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    Dude News updates and some music from V.P.Trio

    in Entertainment

    Were talking about Dude News updates and the new DJ V.P.Trio will be on air today

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    Whatever Has Your Focus. . .has "YOU"

    in Motivation

    Consider, the times or time when YOU decided to take steps toward taking on something new, a benefit, a fulfillment to your journey.  The beginning of the road is great, you have a view, you have a draft, you are focused.  Whatever has your Focus. . .has "YOU" . Our host, Donyale, from the H.B.B.A. Community will share her perspective of what the Journey encompasses, when you make a decision, when you Focus. . . .Your perspective is always welcomed on the Journey!

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    How To Find Whatever It Is You Are Looking For

    in Spirituality

    What are you looking for? It may be something as simple (and silly) as your keys, or it may be as big and profound as your faith. All of us are looking for something and often we are looking for something that we have lost. Have you lost energy, faith, time, strength, ideas? There is a way to find whatever it is we are looking for, whatever it is we have lost. I was reminded of this the other day when my daughter lost one of her ballet slippers. She searched the house and car and couldn't find it. That's when I shared with her what I have learned about finding and in the show I'll share it with you!

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    Open Lines (Mandatory Vaccinations, Iggy Azalea, Ukraine & Russia, whatever)

    in Politics

    It's Open Lines Brothers and Sisters.  You can talk about whatever you like.  We want to hear from you.  We do one of these programs at least once a quarter and we're using the 2nd weekend of Black History Month to open the phone lines to you.

    We look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

  • Al Diaz, Terrie Christine Rewrite Your Story with whatever it takes to allow

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and Terrie Christine share their insights on Rewrite Your Story with doing whatever it takes to allow.

    Saturday, Dec. 27th  10am PST

    Terrie Christine is an Intuitive Life Coach and Medium specializing in clearing energy blocks. She possesses what she calls her "super powers".  She is Clairaudient (hearing), Clairvoyant (seeing) and Clairsentient (feeling). Terrie helps people access love, abundance and peace, clearing old energetic blocks that hold them back. She has worked with clients all over the world and continues to be a source of emotional and spiritual healing in the self-empowerment community.  

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    God Can Use Whatever You Have

    in Christianity

    Join us on Rhyme The Word with Gail Gower as we look at Jesus feeds the Five Thousand. Our Scripture is found in John 6:1-13. We will be talking about how God can use whatever we have to offer to Him.

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    Whatever Show

    in Education

    prerecorded programing new shows Nov 24 enjoy this what ever episode

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    Whatever We Do, We Must Do It With Prayer!!!

    in Christianity

    It is clear that in these days, we must stand firm for the faith. In our 2015 focus of being truth tellers, it is important to realize that we will impact more lives, bring more people along the journey of faith, and be REAL agents of change if we immerse everything in prayer. God is a God who sees all situations; Biblically we see His urgency to help and restore. He is a God who rewards faith and faithfulness!!! While a lot of teaching in the Scripture is about "His people," which would be the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, all truth applies to us because as we see in the new covenant we are all heirs of the greater promise through Christ Jesus. And it is in that faith that we can come boldly before the throne of grace- if ever there was a time to do so!!! We will look quickly at some Scriptures, and then hear a quick overview of some of the names of God by Dr. Tony Evans. We will gather faith not in anything we intend to do for His kingdom, though we should, but rather in His name and His name alone!!! As we exalt the Word, we exalt the God that Word is about!!! Be blessed. The J Man.

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    The Pussy Chat - Whatever You Like: "Rough or Pampered..."

    in Books

    Guest Host: Marques Lewis

    Topic:"Rough or Pampered..."

    You can have whatever you like......


    Author Marques Lewis began writing plenty of short stories, poems, and encouraging women self-esteem on social network sites. After gaining confidence, he began performing his poems at Chill Bar & Lounge at Open Mic Night. The crowd loved him, and he began performing every Wednesday. Then Marques decided that he wanted to write novels. He appeared in the Dec. 10, 2010 and April 6, 2012 publication short poem book, "The Poetic Lounge Vol. 2 and 3". His own poems "Weak" and "I Am A Woman" were selected.Marques has written novels that are getting published in the near future. "It's Love For Her", "It's Love For Her" 2, "It's Love For Her" 3, "Dating Jordan", "Words of Wetness", "May Your Heart Be Encouraged" with Fiordaliza Charles, "Married But Still Single And Lonely", "Good Men Still Exist" with Author Jamila Gomez, "The Man Next Door" and "The Road to the Perfect Guy" Part 1. He has written a Gospel Drama play called "The Wrong One Here....The Right One Awaits", and subjects to start shooting in the near future.

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    Whatever you do, do it for Jesus.

    in Christianity

    Interesting how lives would change if we did this...

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    Episode Thirty Eight... The Official Kickoff/Wrap up show of 2000 Whatever...

    in Hobbies

    Greetings Wolfers...

    That's right, it's the return of the the very First Official Kickoff/Wrap-up show of 2000 whatever and have we got a ton of whatever in store for you.  The best and worst of the year past and the year to come.  A round table debate on the War on Cosplay and where we stand and we wonder after you listen, will you stand in the same place.  Plus, with our full compliment of hosts, minus one, we will also give you the dates for some of the biggest conventions not only on the east coast but some of the uber sexy ones on the west as well.

    So what are you waiting for?  You know that those trousers are a bit too tight, don't ya?  Then kick them off, sit down on the Setti, grab a handful of your favorite (insert word here) and get ready, cause the Wolfs Den is coming at you full speed ahead for the 2015!!!

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