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    Welcome to, "Your Place"!  If this is your first time to look at our show, we want you to know that we sometimes take the other side of an issue to get people to think outside box. We always look at all issues based on our relationship with God, but it is not by chance that this show is called "Your Place".  At the end of each show we open up the mics to comments or questions.  Just push one on your phone and you'll be identified by the last four digits of your phone number.  Hopefully you will get used to some of the antics of Wild Bill. For example the songs selections that he uses to start our show!  Tonight our guest speaker is Bro. Paul Mooney.  You are going to hear a lot of repetition of the word, "whatever".  To adopt a phrase because it sounds cute can be a self proclaimed prophecy if we are not careful.  Of course some people make the choice of this being their heartbeat.  Two scriptures come to mind, "From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" & "As a person speaks, that is who they are".  This is not an exact quote of the scripture but I hope you get the point.  It does not matter if an attitude is from our heart, or words that we proclaim. Because either one will affect the other!  Bro. Mooney taught this lesson with the title, "Dinner At Jezebels" .  One point I hope you catch is that no matter what attitude we have, this does not change consequences of  our actions!  We look forward to your comments or questions and hope that you enjoy the show.

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    Whatever I Want Show

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    Join host John Bright with co-host Justin Gerald as we kick off the new show Whatever I Want! Expect to hear and talk about whatever I want ... no topic off limits! We'll be taking callers who want to talk about anything and everything interesting. We will also have the chat room open. The call in number is The call in number is 646-716-6207. This show will be rated R, and discretion is most certainly advised!

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    Abiding Love Worship Center Ministries: "Whatever!" - Whatever is True

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    Abiding Love Worship Center Ministries with Evangelists Aaron & Sheila Gravett.  Listen as Evangelist Aaron Gravett shares a message "Whatever! - Whatever is True"  This is a powerful message on the truth that is Jesus Christ and that is revealed in the Word of God.  Let this message challenge you to not just know the Word of God, but start to live it.  The Word of God challenges us with a standard of truth that we need today!

    Internet Live Radio Broadcast tonight at 6:00 pm CST.  Listen on the Web or call in at 914.803.4016





    YouTube: Abiding Love Worship Center

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    http://antagonicks.com http://www.twitter.com/ANTagoNICKs http://www.facebook.com/ANTagoNICKs

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    The V.J. "WHATEVER" Show

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    Get ready for "The V.J. WHATEVER Show" you can make our show a vital part of your (end of the work week) regular Friday schedule. It is the Internet Radio Show of all Shows. Whether you're new to web radio or a seasoned listener, you don't want to miss out on radio's hottest new stars. Featuring in-depth, interactive, educational music sessions with tangible takeaways and meaningful strategies, love, life, relationship and of course conversations about "WHATEVER" else comes... up. We want to be your beloved radio show. You're guaranteed to walk away with fresh ideas and a new perspective on life. Christian based, however there is absolutely no shame in our game for seeking truth through our discussions!

    Brought to you by: PROPHETIC VOICES NETWORK
    On BlogTalkRadio
    Created/Produced & Hosted by: VJ Da Writer
    Executive Producer: Dru Kelly
    Special Guest CoHost: Nikel Wilson

    Dial in to speak live (347) 838-8639
    listen via the internet by clicking on the play button the post provided.

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    Everything is Whatever

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    Call in or Inbox one of the hosts (Selected, Filipina, Swank, Creolay) With topics you'd like to be discussed.

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    THE VJ "WHATEVER" SHOW! Episode #3

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    Join us for another edition of

    With Your Host: VJ & His Guest Cohost- Nikel Wilson AKA (Nick-AT-Nite)

    Every Friday 3pm (Central)   2pm (Central)   1pm (Mountain)   12pm (Pacific) On Blogtalk Internet radio

    Dial in to speak to our host, guest or to share your views and opinons!

    (347) 838-8639
    Or simply click on the play button or link to listen in..

    You do not want to miss; Great interviews, topics, news, music, music, music and of course "WHATEVER!" else comes to mind.

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    THE VJ "WHATEVER" SHOW! Episode #2

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    Join us for another edition of
    Every Friday; Internet radio or dial in
    (347) 838-8639
    Or simply click on the link provided for access....

    You do not want to miss; Great interviews, topics, news, music, music, music and of course "WHATEVER!" else comes to mind.

    Brought you by; Prophetic Voices
    The Christian Music Showcase made For Television Network! See More

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    Whatever Show

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    prerecorded programing new shows Nov 24 enjoy this what ever episode

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    Whatever We Want: Welcome to the Show!

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    Its our first episode and Sean Faye and Mike Perdomo invite you to join us as we rant, rave, and rage on everything from casinos to our angry dads. This is Whatever We Want


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    Join us for our last show of the season.

    Hosted by VJ & Izzy

    Special Guest: Rap Artist "PREACHA" and Singer, Song Writer, and Rapper Lorie Moore



    Your Live Calls and More!