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    John Carver Show - Stop Whining! (Dr. Laura)

    in Self Help

    Today's show is an interview that was done on Dr. Laura a few years ago.  

    Dr. Laura agrees there are things worth whining about! A certain amount of whining allows for some venting of reasonable pain, disappointment, fear, frustration, or frank rage. However, staying stuck in whining mode can become a life-long problem. This is where Dr. Laura steps in with Stop Whining, Start Living to help folks conquer the temptation to retreat from living life to the fullest.

    As she reveals in her introduction, "No matter what you've suffered or continue to suffer, while you are alive you have the opportunity to get something from this life, and I'm going to do my best to help you with that...I know of what I speak, as this has been my torturous journey also." Building on the principles developed during her long career as a licensed marriage and family therapist, and addressing the chronic struggles of so many of her listeners and readers, Dr. Laura issues an important message in the no-nonsense but compassionate voice that is her trademark: If you don't like your life, quit talking about your unhappiness and try to fix it, no matter how difficult or impossible your situation seems.


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    Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! .... The Art Of Political Whining

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to our first show in Prime Time!

    Splash talks about the news of the day, from public to private, Abortion to the XL Pipeline and EVERYTHING in between.

    Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney ..... every issue big and small ..... AND the news of the day.

    In all realms of politics everyone is whining about something. Why do they whine and where does it get them?

    2016 is beginning to heat up. Obama is standing his ground and STILL going it alone. Will the GOP be distracted or press ahead with their own legislative agenda? Will Obama's veto threats become reality? Will they stick? Will he back down? Is this a red line he has the kahunas to stand by?

    It is all up in the air and open for discussion ......

    The Pond is Open. Jump Right In or wade carefully, but remember .... everyone swims at their own risk.

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    Complaint window to the left: Bake McBride Whining

    in Baseball

    The Bake McBride League will host another airing of the grievances and discuss the possibility of replacing a pair of members of the league. Want to know who it might be? Better make sure it isn't you.

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    C.D. - We're Actually Whining Over the OSCARS? (YET, I'M NOT

    in Islam


    The Oscars - the 88th, scheduled for February 28th.

    Stars, lights, the Red Carpet.

    THE crowning event of the entertainment industry.

    Haven't watched that cesspool in years.

    BUT, it has generated a lot of attention, due to the fact, that for the 2nd year in a row, all nominees in the 20 major acting categories are all white, thus - you guessed it - it lacks diversity!

    In all fairness, I didn't see Concussion, which starred Will Smith; given his superb acting, it does seem a bit strange that he wasn't nominated, given the subject matter covered (head trauma among NFL players).

    Nor did Chiraq, produced by Spike Lee.

    Didn't see either, nor the other "privilege" movies, BUT, is it possible, that other movies, actors and actresses were simply better?

    Is there a "law" that states, a black / non-white movie or performer must automatically be given a slot in any of these 20 major categories? 

    Academy-Affirmative Action?

    Weird and sad to me, but I'm sure there are those will inextricably connect this to the history and at times today, of systemic racism.

    In the meantime, all gloves are off, for the 2016 presidential races, for both parties.

    Her "highness" Hillary Clinton, at least on the surface, is running desperate, with mud-slinging that can be best characterized as - pure CLINTON.

    The unraveling is amusing, and I hope I ultimately will get the last laugh.

    On the GOP side, Donald Trump continues to gain momentum, even as Senator Ted Cruz make headways with voters.

    And YES, the "birther" issue is legit, and WILL be used by the Democrats, should Cruz 

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    in Christianity

    With Host & Author of "THE UNFORGIVABLE GHETTO" Sarah Beth Wheeler

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    in Politics Progressive

    Ted Cruz Is The Champ When It Comes To "Whining"


    Ditto --- For Being A Champion Sniveling Snot


    Apparently, Megyn Kelly Ain't Buying Any Of it!


    So, Cruz Got Shut Down Thursday Nite - By BOTH Rubio & Kelly


    So, When Cruz Gets Called On His Own Flip-Flops - (Like, By, Rubio) ---> He Whines That Rubio Didn't Show Up For Certain Votes In The U.S. Senate!


    Trump Has Hammered Away @ Ted Cruz - Calling Into Question Ted Cruz's Credentials As A U.S. Citizen (Cruz born in Calgary, CA to A Cuban Father & American mother) ---  AND All Cruz Could Do @ Thursday Nite's GOP Debate Was To Say Trump Has Infused Great Enthusiasm Into The GOP's 2016 White House Race --- He doesn't even have the BALLS to refute Trump --- in no uncertain terms --- for his allegations that Cruz's U.S. citizenship is SUSPECT!


    Never Mind That Trump Has Called Into Question Everything About Cruz --- Including His Manhood!


    Cruz, Is The ULTIMATE Sniveler ---- He's A High Class Toady --- He's NOT Fit To Give Any Orders --- Outside Those Within A Drive-Through Hamburger Pit-Stop


    Rubio, To His Credit, Does NOT Whine Or Snivel --- He Stands On His Own 2 Feet & Trades Punches With His Fellow-Rivals!  If He's Got Something To "Dish" Out, It Can Be Traced To An Official Record, i.e., Cruz's Actual Voting Pattern In The U.S. Senate!


    The Sniveler, Will Soon, Turn Into The Shriveler ----- This Is Marco Rubios Time To OVERTAKE CRUZ & Pursue The TRUMP! vMarco Rubio Can "Dog" Trump Through The 1st 2-Months Of The Primaries & Wear Him Down ---- TRUMP, BEWARE, Youth Will Be Served, This Time Around!


    Cruz, Your Act Wears Thin & The Hounds (i.e., RUBIO) Are Nipping At Your Heels!

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    Red Maryland Radio #249: January 28, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    The Flagship, Red Maryland Radio, returns to the airwaves  live tonight at a special pre-debate time of 7 PM.

    On this week's show:

    Governor Larry Hogan is leading by defunding bond bills;
    Josh Kurtz is openly speculating about 2018; we'll talk a little bit about that race;
    And why is Dan Rodricks whining about the snow? Other than the fact that he whines becuase he's Dan Rodricks.

    All that and more is why you can’t afford to miss an episode of Red Maryland Radio on the Red Maryland Network…….and don’t forget that you can subscribe to all Red Maryland Network programming on iTunes and on Stitcher.

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    Author Talk Presents W Parks Brigham - We belong together

    in Books

    Shelly Roberts and Joffrey Matheson have watched friends fall in love and take that giant step—marriage—promising to share their lives together. Now it’s their turn. They’ve been paired as the perfect couple, according to Allanville’s Matchmakers Committee. Yes, their friendship has developed and grown. Yes, they are compatible, enjoy each other’s company, and want the same things out of life. Most importantly, they’re both seeking a meaningful relationship. Family and friends are excited as they cheer them on. Everyone is anticipating and waiting for the big news. 
    Humph, that’s a joke! 
    Instead, they keep getting sickening, whining excuses; there are no sparks…no chemistry…we’re just friends…you know, a yummy peanut butter sandwich but with syrup instead of jelly. The million-dollar question, how can you develop a serious relationship when you’re still carrying a torch for someone from your past? Where they do that at? In the small town called Allanville?

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    in Lifestyle

    Have you ever encountered a person with such a demeanor so annoying you just wanted to reach out and hit them?
    Well, good. Me too. Tune in.

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    Downton Abbey lessons on Mentoring Monday with Kathleen Cooke

    in Lifestyle

    Mentoring Monday with Kathleen Cooke of Cooke Pictures and 4Wordwomen.org features lessons from Downton Abbey.

    Kathleen looks at the dowinger characters of Downton Abbey and unpacks their advice through the filter of mentoring. Hear Kathleen's interpretation of Maggie Smith's quotes:



    Kathleen recalls scripture that calls all women to "clothe yourself from beauty within."

    This show is presented by Gracefully-yours.com, home of America's favorite inspirational greeting cards and fine art featuring Church Kitchen Ladies.

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    When wil the madness stop?

    in Pop Culture

    As a depression and anxeity afflicted I understand the unfortunate stigma attached to mental health issues in this country. It is a shameful thing in this country to have mental defects. It is just a lack of toughness and over sensitivity, and we should just buck up and stop whining. They say other people have the same problems and they are fine.  They say we are fakers and just don't want to face reality. Well the people just like us aren't fine. Just because you don't know others or you think they are fine by the smile on their face, believe me, if someone feels like us, they are having trouble handling it just like us. It is an insult for someone who is afraid or skeptical of mental health issues to excuse them and to put them off to us as if we have control of it somehow.

    on the next BigEfromMo show I will address the issue of mental health in this country and over the world. I will go over the myths and misconceptions of mental health disorders. I want to bridge the gap between societies expectations and understanding and what it really is all about. Call ins are most welcomed and together we can send out the message, you are not alone, we are here for you. Join me Friday January 8th at 10pm, right here for a revealing and much needed and long overdue real talk about mental health issues.