    Sexy After 40 And Anything Else We Can Think Of

    in Entertainment

    Co-hosts Mary Crawford and funny man Bob Rubin join me on tonight's episode where we will kick back, relax and talk about whatever is on our minds. Sex. Yes, sex. When you get to a certain age you either want more or less of the horizontal mambo - but are men and women on the same page...or sheet...or blanket...?

    Besides that, we'll talk about all sorts of other curiosities and guarantee one hilarious show.

    A talented writer, performer and actor, The Rube (as his fans like to call him) can currently be seen giving a memorable performance as the crazy biker, “Seesaw” in the most recent feature film, " Dead in 5 Heartbeats".

    Bob has portrayed other various interesting characters onscreen, such as “Gorgeous George” in the hugely successful cult classic follow up, Boondock Saints 2 – All Saints Day. He was one of the seven artists followed in the documentary Off the Boulevard released in 2012 to critical acclaim. He also played memorable roles in Rob Schneider’s The Animal (Revolution) and The Hot Chick (Disney), and lent his talented voice to the Disney cartoon, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers for the Disney network

    Mary is an insurance industry professional and blogger who was born and raised in the Chicago Area.   Having spent her entire life surrounded by strong, passionate women, she was encouraged her to live shamelessly, boldly and fearlessly.  She is a member of the National Organization of Women and a vocal advocate on women’s issues.  Mary is an avid literary fan and an aspiring author with an penchant for nail polish, lip stick and pinterest. 


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    Ask The Cat Doctor Talks Cat Facts and Trivia

    in Pets

    How fast can a cat run? Why do cats have whiskers? Do cats see better than humans? In this broadcast of Ask The Cat Doctor Talk Radio, we offer up some fun cat facts and trivia for you to better understand your amazing feline!
    We also take your questions, whether on this topic or any other topic, since no question is too big or too small! Cat talk radio with feline veterinarian Dr. Shelby Neely is the place to learn everything you could ever want to know about cats. Join us every Sunday and Wednesday and call or write in with your own personal cat questions at http://www.askthecatdoctor.com/cat-talk.html . For more on these and other cat health and news topics, visit Dr. Neely's website at www.askthecatdoctor.com, which was chosen as the Best Cat Health Website in 2012.

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    Monster Fish Monday: Monster Catfish

    in Pets

    On this show, we are debuting a new series for Mondays! Every Monday we are going to do a show called Monster Fish Monday where we will talk Monster fish! This week, we are going to be talking about Monster catfish! Catfish are a very unqiue fish in the fact that they have whiskers and they can smell things in the water. Some catfish can grow to over 3-4' feet in length while other catfish don't get past 3''. We are going to talk about the MONSTER catfish on this show!!! There are many species of Monster catfish and I am glad to talk about them! Alex is a big fan of catfish, and he loves cats. Notable species for this show include: Megladoras Irwini, Oxyadoras Niger, Red tail catfish, tiger shovelnose, and more! Feel free to call in at 347-989-8142 with any catfish questions, share your favorite monster catfish and why, and more! www.blogtalkradio.com/aqua-alex

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    Tuesday Night Mayhem

    in Wrestling

    This is a Wrestling talk show where we recap everything that happened in TNA and WWE For the past week. So sit back as D-Whiskers, Bigg Joe, and LT tell you like it is!

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    Tuesday Night Mayhem

    in Wrestling

    This is a Wrestling talk show where we recap everything that happened in TNA and WWE For the past week. So sit back as D-Whiskers, Bigg Joe, and LT tell you like it is!

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    Tuesday Night Mayhem

    in Wrestling

    This is a Wrestling talk show where we recap everything that happened in TNA and WWE For the past week. So sit back as D-Whiskers, Bigg Joe, and LT tell you like it is!