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    Wings Of The Spirit with Rev. Sheannea Bobbitt - "When The Water Breaks"

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    Rev. Pat Randall, Show Host

    Rev. Sheannea Bobbitt does not hail from a line of passionate preachers nor from faithful and pious parishioners.  She boasts of no prestigious alma mater and has no series of credentials following her name. Nurtured in a single parent household in Washington, D.C., she heard the call of God at 18 years old.  She became a minister in 2003 and spent the next 7 years in training under Pastor Louis G. Whiting, founder and Pastor of My Father’s House Christian Church.  After examination and approval, Rev. Sheannea was ordained as an Elder in 2007 and worked in ministry as an extension of the Pastoral office to the congregation. She has worked many years with inner-city teens and youth teaching the gospel of Christ in a way youth find engaging, creative and penetrating.  “I am so honored that God was mindful of me when I was a teenager, even though I wasn’t a church kid, that I am driven to inspire all youth to know the love of God which surpasses our understanding.”  Through God’s divine plan, Rev. Sheanneah transitioned to the Tree of Life Christian Ministries in 2012, performing ministerial duties and continues to work with teens in Bible Study.


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    When Christians Speak "Wings Of The Spirit" - Guest Rev. Elizabeth Ndoh Tzeuton

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    "WINGS OF THE SPIRIT" Special Monday Broadcast is featuring Rev. Elizabeth of Cameroon, Africa teaching from the title, "Pick Up The Mantle."  Show Host:  Rev. Pat Randall

    Rev. Elizabeth Ndoh Tzeuton is a woman of God called to preach the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.  Born in Cameroon, Africa, she is the wife of Patrick Tzeuton and the mother of 3 children, 1 son and 2 daughters.  Rev. Elizabeth is a member of The Tree of Life Christians Ministries in Clinton, MD (Pastors James and Marcia Robinson) where she serves on the ministerial staff and as an intercessor in the Intercessory Prayer Ministry.  Filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Elizabeth boldly and uncompromisingly shares the Word of God through sermons that are oftentimes prophetic messages for the Body of Christ. 

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    When In Rome Ep. 2

    in Entertainment

    Welcome To When In Rome Ep. 2.
    Topics Tonight Include:
    Music News
    Entertainment News
    Club Events
    and of course the newest hottest songs released
    So tune in tonight !!!

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    When Christians Speak Presents: Prison Time by Pastor James Robinson

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    Pastor James Robinson is the guest speaker on When Christians Speak Talk Radio today. This is a prerecorded message talking about the "Prison Time" I believe you will enjoy this and have a desire to come back and listen to it again and.

    Pastor Robinson and Pastor Marcia Robinson are the cofounders of the Tree of Life Christian Ministries, located at 9109 Piscataway Road, Clinton, MD 20735. If you ever in the area come on by and say praise the Lord! This broadcast is a series of many more that has been done can be purchase from their website at http://tolcm.org/ or http://tolcm.org/ministries/nehemiahs-redemption/  Join us for the most dynamic seminar you have ever experienced! Biblical solutions and Bankers secrets that will accelerate you out of debt by as much as 80% of the length of time and save you as much as 75% of the usury (%) you have already agreed to pay. 

    Destined to do great things in Jesus, together Pastor James and Reverend Marcia Robinson willingly give their lives and possessions as servants of the most high God and the people they have been called to lead. In all that they say and do, they continuously give God all the praise, honor, and glory for the opportunity to be his humble servants.

     Please check out our facebook and like us.  Rev. Ray (And don't forget about our other broadcasts: Thursdays @ 12noon Declaring The Finished Work with Sister Pat Randall , "Friday Night Joy@7pm and  Sunday Evening, "Bread of Life"@ 5 pm.)

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    Elder David Bonner hosts "When Passion Meets Purpose"

    in Religion

    Join us as Elder David Bonner shares a stirring word regarding “Intentional Living.”

    God is fulfilling his kingdom agenda throughout eternity and history. God's desire is that His kingdom rule and authority will be established on Earth as it is in Heaven. God called us with a holy calling, and He redeemed us by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. While we have free will to make decisions, God expects us to surrender to the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit. God's plan for our lives and the impact that we will have by filling our purpose, will be achieved when we choose God's plan and not our own. Through our intentional choice to join God in the good work that He started in us, lives will be changed and the world will be transformed. We will also fulfill God's kingdom calling for us to be ministers of reconciliation. Thy will be done, thy kingdom come!

    Elder Bonner has a word to share with those who are pursuing purpose in this hour! 

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    "When a Man Loves a Woman: How to Know When You're His Future Wife"

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    Did you miss our special on “When a Man Loves a Woman” where we discussed what it looks and feels like when a man truly intends on spending the rest of his life with you? If so, tune into "The Dedan Tolbert Show" tonight at 9:00pm EST for a special rebroadcast. Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... "REAL Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years".

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    "ASK WHEN, NOT IF" Brandon Langer

    in Goals

    Brandon Langer, Global Vice President for Symmetry inspires you to ASK "WHEN, NOT IF."  Always be positive, advises Brandon.  Focus on WHEN you will accomplish something, NOT IF!!!  This empowers you to accomplish your goals and get what you want in life.      http://www.simplymagicwow.com

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    When Friendships Become Toxic

    in Relationships

    When friendhips, most noteably internet, go sideways and we give way to anger instead of sleeping on it; it gets toxic. We'll discuss, tactfully, experiences where we have been sucked into the end of a friendship in the worst way.  

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    When Passion Meets Purpose

    in Religion

    God has a great plan for your life! Don't miss it. You're called to participate, not spectate.

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    When Christians Speak: Bread of Life

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    When Christians Speak Radio is an online radio station that informs and listens to our listeners of current events. The W.C.S. interviews Christian guest speakers on a variety of topics. The host of When Christians Speak (Rev. Ray) is a strong believer in the power of intercessory prayer. Rev. Ray uses the gift of exhortation to minister to others as a platform of what God has given him to do. Rev. Ray is a Stroke Survivor by the new mercies of our Lord Jesus. So glad that he loves us all and has redeemed us to the Father. Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says The Lord!! To God be the GLORY!!!! When Christians Speak Radio Broadcast Shows: Thursdays @ 12noon Declaring The Finished Work with Sister Pat Randall , "Friday Night Joy" With Rev Ray @7pm and  Sunday Evening,  "Bread of Life" with Rev. Ray @ 5 pm.

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