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  • Killer Cops and where are they now?

    in Current Events

    Just because it's not in the media how can we forget about all of the African American male lives lost during what seemed to be some kind of  surge in law enforcment brutality cases across the country over the past few years. Where are those cops now? Did they get off easy, or did some of them become scapegoats for the drama?

    Let's chop it up, on The Menu.

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    Tithing & Giving: Where Are We Now?

    in Christianity

    Because we now have a new nature, we don't need a reason to give (motivation); we give because that IS our nature! For God so loved, He gave! Giving allows God's nature, His Life to flow through us. But some may say, "But if I don't tithe, will God take care of me? I mean, why should He???" This is probably at the root of why tithing is such an issue. We still find it so hard to comprehend that the God of the universe loves us so much that there is nothing He requires of us but to accept His love. He provides for us because He loves us.

    CONSEQUENCES (Why Is This So Important?)

    Matter of Control

    How much, when and to whom we give of our resources, our time and our money, is often one of the ways we gain or maintain control. We try to control God, thinking that if we give we can get God to take care of us. We control others, thinking that if we give to a church, ministry or person, we should have some say in how the money is spent, or have a say in how they live their lives. But none of these are examples of giving, but of manipulating. In true giving, money (time, goods, services, etc.) are given unconditionally, with no strings attached.

    Believers Not Learning How to Hear the Lord

    We are sons of the King, which makes us all princes, who have access to our inheritance, which is the kingdom. Now princes aren't on the payroll of the kingdom; they've inherited the kingdom itself, and all its riches. So everything in the kingdom is at their disposal. Recognizing our immaturity, God has authorized His Holy Spirit, inside of us, to teach us to rule wisely, in dependence upon Him. And He does all things well!

    Social Infrastructure Based on Money

    In Old Testament times, the tithes and offerings paid for government services and every need of society. Today, we pay taxes for these necessities.

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    Where The Beat Lives

    in Music

    Where The Beat Lives Radio


    "First Run, 15 min"

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    Where are we now ...?

    in Current Events

    What happened on the 10th ... How and Where is KCMassey . 

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    in Motivation

    50 YEARS LATER WHERE ARE THEY NOW? From Watts to What? Members of SCFIW – Student Committee For Improvement In Watts circa 1962-1966, reflect on their memories of Watts, the riots and what it meant to their lives and the world.

    Supported by a fierce Irish woman, Ms. Sue Welsh, this team of young people demonstrated courage beyond the limits of what living in a ghetto meant coming of age in the early 60’s. They realized the Power of Manifesting your vision, a term not coined back in the 1960’s. They lived out their vision YOUNG PEOPLE CAN AND DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    Many continued their educational pursuits by attending and graduating from colleges and universities across the nation. They are Professionals of every caliber who were first incubated in the womb of SCFIW. They continued to expand their visions and contributions to the world.

    The world has evolved from being a ghetto to truly being a global human village. 

  • The WHY in Your NOW....

    in Self Help

    Sybil Sloan, CPC, CVDC

    Sybil Sloan a Certified Life Coach  and Certified Veteran Developlment Coach comes online to share how to get through intricate parts of our RIGHT NOW!

    Ever wonder why? Yes Why you continue to reap the same results in your life. People walk in and out of your life or finances never stay stabilized. The behaviors and habits we have all play a part.

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    Why is your NOW important?

    in Self Help

    Sybil Sloan, CPC, CVDC

    Sybil Sloan a Certified Life Coach  and Certified Veteran Developlment Coach comes online to share how to get through intricate parts of our RIGHT NOW!

    Your Life Coach Sybil Sloan discuss how important your Now is to your Next Victory in Life!!

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    Now is New

    in Energy

    This is about learning, or rather remembering and practicing what we have forgotten a long time ago, to be fully present

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    Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson: Sleep

    in Health

    Good morning and welcome to Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, founder of Miclknight, where health and wellness are one. I am an educator, speaker, author, fitness trainer and passionate about healthy living.

    Gift: at the end

    Topic: Sleep

    What exactly is sleep? What is it's definition? (Wikipedia)

    How much sleep do we need to feel good the next morning?

    Rule of thumb:

    Newborns (0-3months)  14-17 hours

    Infants (4-11 months)   12 - 15 hours

    Toddlers (1-2 years)     11 - 14 hours

    Preschoolers (3-5 years)  10 - 13 hours

    School-age children (6-13 years)   9 - 11 hours

    Teenagers (14-17 years)      8 - 10 hours

    Young Adults (18-25 years) & Adults (26-64 years)   7 - 9 hours

    Older Adults (65 and over)    7 - 8 hours.

    Why is sleep so important in our lives?

    ~60% of waste products produced during sleep, body recovers, skin restores, 

    Lack of sleep: slows down healing process, motor skills are slower, tremors from lack of sleep or too much caffeine....

    Why does good sleep improve our health?

    Where do you sleep the best, your own bed or anywhere? Why? Mattress, pillow, blanket, different bed, unfamiliar room, ...

    Who decides on whether or not we sleep well?

    For children it's the parents......

    For adults..... they decide.....

    Good, deep, and solid sleeps makes you feel so good that you can say upon waking up in the morning:

    "Today is the best day of my life again!!!"


    Answer the above questions for yourself and see where you can improve.

    Gift: download free ebook about health   thomson.enagicweb.com

    Contact info:




    Until next week!

    Stay healthy and be empowered!

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    Week 51 ~ Segment: Here & Now: "Oh Father Where Art Thou..." Missing?

    in Radio

    Segment:  HERE & NOW

    TOPIC: "Oh Father Where Art Thou..." MISSING?  This week we take a look at the diminishing role of the Community Head, The Village Chief, The Honor Guard of Our Home and Family Names, The Patriarch...THE FATHER! We'll discuss how this tragic situation has come to be, and we'll explore why and how we can, and should change the deteriorating image of this ICONIC role. We'll also look to ask the question, "Why the role has all but been abandoned, and where WE as men TODAY view the role?" Or if it even has the appeal and importance it once did. We really want you to join in on this discussion, cause the worst thing about being a man, is NOT HAVING A VOICE! 

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