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    Say What?!

    in Christianity

    As we end another Presidential term, how in the world can some people say that Pres. Obama was the worst? They have no clue what the damage Bush caused while he was in office. If they do, they are too blind and dumb to see the mess he brought this country into. Then we get a President who wants to do the right thing, and some of yall wanna dog him? First of, that ain't christian and second, that ain't cool. The people who blame Obama for everything didn't say jack when Bush was in office. The Republicans hated Obama simply because he is black. The man hadn't gotten in the White House yet on his first term and already the man was being riduculed. Republicans got mad when he bought a dog for his two girls. Talking about "he should have bought a rescue dog, a dog that was abused by its previous owner." Obama didn't have time for that. He is trying to rescue a nation that was abused by its previous administration. Who was the one that implemented a plan to bring bin laden down? Who was the one that brought lost jobs back? who was the one who gave tax breaks for the middle and lower class families? Who was the one who raised minimum wages? Who was the one who gave us a health plan so we didn't have to choose between medication or rent? Who was the one that actually gave a damn about this country? IT SURE IN THE HELL WASN'T BUSH!!! And I hope you Republicans get pissed off by what I will say.

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    Something 2 Say: Artist Spotlight with Kenza Dawn

    in Entertainment

    Tonight Something 2 Say Radio takes time to for our Artist Spotlight as we talk with the  Kenza Dawn. Who is Kenza Dawn? Tune in at 9pm MST / 10PM CST to find out. 

    Kenza DAWN is Hip HopTricked-Out on the Neo Soul Tip. A Wordsmith; skillfully Blending Hip Hop, Neo Soul, & Spoken Word.

    Kenza: Hidden Treasure, Abundance of Gold. 

    DAWN: The First Light that Pierces the Darkness, Signaling a New Day. 

    Compared to musical greats such as M.C. Lyte, Queen Latifah, and Lauryn Hill, Kenza DAWN’s unique style and powerful lyrics are leaving an imprint on the music industry and the hearts of millions. 

    This multifaceted artist has performed with several theater companies,  been featured in national commercials, film, television, and graced numerous stages across the country. 

    As an MC, Kenza DAWN has opened up for artists such as KRS One, Kanye West, and Kem. Kenza DAWN’s Mixtape Series "REVIBAL" , produced by Muzik Mob Inc's Rizz Rydah, is a masterful sneak peek at her musical depth and diversity. A Milwaukee native, Kenza DAWN is passionate about impacting the world.

    Her REVIBAL Mixtape Series has received global support and is establishing Kenza DAWN's presence in the United States and abroad. The highly anticipated debut album 'Feminetics' will be released in April, 2015.

    “Music is my pleasure, my passion, and my purpose. I'm unapologetically feminine and my music expresses my truths. My perspective brings a balance to Hip Hop. This is what I do. I'm a Wordsmith; a Femcee.”- Kenza DAWN

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    Traffic Authority~Visionary~Founders~Hour

    in Marketing

    Meet the Founders of Traffic Authority...LIVE...

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    Christians & Politics...What say You???

    in Christianity

    Join Pastor Renee, KP, E, and Wendy in the Electic Room...

    We've got a brand new HOT TOPIC: Christians & Politics

    We're in a campaign year and there's so much politicking going on.  

    But what's the role of a Christian as it pertains to politics.  

    Call In:347-237-5557

    Time: 9:00pm 

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    The What If Show featuring Manfred Zepeda | Creating with Entities

    in Self Help

    About Manfred Zepeda

    My experience with the spirit world in this lifetime started when I was a child, seeing dead people, shadows or lights, earth spirits, listening voices inside and outside me, perceiving their emotions and thoughts (which I thought they were mine) and must of the times it was not fun, some experiences and stories I heard created fear around that realm. It was so intense that I started to ignore it in order to make it disappear until I stopped being aware of them (But nobody told me that my body would be aware of them ALL THE TIME!!) Nobody could assist me or tell me at that time what was happening or how to deal with all that so I just refused to see and tried to fit in this reality.

    In my early 20´s I started to get back that entities awareness, still I did not have tools to work with so I started to study different energetic and healing modalities to help myself about that and other areas in my life. Each tool I learnt took me to the next one until I found out the amazing and pragmatic Access Consciousness and TTTE tools where all these capacities emerged stronger than ever! Those assisted me to clear the fear I bought from others, trust and honor myself and to start creating a different reality with entities. At the end, nothing outside you is more powerful than you are!

    Creating with Entities

    Have you ever used your magic and energy to manifest and create? What if there are many conscious beings ready to contribute to you with more of that energy? These beings will play with you in the game of living, they have your back, they will contribute and they are waiting for you to ask them to assist you, are you asking?  Join me to explore the infinite possibilities in this magical world with entities. 


    in Romance

    On this episode of Hot Topics Talk Radio we’re opening the flood gates to our listeners with an open forum...

    We’re asking the callers to bring their questions, situations and scenarios to the HTTR Radio team and ask us, "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?"

    If you have questions or scenarios that involve relationships, love, sex, family, children, or anything on your mind, we’d like to hear from you… we want to help you work it out!!!

    We invite you to send your questions, scenario letters and comments in advance to hottopicstalkradio@yahoo.com, or send them to our Facebook.  Otherwise, we look to hear from you LIVE ON-AIR, on Wednesday, September 21, 2015, at 8:00pm PST/11:00pm EST. 

    The live call-in number to listen and comment is (646)200-3148.  Or listen online and join the chatroom here on Blog Talk Radio, or at www.hottopicstalkradio.com/hottopicstalkradio.

    *The HTTR Network is sponsored by Shades of Afrika (Corona and Long Beach), A&L Family Restaurant and SPMG Media.  For more information regarding our sponsors, go to www.hottopicstalkradio.com/sponsors.

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    Christians & Politics...What say You???

    in Christianity

    Join Pastor Renee, KP, E, and Wendy in the Electic Room...

    We've got a brand new HOT TOPIC: Christians & Politics

    We're in a campaign year and there's so much politicking going on.  

    But what's the role of a Christian as it pertains to politics.  

    Call In:347-237-5557

    Time: 9:00pm 

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    EYM ~ Say What!!

    in Entrepreneur

    Are you sharing with others you are in business?

    What are you afraid of and Why?

    Who have you forgotten?

    When do you Share?

    Do you keep your TEAM updated (working or Not)?

    Get Connected Weekly: Empowering Your Mind Radio

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    Aliens, Alien Abductions and UFOs/ The Apocalypse- Say NO to War

    in Science

    Today, we will continue our discussion about The Book of Revelation and whether or not it prophesies our future, in any way. Come join us and agree or disagree! I will not be following the teaching of any one faith tradition, but will attempt to interpret this, based on what is happening on Earth, today

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    Aliens, Alien Abductions and UFOs / The Apocalypse- Say NO to War

    in Science

    Today we will begin an original explanation of The Book of Revelation. This book has been argued and dissected by many theologians, for centuries. I do not claim to be a great scholar. However, in light of what is happening in the war between good and evil, and possible threats made against us here on Earth and what is now happening on the Moon, a different interpretation is now emerging. Please join us, then as we discuss The Book of Relevation, part One. Sunday, we will discuss part 2.

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    in Current Events

    Frustrations are running high the people of the united states have had enough. take a moment to call in tonight and let our Liberal leaders know how you feel. We will be releasing the link to this show to all. You can email it to your local Congressmen or Senators. Post it where ou want just make sure you get heard.