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    Dare we believe the 45,000 denominations we see among us TODAY is truly representative of the integrity of the ONE TRUE FAITH that was once delivered to the saints? (Jude)  Both Yeoshu and His apostles forewarned the congregations, as did the prophets before them, of after their DEMISE, immediately forth-coming MURDEROUS TIMES, treacherously defiling INTRUSIONS wrought of INTERNATIONAL PERSECUTIONS that DID indeed lead to what has ever since THEN been a rise of FALSE PROPHETS who would NEVER thenceforward tell the WHOLE TRUTH!    The apostles admonished the faithful to guard and preserve the SANCTITY of the FAITH!   For if THEY who were CALLED did not, there was NONE else among men who could or would do so!   Certainly not among the ruling principalites and powers more concerned with their thrones and pulpits could not be counted reliable!   The apostles warned that AFTER THEIR DEATHS would come in ravening wolves, NONE thereafter to preserve nor restore the FAITH till the RETURN of MESSIAH HIMSELF!   Unto the END of ALL LIES, this was GREAT EXPECTATION of the EARLY CHURCH! WHY is it that the NOW forthcoming prophesied TIMES OF RESTITUTION for the RESTORATION of ALL THINGS, FEW are even remotely PREPARED for it among TODAY'S CHURCHES?   The GREAT RESTORATION to come will put an END to ALL the DIVERSELY MISrepresentive FACTIONS that have been a MOCKERY against the FAITH!     Consider the definition of the word, CHURCH as an "UNWORLDLY" INSTITUTION.   It leaves one to question, ARE these institutions CHURCHES at all?   Or are they disguised havens for mass misconceit?   (2Kepa 1-3, Jude, Yacob, Matthiah 24:14-24, Amos 8:11-12, 2Thess.2 .. Isaiah 11-14, 56-57, 59-62, 35:3-5, 29:8-16>-32:8) (Col.1-2) (Malachi) (Revelation 6-7, 13-14)

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    What would you do if you knew that you could not fail

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    What is holding you back from reaching your full potential? Can it be that our emotions actually block or free up our ability to heal? “Absolutely!” says Dr. Pat Baccili my guest this week. It is time to put on your boxing gloves and serve a knockout punch to all those negative emotions that are holding you back from living your life to its full potential—both physically and emotionally. If you want to find out how to eliminate all of the yeah-buts, should-ofs, could-ofs and would-ofs you have surrounded yourself with, then this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Dr. Pat will explain how you can turn good intentions, positive emotions and taking action into the results you have always dreamed of. If your emotions are stuck in a rut… don’t you think your health may be as well? Join me this Wednesday at noon PT / 3pm ET as Dr. Pat and I discuss all of this and so much more!


    Dr. Pat Baccili is an internationally recognized expert in the human potential field who makes a positive difference helping others realize their dreams. To Pat, there is no such thing as failure. There are simply people, places and things that are placed in our paths to help us understand our true nature and what we are meant to do in this lifetime. Dr. Pat has overcome her challenging past and has now become an inspirational sought-after radio host, consultant, speaker, and Life, Career, and Executive Coach, who captures the hearts, minds, and souls of people who dare to tap into the world of unlimited possibilities. Pat is highly respected for her ability to help people.


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    Christ's Death & Resurrection: What You Never Knew

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    Rev. Rick Anderson: Conference Speaker & Presenter: www.scripturesdramatized.com

    Bill O'Reilly is on a roll. At least as an author he is. So far, I've read Killing Lincoln, Killing Patton, and I even suggested on his website that he try his hand at "Killing Stalin". But he hasn't gotten back to me yet. (And I'm not holding my breath for that, either!) 

    But the last book in his "Killing" series that I haven't read yet is Killing Jesus, and I'll tell you why: after 2000 years of rather thorough New Testament biblical scholarship, has he really come up with an "angle" on Christ's death that no one's thought of before? I doubt it. But then again, he doesn't have to, really ...

    See, that's what makes Bill O'Reilly such a good marketer of his writing prowess: he writes on the popular (non-scholarly) level, keeps his books short, his text engaging, his print big, puts in lots of pictures, and brings out facts that have been around a while but that most people aren't aware of.

    Anyway, I can't resist trying to get in on the act myself. Join me this Thursday, April 9th at 9:30 pm DST on "Jewish Roots". Our topic tonight is: "Christ's Death & Resurrection: What You Never Knew." It's all scriptural, all of it can be supported by the Bible, but there are facts that few Christians know, or have even thought about. And if you DO happen to know, call in and tell me about it! Go to www.scripturesdramatized.com and click on the first link.

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    RELATIONSHIPS - What They Wished You Knew

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    On Playing Devil's Advocate™ our host Ms. KiKi is known for being “hard” on the ladies. She’s made it no secret that the behavior women exhibit continues to get in their way.  Soooo...this week PDA took a poll about relationships and will examine the results by sharing the things that He & She both wishes the other knew!


    As always this conversation cannot happen without you, so join us and express your opinion on dating, relationships, love & sex!


    And if that's not enough we have our Producer Cousin Chan's "Drink of the Week" and our weekly “Ask PDA” advice letter!! If you want to give your two cents....contact us on Facebook, Twitter, via email, our interactive chat room or LIVE on Youtube Wed night!




    Playing Devil's Advocate on BlogTalkRadio.com

    Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC!!!

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    The What If Show featuring Stephanie Richardson | What if Living was your Art?

    in Self Help

    How many people talk about their jobs as if they were a bore. How many people talk about their lives as if they are a chore? Have you caught yourself wishing that you could take a break from every day living so that you could do something fun? or something inspiring? or something interesting?

    When every day living seems separate from the life that you would like to be living, what can you do to begin to shift out of that? DO you have to quit your job or leave your relationship? Or is there another way that you can begin to begin living the life you would truly like to have right away?

    What would you choose differently if your life was a masterpiece? Would the way you show up at work change? Would the way you showed up in your relationship change? Would the way you create everything change?

    You may know that you have artistic talent and vision or may may believe that you don’t… But what if your every day life became the art of your creation?

    If your life was a living piece of art, what are the tools that you are using to create it? What are you using as your inspiration? And who have you allowed to see your masterpiece? We’ll talk about all that and more and give you tools you can use right now to have more with ease!

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    The What If Show featuring Rebecca Hulse | Thinking without Borders

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    Rebecca Hulse is a go-getting, risk-taking millenial. She is a best selling author, reality shaking coach, creator of magnitude and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. Join her on the What If Show with me as we explore Thinking withour Borders!

    What if you never had a border or limitation on you? On your business? Or on your life? Are the separations, judgements and limitations in your reality actually yours or imposed upon you by a reality that doesn’t have to exist?

    Rebecca is also the author of three books including The Energy of Receiving (her latest and 1st bestseller) and speaks to a global audience on business, consciousness, reality shaking and more.

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    The What If Show featuring Grace Hart | The Gift You Are

    in Self Help

    This week's show is a pre-recorded show :) As you listen to the show, I will most likely be in New Zealand, giving Grace a huge hug!

    The show we did was about Claiming, Owning and Acknowledging the Gift You Are.  What if it is possible to step out of judgment of you and discover, explore and play with the Gift you truly are - to you and this world? Would you consider, just for a moment, that you are a Gift?  

    Grace has a gentle way of inviting and showing you the Gift you are, that you might not have been willing to see...

    If you would like even 5 minutes of looking at you from non-judgment, join us and explore ... you.

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    The What If Show with Tracey Saggers | The Adventure of Sex

    in Self Help

    Tracey will be continuing the conversation on ‘The Adventure of Sex’. If you would like to hear some of the ongoing discussion you can listen at: http://www.spreaker.com/user/theadventureofliving/tracey-saggers-the-adventure-of-sex

    Just like with great sex, there is no plan for this interview, just a willingness to follow the energy and have fun. Tracey does know that as you step into you, choose to be you, let go of judgment and see what you’d really like to create, then everything gets easier and there is an awareness of the connection we all have with everything, including our delicious bodies and our lovers. Would you be willing to come on an adventure? 

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    The What If Show with Anne Maxwell | Would you Teach a Fish to climb a Tree?

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    A Different Take on Kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD, and Autism

    People tend to function from the point of view that there is something wrong with these children because they don’t learn the way the rest of us do. The reality is that they pick things up in a totally different manner. We need to step up and find out how they learn, not try to teach them using methods that might have worked for us but definitely don’t work for them.

    What if these kids are not their labels? What if they could be seen as who they are, not as who they aren’t? What could that change?

    What if people with ADD and ADHD are the greatest multi-taskers in the universe? They are always looking for more sensory input.

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    The What If Show with Wendy Mulder | Moving beyond Grief

    in Self Help


    Most people suffer from grief because they make a lot of assumptions about grief and what they should and shouldn.t do . What if you could see grief from a space of allowance, question and possibility? Could you discover more of what is possible in living after grief.? When the journey of grief is taken from this point of view, we are able to bring so much more ease and joy into our grieving .. what if grief could be a gift? What if you could be in allowance of ALL of life ?

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    What WE What: Singer Darja Schabad

    in Women

    Join me Joe Corbalis and my Co-host Stepanie Ellen Almeida, the show will be lively, entertaining and informative. Call us, we will recap recent Events, we also have some Announcements about upcoming Events. What WE Want is a Women’s Networking Organization dedicated to your personal growth and Business Development. Meet, Grow, Network! https://www.facebook.com/whatwewant 

    Darja is an international Dance, House and Pop singer/songwriter, recording artist, actress, host and philanthropist, who has gained much notoriety after participating in UKs Pop Idol, where her performance received a very positive review from Simon Cowell. In the US, Darja has gained attention with her hot summer track "Summer Breeze" produced by Zilos and Amathus Music. She is currently working on her first album release. For more information visit her website at www.darjaSmusic.com https://www.facebook.com/DarjaSMusic?fref=ts