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    Open Conversation: What Is Really Going On?

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we will be discussing what is going on in Memphis and everywhere else and what has gone on this past weekend.  We gonna talk about becoming part of the solution instead of part of the problem.  We are going to be talking about how we take our streets and our children back.  We are going to discusss what the real problem is and why we as a people are not moving forward, so tune in tonight from 7pm to 9pm and call in at  347--308-8813 to join in the conversation.  Let's get ready yall!!!!!

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    What Do You Want? - Episode 132 - Where are you Going?

    in Spirituality

    OK, so I have been off for a few weeks, getting over the allergy/cold which was particualrly nasty this season, but I am back and full of vim and vigor, so watch out.  

    Today we are going to talk about Where Are You Going?  Sort of similar to What Do You Want? but more like moving yourself towards what it is that you want to do and be.  Sort of a different way of looking at it.  

    So sit back and have some fun along your journey.  It will be entertaining I can tell you that. 

    Love, Light and Laughter


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    Going Home with Tony Talks with Lifestyle Expert Maureen Petrosky

    in Lifestyle

    On Sunday April 19th, 2015 Going Home with Tony host Tony Scimeca welcomed chef, sommelier, author and lifestyle expert Maureen Petrosky to the Hot Water 911 Boiler Room Studio.  Maureen wrote the best selling booksThe Wine Club and The Cocktail Club and is a frequent guest on The Today Show, The Food Network and CNN.  Maureen shared some great tips for hosting parties, barbeques and events.  Did you know that the most popular grilled food (85%) is the hamburger?  Listen and join the fun! 


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    What is really going on!

    in Current Events

    Are you ready to find out what is really going on?

    We will talk about the new school  that is opening up The Watkins Institute

    The new banking system, Marshall Law and more




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    What is it going to take to turn it all around?

    in Religion

    Our world has gone crazy and most in the church are oblivious to what's going on around them. I want to discuss the issues that plaque us and what does God require of us to turn it all around?

    Join me, get involved.

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    its a time to watch and pray and be informed of what is going on.

    in The Bible

    i am starting out this broadcast with probably the best put together explaination of exactly what the jade helm 15 agenda is.it is narrated by a elderly woman  i found online and it is just a raw explaination of the plan , without the (production drama )and other junk you hear from so called truth movements.we truly are in a time where we need to watch and pray and be informed of whats going on in this hour for history is truly poised to repeat itself.and you do not want to be caught outside the ark when the door is finally shut.because i believe things will finally play out to a nightmarish, hellish end.



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    jade helm - what is really going on here ???!!!

    in News

    what is the hype ? aj is off the handle on this one ...

    is this secret, but not secret for a select few ?

    John will chime in his opinion from years of listening to aj and conspiracy theories ...


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    The Truth About What is Going on in America is Far Worse Than We Want to Admit

    in Social Networking

    The Truth About What is Going on in America is Far Worse Than We Want to Admit.

    This is the IDEAL model of problem-solving.

    Identify the problem
    Define the problem
    Examine the options
    Act on a plan
    Look at the consequences

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it's the only thing that ever has.

    Margaret Mead

    The police are not here to create disorder. The police are here to preserve disorder.


    When you're a lawman and you're dealing with people, you do a whole lot better if you go not so much by the book but by the heart.

    The Andy Griffith Show

    Stan Guffey, a high school basketball referee, was working a game in Oklahoma City when a policeman came onto the court and arrested him for not calling enough fouls during the game.


    Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.


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    What WE Want: Ms. Long Long

    in Women

    Ms Long Long is a Juilliard School trained Young soprano, off Broadway performer, playwright and painter. Here what people are saying about her!

     “A talented singer in western performances with an eastern soul,a vital role in developing the mixture of cultural art for our Symphony.”---Gregory Singer, founder of the Manhattan Symphony Orchestra“A future star with unlimited potential, she has an exceptional voice and she has got a lot of charisma...I am one of her fans now”---Howard McCrary,Michael Jackson’s team singer and an American Grammy Award Nominee“A golden heart and a golden voice,she’s got all the qualifications to be the greatest star!”-Rodney Jones ,professor at Juilliard School, Music Director and Guitarist of Lena Horne “The Golden Voice!”---The China Press, NewYork. “Her voice in music harmony are absolutely superior. Her high pitched voice instantly penetrated the sky that could make people more aware of her "golden voice" reputation.It was a very beautiful harmony and it reached the point of perfection.Sichuan people are baptized, by the excellent international music Concert !” Sina.com, China “Beautiful Melodies in Ms. Long’s Graceful Singing...an international culture pioneer!”---New World Daily,  Peru“Besides from her professional skills and her extraordinarily international beautiful face, she made it because of her frankness and enthusiast personality. She has a broader mind, a charming personality, a positive attitude, a diligent application , a sincere efforts and a daring display.” --- NY Goings On/The New York’s Gods and Goddesses “ Great Talent! The best player and the first one I’ve ever seen who can sing a classic piece causing audience to jump for joy so much!”--- Simanan, Judge of CCTV Avenue of Stars

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    Why Is The World Going To Hell? Find Out Why, and What Choices To Make Now

    in Religion

    Tonight, RFID Chips:2017 to replace US Dollar, Why The Trans Pacific Partnership will end U.S. Popluar Soverignity, WW3.

    We will also be discussing William Colby's prediction of 6 nukes going off in 6 major World Cities at the same time. Jade Helm, Wal Mart Closures,

    Foreign Troops on U.S. Soil, The Tri-Laterial Commission, Nixon's 1972 Ex. Order signing the U.S. over the U.N. Global Governance, Agenda 21, The End of Chrisitanity, FEMA Camps, DHS Checkpoints, Fusion Centers, ISIS.

    Why all the chaos now? What is the 1Percent, the Knights of Malta, The Vatican, George Soros, The Rothchilds, CFR, Club of Rome, the Black Frairs, The Black Jesuits all up to? Their end game, simple, reduce the World's poplulation by 90 percent, kill the Christians, form a State One World Church, and everyone left chipped. We will also discuss this as well.

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    Rev.Russell Moore's Bible Study: I'm Going To A Wedding, What Will I Wear

    in Religion

    Wedding are lots of fun and its great to be invited, but do you on a Tux ?  I think pepole fuss more over what to wear to weddings than any other event in our culture. On the other hand i have seen people come to a wedding dressed down with jeans and sneakers. It kind of makes you wonder what was He thinking.   A wedding is a sacred event instituted by God .One day christ will Marry his church, will you be invited, Will you be dressed  right, we'll see , Join me at 9:00pm tonight for a word on weddings.

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