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    What if You Were God?

    in Motivation

    How would your life change if you knew you were god?

    How would you feel about yourself? 

    What would you do differently or not? 

    How would you help others?  What would your family look like?

    Join us to explore possibilities and probabilities of your “godness.”


    in Sports

    THAT'S GAME! Sports Talk Radio is your premier sports talk radio show featuring engaging discussion on the "Happening Now" in the wide-world of sports along with other trending topics & current news. Join your hosts, Tyrone & Dennis, on an entertaining ride as they cover "any and everything" in today's sports! 

    Episode: 1.7 - "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???? WEDNESDAY!" 
    In this week's episode, Tyrone and Dennis will cover this week's major sports headlines, recap week 6 of the NFL and preview week 7's upcoming action and also discuss the latest in Fantasy Football News with the "That's Game!" Sports Fantasy Football Guru, Delano! 

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    "B.I.T.C.H." WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Your Host "Lady Inquisitive" Spet. 2012 9pm-9:30 PST

    in Lifestyle

    Relationship Accountability 

    Relationships  can cause folks to deal with liars, meaningless heartbreaks, and unwanted behavior.

    How does one deal with disappointments, unfaithfulness, scandalous man and/or women, cheaters and heartache?

    Conveying your thoughts on the subject.  

    Call in and tell us, I want to know, 

    "B.I.T.C.H.", what were you thinking? 

    How did you get over the HUMP?

    Beautiful, Inspirit, Tough-Minded, Commander, Healer




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    The What If Show featuring Rebecca Hulse | Thinking without Borders

    in Self Help

    Rebecca Hulse is a go-getting, risk-taking millenial. She is a best selling author, reality shaking coach, creator of magnitude and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. Join her on the What If Show with me as we explore Thinking withour Borders!

    What if you never had a border or limitation on you? On your business? Or on your life? Are the separations, judgements and limitations in your reality actually yours or imposed upon you by a reality that doesn’t have to exist?

    Rebecca is also the author of three books including The Energy of Receiving (her latest and 1st bestseller) and speaks to a global audience on business, consciousness, reality shaking and more.

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    what are we thinking

    in Entertainment

    opening the discussion with how we got to the place we are at , the missteps and the ways to start correcting them

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    The What If Show featuring Manfred Zepeda | Creating with Entities

    in Self Help

    About Manfred Zepeda

    My experience with the spirit world in this lifetime started when I was a child, seeing dead people, shadows or lights, earth spirits, listening voices inside and outside me, perceiving their emotions and thoughts (which I thought they were mine) and must of the times it was not fun, some experiences and stories I heard created fear around that realm. It was so intense that I started to ignore it in order to make it disappear until I stopped being aware of them (But nobody told me that my body would be aware of them ALL THE TIME!!) Nobody could assist me or tell me at that time what was happening or how to deal with all that so I just refused to see and tried to fit in this reality.

    In my early 20´s I started to get back that entities awareness, still I did not have tools to work with so I started to study different energetic and healing modalities to help myself about that and other areas in my life. Each tool I learnt took me to the next one until I found out the amazing and pragmatic Access Consciousness and TTTE tools where all these capacities emerged stronger than ever! Those assisted me to clear the fear I bought from others, trust and honor myself and to start creating a different reality with entities. At the end, nothing outside you is more powerful than you are!

    Creating with Entities

    Have you ever used your magic and energy to manifest and create? What if there are many conscious beings ready to contribute to you with more of that energy? These beings will play with you in the game of living, they have your back, they will contribute and they are waiting for you to ask them to assist you, are you asking?  Join me to explore the infinite possibilities in this magical world with entities. 

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    What is Freedom Thinking - Introductory Show

    in Self Help

    In this introductory show, Paula Tresintsis from Freedom Thinking will tell you about what is in store for you over the coming weeks.  

    Paula is a Life Strategist assisting people to move through any challenges easily and effortlessly.  Paula's unique style will have you laughing and enjoying yourself, as each show is different from the next.  Paula will engage you with topics about The Six Core Needs, to having an understanding of the challenges of infertility.  Sit back with a cup of coffee and relax as you listen to Paula entertain you.  

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    The What If Show featuring Suzy Godsey | Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider

    in Self Help

    Conscious Horse,Conscious Rider

    We will delve into the background of the 'who/what/why" of Conscious horse, conscious rider and what the clinic has to offer both horse and rider

    Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider is a dynamic, leading edge Clinic inviting you to a totally different way of “being with” and “working with” horses. Horsemanship that includes BOTH horse and rider ~ every step of the way!

    Utilizing the “Language of the Horse” and the pragmatic tools and techniques of Access Consciousness®, Gary inspires horse and rider to create a Partnership founded in a conscious connection, that few know is even possible as horsemanship!

    No matter what the state of your current partnership with your horse, no matter what obstacles rider or horse perceives they have to overcome, this class is the invitation to change that and so much more!

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    The What If Show featuring Therese Stoa | The Magic of Animals

    in Self Help

    The Magic of Animals

    Have you ever looked at an animal and envied their ease of life, the joy they have with their body or the exuberance of life they have the capacity to portray in every moment as they choose?

    Imagine what your life would be if you functioned more like an animal; as an infinite being that perceive, know, be and receive. Who receive life with ease, joy and glory. What would change?

    If faced with a problem you would have access to the joy, the ease and the potency of an animal, would you be any different in the world?

    Most people walk around in their life trying to navigate the judgements, their awareness, their choices and the people they meet more or less consciously.

    Using the tools from Access cosciousness™ you can start to unlock some of the magic that the animals can invite you to and that you can invite the animals to.


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    Doing what you MUST to get what you WANT. Wishful thinking versus Taking Action

    in Christianity

    "I have a dream!"  These words started a revolution.  Martin Luther King, although gone from this world for years, is still remembered for these words and the movement that started because of it.

    Many of us have dreams.  Incredible dreams.  Dreams that give us moments to smile as we consider the, "What if?"

    Movies that make millions, new technology that makes our lives easier - all began as an idea which took on structure in the physical realm.  An idea pulled from the invisible world into the visible - a formula that has been around since the beginning of time when God created the world. From the first pages we learn how a plan became a done deal, and humans created in God's image, are not just created beings, but creative beings.

    I have a dream, and in that dream my life is a more fabulous version of my present reality.  However, today there are more elements of that dream that are part of my physical reality, and there will be even more for everyday that I continue here.  What about you?

    To dream and only dream is to keep those things that make you smile for a moment, exist only for a moment.  To take action to bring those dreams into the physical world start with the first step.  ZERO ACTION = ZERO RESULTS.  Leveraged Action = Exponential Results.

    Join me in THE DO SOMETHING CAMPAIGN!  This is simply a Mastermind Program centered around my E.A.S.Y system for helping you take your ideas into the physical world where it becomes your reality.

    This program is not a fit for everyone - befause not everyone is really ready to take action.   For those of you who know you want to do this but have a tendency to procrastinate, make excuses, get distracted, need some support and some objective feedback to your activity - this is for you.  Join me.

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    University of Missouri Ptesident Tom Wolfe steps down!! What were the factors??

    in Sports

    1- NCAAF- University of Missouri President Tom Wolfe steps down!! What were the factors??

    2- NBA
    2A- Kobe Bryant and his rapid decline and why!!

    2B- A caller on how they feel about the San Antonio Spurs!!

    3- NFL- Most underated QB's in NFL history!!