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    Create a Life You'll Love w/Susan Gonzales: Healthy Living Begins on the Inside

    in Self Help

    Most of us want to have a healthy lifestyle. Weeducate ourselves on nutrition and exercise yet, there are still times whe we haven't been able to develop consistency in taking care of ourselves. There could be more to having ahealthy lifestyle than just nutrition and exercise.  Join Susan Gonzales, Jann Jaffe, and Alison Graddock for a discussion on creating a healthy lifestyle that emcompasses the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of health. We'll be sharing the mind/body/spirit connections to build a healthy self-image, getting to the root of unhealthy habits vs just treating symptoms. We'll share some easy steps you can take to start making changes now.

    Susan Gonzales (MA.Ed, PCC, ELI-MP) helps people create a life they'll love at any age. Considered the "Go To" coach, she helps her clients tap into their unlimited power to live a life of pupose and fulfillment.She is the creator of the Make it YOUR Mark personal growth program, author of the book Make it YOUR Mark, professional coach, corporate trainer, & public speaker. Contact: Susan@MakeItYourMark.com

    Jann Jaffe (MA, CPC, ELI-MP. C.O.R.E. Well-Being Specialist)  Traumatic brain injuries cut short her international opera/concert singer career and drastically altered her life. Jann helps professional women achieve optimal success, realize their potential, passion, purpoose, & well-being in all aspects of life. Contact: info@forwardtosuccess.com

    Alison Graddock (BA, CPC, ELI-MP, Health/Sports Performance) Alison helps her clients become their best by focusing on the mental/emotional/physical/spiritual to look, feel, and BE great. She is a high energy, passionate, and people centered coach who believes that everyone has the potential for greatness. Contact: Agraddock@gmail.com


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    A Hezekiah Moment, The Makeover Begins

    in Christianity

    Good morning Baltimore, I pray that all of you are having a blessed and wonerful morning today.  As I said you guys are going on a ride with me as I'm emailing back and forth and calling back and forth with Purposely Created Publishing as we're, not just me, you and I are embarking on the makeover of my first novel, my first baby, the thing I worked on for over three year.....lol...I know I sound like a mother.  Hey you guys take nine months...lol… was slow, my book REDISCOVERING KIA.  I'm making the payment, uploading my file, my baby, and she will be in the oven for less than a month and will be available on eBook on December 17, 2015.  Are you just excited as I am.  

    When we're embarking on a new venture, it's not easy.  But I have to step up my game.  When you meet someone new, and they have the ability and credentials behind their name, then take that chance.  I've seen Tie just this week launch another author on her platform.  That just makes me more excited for what I'm about to do.  Please keep me in prayer because I want to be patient.  The Word says “be still and know that I am God,” and that's what I want to do.  Everyone at Purposely Created Publishing has been so good to me and that's why I did the video.  Oh yea, I updated that video as well so check out the [NEW] TMITM CELEBRATING AUTHORS THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON 2015.  

    But let's not forget we still have one more show for this November.  Please join me November 27, 2015 at 9 PM as we welcome Ms. Flora Carter.  She's a survivor of Domestic Violence and she's going to tell her story and answer your questions.  Pass the word around so we can make her feel welcome to The Man In The Mirror Platform.  


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    New York Jets Battle For The AFC East Title Begins Vs the NE Patriots

    in Football

    The New York Jets (4 - 1) lost both games against New England (5-0) in 2014 by a total of 3 points. Rex Ryan Had No Defensive backfield But Revis and Cromartie are back. Fortifide by a great Defense, QB-Ryan Fitzpatrick and company have been able to move the ball, almost at will thus far this season. Head Coach Todd Bowles has the personnel but can he and Chan Gailey pull it all together for part one of the battle for the NFL's AFC East.

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    when business exceeds your personal life

    in Lifestyle

    1st TopicNEW YORK CITY — Someone may want to remind Vivica A. Fox how much 50 Cent loves to troll on social media.The actress appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen on Sunday night and appeared to call the rapper’s sexuality into question.Fox, who has a new role on the hit Fox series “Empire,” was on “WWHL” along with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Kandi Burruss when Cohen asked Fox about a comment the rapper reportedly made about her show.“What were your thoughts when 50 Cent blamed the season ratings dip on ‘gay stuff’?” Cohen asked.“First of all, you know the pot called the kettle black is all I’m saying,” Fox replied.A visibly stunned Cohen fanned himself as Burruss also expressed shock.Fox, who dated the rapper in 2003, paused for a bit before answering “no, he’s not” when Cohen asked whether 50 Cent was gay. She added, “He just seems like he’s got something that’s not quite clear.” She also mentioned a magazine cover featuring him and fellow artist Soulja Boy that she said gave her pause.

    2nd Topic"When business exceeds your personal life

    There are times in your life when you realize that no matter what you do for some people, it will never be good enough. The question is, is that your problem or theirs?"

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    “What to do when life becomes too confusing?”

    in Spirituality

    Learn life coaching through Quantum Conversations: live in-the-moment coaching conversations every week on Quantum Alchemy Broadcasts. Catch replays and more in the Quantum Alchemy Café


    Join  Quantum Alchemy News and get “The Wisdom of Self Love” email mini series free! This week is INTUITIVE COACHING live on the show!

    Call in for coaching on ANY personal or business matter!

    Periods of confusion crop up on a regular basis throughout our lives, yet we often don’t see them as part of a normal growth cycle. Confusion often brings fear, anxiety, and/or overwhelm. Maybe we have got into a rhythm with our usual workload, and then new routines and/or extra tasks are added that throw us off balance. As we adapt and change we can go through periods of overwhelm and/or confusion as we try and integrate the old with the new.  This week in addition to live intuitive coaching we will be exploring the deeper message of confusion, and what it might be telling us about our own growth and development. Call early - the coaching line could be very busy this week!

    Call the coaching line (818-495-6930) - between 9.00am and 10.00am MST - on ANY personal or business matter- this is an opportunity to receive masterful coaching in the moment leading to a shift in perspective that can quantum leap your life!

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    A Conversation About End of Life Care: The How, Why, Who and When

    in Health

    Howard Block and I will be discussing how to talk about end of life care with a loved one, patient or friend.  It can be difficult to know how to approach the topic and exactly what to say.  We will discuss why it shouldn't be a conversation with  only your doctor but also your family.  Why is it important?  It is a topic no one wants to have but it can be so helpful knowing what a loved onewants when death is near. We both have had the experience of working with people who knew what they wanted and others who didn't.  We have learned the importance of this conversation and how it helps families.  We are talking about people saying exactly how much care they want whether full code or not.  We hope to remove some of the fear and uncertainty that people experience.  It is our goal for listeners to know it is their choice.

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    When Business Exceeds Your Personal Life /LOVE LIFE Part 2

    in Hip Hop Music

    Being in control of your life and having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to stress management, which is perhaps the most important ingredient to living a happy, healthy and rewarding life.
    If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.



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    When We Touch The Hem of Jesus' Garment

    in Christianity

    Mat 9:20 KJV - [20] And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment:

    Mar 5:25 KJV - [25] And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years,

    Luk 8:43 KJV - [43] And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any,

    Christians Speak Talk Radio Broadcasts -“"His Abounding Grace Broadcast" with Minister Vanester Williams - Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm; "Declaring The Finished Work with Rev. Pat Randall" - Thursdays @ 12:00 Noon; "Friday Night Joy with Rev. Ray and Friends" - Fridays @ 7:00 pm; "Bread of Life with Rev. Ray" - Sundays @ 7:00 pm, "The Alabaster Box with Prophet Carla R Johnson"-Every 4th Saturdays @ 7:00pm: "Challenged To Change with Pastor Paul Morgan" -Wednesday @ 7pm; "Lifeline with Apostle Shirley Jones- Every 1st Monday @ 7 pm; "Mid-Day Glory Prayer with Rev. Gwendolyn Dixon"-Every Wednesday @ 12noon Dial-in Number:(641) 715-3580 Access Code:732-499 PIN24 hour gospel music on http://www.live365.com/stations/gospelmanray. contact us @ (571) 317-1466. Free New Apps @ whenchristiansspeak.com 


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    Life Begins When You Get Out of Your Comfort Zone! Readings Too!

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever taken an inventory of what your comfort zones are? We all have at least a few. Comfort zones in relationships, work, the way we dress, how we diet and exercise... or not, we have set ways that we come to rely on. 

    While having trusted routines that give us a sense of stability and consistency can be important for our well being, becoming stagnant and resistant to any change at all is very detrimental to our forward progression. And life really does begin at the end of your comfort zone!

    Did you know that there is a special type of energy that you can create that enables you to rev your engines and break through your comfort zones? I personally have a special system that I use to gather courage, collect energy and burst out of inertia, and take the first steps onto a new path. 

    On this show I am going to share my 5 step formula for gathering up the energy to step beyond your comfort zone, even when you have been stuck for a really long time. 

    We will also get real about what really happens along the way once you take those initial big steps and how to keep from backsliding into your old ways. 

    And I will be answering your questions live! So as always be sure to call in early!

    347 215 9485

    P.S. I have a brand new facebook page! Please visit www.facebook.com/marianacoopershow, like the page and join in the conversation. We have some fun things planned!

    See you there! 

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    The View Up Here- The New Era begins with the new Cabinet

    in Politics

    By the time this show airs, the grand ceremony will be over. Canada will know who is in the first Liberal Cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The buildup has been a novelty of sorts due to the change in power. A bigger numerical majority in the House of Commons than the one it replaced. Members from every province and territory. Pledges of gender parity and regional representation. A whopping 150 rookies out of 184 MP's. How will the promise of a smaller Cabinet actually play out compared to the bloated reward/threat system we have supposedly done away with.

    So many promises, so little time. Senate. Surveillance. Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Scuttling of the F-35 disaster. Trans-Pacific Partnership. Citizenship. Refugees. International reputation. Climate change. Employment Insurance. Long-form census. Scientific freedom. Democratic and electoral reform. Retirement age rollback to 65. Veterans Affairs. Marijuana.

    We will look at who made the cut as Ministers and what they now face to deliver what was sold as the Liberal platform. Tune in, join the chat, call in and input on the "new" Canadian future.