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    SERMON: I'm On The Potter's Wheel

    in Christianity

    Join Dr. Terea Graham @ 9:00AM (CST) & 10:00 (EST). She will be preaching, "I'm On The Potter's Wheel." The potter's wheel is a machine used by artists to spin clay while it pushed into shape. What does the Bible say about the potter? Please tune in LIVE by calling (516) 531-9244. Please share this sermon with a friend or family member. Have a blessed day!

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    AuToPoD - The Wheel Men Show In 30

    in Automotive

    AuToPoD - The Wheel Men Show In 30 

    Cars, Trucks, Reviews, News, Motorsports, Commentary, and Comedy...  Delivered hot and fresh in 30 minutes or less, and always free! 

    Ford Focus RS, Lexus F, MazdaSpeed6, Performance Tech Racing Part 2, Rally Your Heart - for the Wounded Warrior Project.

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    Thank you for downloading, and enjoy the show!  

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    LFC-Sexual Relational Healing Retreat Blog-A-Thon

    in Christianity

    This Blog-a-Thon is design to capture the listening audience an assist them in registering for this Free Sexual Relational Healing Conference. One will be thoroughly informed about the retreat as a whole, learn about hundreds of wordshops & opportunities to lend their ministry gifting.  you will have the opportunity as well to Register and qualify for Special Discounted Hotel Room Rates.

    So mark your calendars, invite your friends and be apart of this live blog-a-thon.  If interested come by 1750 w. 103rd st., Chicago, Il. 60643  meet & greet others who will be embarking on this life changing journey. Remember thats Saurday, August 8th from 10-4 onsite.

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    The God Complex ( The Zodiac Wheel of Fortune)

    in Spirituality

    Join Ms. Blue and Bro. Balah for The God Complex ( The Zodiac Wheel of Fortune)

    Join us tonight for the share at 9:30cst/10:30est. Call In: 646-652-2711

    See you there !!

    Contact Bro Balah:  balahtheexperience@gmail.com

    Soul Alignment Reading | Soul Cycles | Numerology | Astrology | Astrologer | Radio | Music | 13 | Soul Body | Soul Alignment Reading | Soul Cycle Calendar

    Contact MsBlue: question4blue@gmail.com 

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    Twitter: @BlueRasberry |  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Remix-Radio/114209487075

    www.msblueblast.com | www.msblueblast.com/cards   | http://tinyurl.com/MsBlueRemix

    http://msblueblast.com/sistas-workshop/ |

    Self Invested Workshop ( Enrollment Open Now) Email (question4blue@gmail.com) New Semester Starts 8/1/2015



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    The Wheel Men - Rally Your Heart Special

    in Automotive

    What goes together better than cars, drinking, and laughs?....What?.... Oh well actually our lawyers are saying that came out wrong....  

    How about just kicking back and talking about cars and the car-guy's world while enjoying a stiff drink, or tasty brew?  Ok we've been told that's better.  We will attempt to cover all of those bases in this weekly show where we present to you as much probably less-than-factual news, reviews, and updates on stuff car guys care about!  

    This week in our Season 3 premier episode; we give you guys a play-by-play of our debaucheries, and ridiculous antics while taking part in the inaugural Rally Your Heart event.  We are honored to be joined by three great guests; the rally organizer, the winner, and the proclaimed queen of the rally tonight to share in reliving the hilarity.  The event was a 2 day 550 mile run from Jacksonville, FL to Clearwater, and back!  With 40 other cars/teams, a myriad of challenges, a drag race or two, a bar fight, 3 bottles of Vodka, Gumby, and a disrespecting gorilla... You could say it was a good time!  Check out all the evidence at http://www.RallyYourHeart.com  Thanks for downloading & enjoy the show!


  • 1 Hour Prayer A Thon with CoPastor Anita C Spaulding

    in Women

    Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.   Why worry when you can prayer

    Dr. Mary Joshua is an anointed woman of God.  She is our special guest prayer warrior along with others. If you have a need in your life or you desire for us to pray for someone else, or a situation in your life.  cal today 310 742-1768

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    A Wheel In A Wheel - Dream Catchers with Les Paul

    in Science

    Ezekiel's Wheel in a Wheel - on Dream Catchers - Les Paul

    Many people who Have herd me and my Girl Friend speak about the 3 separate UFO sightings that we have had have been amazed by the pictures that I took of them as well as everything that happened related to the sightings. What we saw was so unbelievable that it has sent me on a quest to discover just what it could have possibly been or meant.

    Well my Fiancée and I went to church this Sunday and the Pastor was reading from the book of Revelation’s and that’s when it hit me hard about what I had been trying to describe about what we had seen!!! It was the part I Ezekiel’s Wheel and remembered about prophecy and his visions of the future and end time’s prophecies because he saw a Wheel in a Wheel and which very much describes better than anything else to what Megan and I saw that night right over our heads pulsing and changing at a constant pace.

     The center of the object of it was larger and round and pulsing as well and outer ring that was like a cloud that was rotating from within as well as circling the object. I was absolutely stunned at what we were seeing and amazed at all things that this object which literally flew up fast upon my car as I slammed on my brakes after my Girl Friend screamed loudly at what she had just seen!

    Anyway I know this is a totally different topic and something I used to never talk about but being a Brain Injury Survivor and a Peer Supporter who works for and with people with Disabilities I have seen a lot of unusual sights and wonders so Tonight call in and share your interplanetary insights with us the Dream Catchers with me Les Paul Tonight!!!

    Other topics will include

    Finding your voice
    Optimizing your interests
    Compassion and care for others
    Open Mic
    Indi Music

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    Magical Experiments: The Sacred Assembly of the Wheel & Neo-Alexandrian Library

    in Spirituality

    Join Taylor Ellwood of Magical Experiments as he talks with Ivo Dominguez Jr about the Assembly of The Sacred Wheel, the Neo-Alexandrian Library and Ivo's experiences with ceremonial magic, and the Pagan community. We'll also discuss Ivo's books Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans, Casting Sacred Space and Spirit Speak

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    SOMEONE PLEASE take the wheel! Need spiritual guidence? We are here to help you.

    in Spirituality

    God, someone, please take the wheel!  When you feel like your life is falling apart or you have too much going on in your life.  Sometimes you feel like you are the director of a circus or in the Twilight Zone. You finally just throw your hands up and ask for someone else to take over. The path that you are on may seem like you are driving a horse and carriage through sleepy hallow in a dark noisy creepy forest and you are completely freaked out. We are here to shine light through those trees and show you that you are really driving through an abundant Garden of Eden.  Life is about balance and checking in with yourself or getting Angelic guidance can help. On today's show we will give you tools and check in with you guardian Angels to put you back on track.

  • LIVE with Cathi---History of Labor Movement-Part 3

    in Fitness

    THE TURBULENT YEARS...1906-1912...

    Leading up to the turbulent years, did you know that the Ferris Wheel-1893 was erected by IRONWORKERS in Chicago, Illinois and the IRONWORKERS dismantled the wheel in 1894.

    The first issue of the 'THE BRIDGEMEN'S MAGAZINE' was priced at $1.00 per year-paid in advance.  The Masthead proclaimed it the 'THE OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BRIDGE AND STRUCTUAL IRONWORKERS.  Today the magazine is known as 'THE IRONWORKER.'

    1905...employ only UNION IRONWORKERS.

    1906...work being erected through the U.S. and Canada...safety continued to be a high factor for members.


    1906, several resolutions requested at the 10th Int'l Convention...etc.

    1907, delegates adopted...etc.

    Quebec Bridge Disaster...etc.

    1908...The 12th International Convention...etc.

    LABOR WAR...etc.



  • CERN: 2008 Opening the Abyss, Kali, WW3 & Ezekiel's Wheel

    in Christianity

    Don't miss PROPHECY QUAKE tonight! We go LIVE @8:00 PM CST. Tonight, we will continue with part two of our look at CERN and their stated goals of opening up portals to other dimensions. We will show how CERN and the opening of the abyss (mentioned in Revelaton 9) in 2008 were connected and how the next "loosing of fallen angels" will result in WW3. The recent depictions of Kali/Shiva in New York and at CERN may indicate where we are in I Pet Goat II Illuminati parable of the end times. And we will ask the question, "Did Ezekiel see the CERN's Large Hadron Collider and describe it in the Bible? To listen by phone call 347-884-8566.

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