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    Jesus and Joseph, Jonah and the Whale

    in Education

    The lives of Jesus and Joseph:

    Jesus and Joseph had the following in common.  They both:






    SOLD FOR SILVER INTO THE HANDS OF GENTILES (Joseph 20 pieces Jesus 30 pieces)







    Jonah and the Whale:  The story of Jonah and the Whale starts with the following Bible verse: 

    Jonah 1:1-2 (KJV) Now the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the son of Amittai, saying, Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me.

    Upon receiving instruction from the Lord to warn the people of Nineveh of their coming judgment of God, Jonah attempts to hide from God in a boat, but that doesn't work.  Then ends up in a fishes belly, and is subsequently spat up onto the shore of the city Nineveh.  He finally gets around to performing the task which God chose for him, and he warns the people of Nineveh that God is going to judge them, unless they repent.  They repent, and this makes Jonah angry, because he doesn't feel that they deserve forgivenss.  What is the moral to this story?  First:  You cannot hide from God.  Second:  There is always hope for forgiveness of sin.


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    Interview with Jeff Geragi, Advocate for Lolita the Killer Whale

    in News

    Long time defender for Lolita, Geragi and this group, Shut it down at the Miami Seaquarium, today he and others that continue to protest there every weekend at eh gates of this marine theme park just received the latest news that Lolita the Loneliest Killer Whale has received (prematurely we might add) her Endangered Species Act status.http://miami.cbslocal.com/2015/02/04/noaa-lolita-to-be-covered-under-endangered-species-act/

    Geragi and Lagergren both have been holding weekly events in front of the gates of the Miami Seaquarium for the past 5 years. Geragi along with his sons always present, leafletting, holding signs and turning cars away from this "Abusement Park".

    Geragi also stands up for the rights of other animals that are captured and abused, circus elephants and vivisection.

    Come and call in and speak with our guest at (424) 675-8287 - Don't miss this exciting show. There is a "Skype" logo on our page to listen and talk. Once the show starts go to the skype to listen and you may talk to our host and guest.



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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised CuriousityStream/Blue Whale-All Music TV Episode

    in Television

    The program all about TV. Our guests: Elizabeth Hendricks North, chief executive of CuriousityStream, the new TV service now playing on Roku (and possibly other smart TV devices and smart TVs soon), and Frederick Smith Jr., executive producer of the new syndicated weekend series Live From The Blue Whale, and TV service All Music Television.

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    AEN POP Radio - Interview with Trish of Dolphin And Whale Retreats

    in Spirituality

    TRISH AND DOUG have been married in spiritual partnership since 1992. They founded Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii in 1994 when they experienced a dramatic spiritual calling to "jump off the cliff," leave their professional lives behind and come to Hawaii to work with the wild dolphins. Since that time, they have conducted spiritually transformative dolphin-swim seminars/retreats in Kona. They also facilitate whale swim retreats in the magical waters of Tonga and Mastery Retreats in Mt. Shasta, California. In addition, for seven years they worked very closely with world renowned dolphin researcher and author, Joan Ocean.

    Trish's blog includes fascinating stories of her experiences with dolphins and whales, amazing photographic phenomena, stories of inspiration and deep wisdom.www.trishregan.com

    They bring to this visionary work a deep connection with the dolphins, whales and many Beings of Light and seek to assist in empowering you to find the core of Being from which your highest potential, lasting joy and spiritual illumination expands.

    Trish & Doug have traveled internationally, bringing workshops such as Essential Joy, Sacred Partnership, Dolphin Essence Experience, Empowering Magnificence and Be the Vision to many seekers of Light.

    "We would love to meet you in person and introduce you to the life-changing, wondrous dolphin and whale experience. Please come and join us here in paradise for the adventure of your life!"

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Karl Waterbury. He'll be my guess to 'chat' with me about his children's book, Teddy and the Talking Whale

    About the book:

    This is a story about a little boy named Teddy and his encounter with a talking whale that ends up becoming his friend.Your kids are sure to enjoy this great short story picture book.

    About the author:

    About the Author Karl Waterbury is a very talented 43 year old aspiring author who grew up in Washington State which is part of the beautiful Pacific, Northwest. Despite several career changes and personal challenges within his life, he has always had a strong passion for writing. This is the second of many in a series of children's short storybooks. Hope you and your children enjoy reading this as well as the many that will follow.

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    Nessie and Other Lake Monsters - A Whale of a Tale

    in Paranormal

    Join the crew of Casebook: Paranormal as they discuss the famous Loch Ness Monster, Nessie. Deep in a lake in Scotland lies a creature that is ancient and has many people wondering, could it exist? Or is it a complete hoax? And what about in America, Champ from Lake Champlain? Ancient mariners saw great serpent like creatures in many different waters and to this day in 2015 there are still reports of these creature. So, these stories of the serpent like creatures, could it be true, or just a whale of a tale?

    As always, the crew of Casebook has varying opinions of the subject. Tune in to hear what they each have to say about the topic!

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    Nurturing Stories in New Zealand - In The Belly of The Whale School inspires!

    in Women

    In The Belly Of The Whale school for Storytelling on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand founder Judy Frost-Evans, shares her inspirations for forming the school, which hosts national and international storytelling teachers and tellers. Judy shares what she has found so important about storytelling in life, work and personal development. She includes information about upcoming workshops (including the Naturally Funny workshop with your AngelHeart Radio host Caroline Welkin) and ongoing events, and her personal stories.

    You can check out what’s going on In the Belly Of The Whale at https://www.facebook.com/InTheBellyOfTheWhaleSchoolOfStorytelling

    Angel Heart Radio is feel good-in-your-soul radio brimming with Inspiring, Insightful, supportive programs hosted by wonderful, passionate 'ordinary' people from Australia, the U.S.A & N.Z. Our intention always, is to help make a positive, empowering difference in your daily life, reminding you of just how important you are. Why? Because you matter in the world.

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    Mara Grunbaum Virtually Speaking with Jay Ackroyd

    in Politics Progressive

    Mara Grunbaum is a Brooklyn-based science writer and editor, and the author of WTF, Evolution?!

    She's written for adults and kids in Popular Science,Discover, Scholastic's Science World and SuperSciencemagazines, and more.

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    Processing the Pain

    in Spirituality

    Join us with special in studio guest Robin Warren-Holloway as she takes us out of the belly of the Whale into a place of obedience. 

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    Humongous rare whale shark bumps sportfishing boat with startled fishermen look

    in Sports

    This is one for the history books. A rare sighting of an estimated 20-25 foot whale shark at Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California.

    Just when we thought we had seen it all, a whale shark shows up in Southern California. Captain Ryan Gengler of the Triton from Long Beach Sportfishing could not believe his eyes when the mamoth creature appeared. "We were about 7 miles east of the east end of Catalina Island when I saw it," said Gengler. "I could not believe my eyes."

    The whale shark seemed very curious swimming around the fishing vessel and bumping into it several times. "He was curious, almost playful," said Gengler. "When he bumped into us, you could feel the boat shake."

    Ryan and Brad Schlerf were on board hoping to catch some yellowfin tuna in one of the most prolific tuna seasons in decades in Southern California. Instead, they saw something that few people have ever witnessed; a whale shark in Southern California. "It was huge; I couldn't believe what we were seeing," said Ryan Schlerf. "It was as if we had been transported to another world," said his brother Brad. "I will never, ever forget this day." 

    "It’s pretty rare, especially for this far north," said Dr. Chris Lowe from the Shark Lab at Cal State University at Long Beach. " It’s certainly been an epic summer for subtropical visitors."

    Whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea reaching lengths up to 40 feet and prefer warm, tropical seas. Their favorite meal is plankton which they scoop up with their mamoth mouths while swimming near the surface of the ocean. Whale sharks are docile creatures, gentle giants and will in some cases allow swimmers to hitch a ride. They are rarely seen in Southern California.

    Hear all about this wonderful day on the water only on Phil Friedman Outdoors Radio. 


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    MyWSports: Weekend Wrap-Up Week 2

    in Sports

    Weekend Wrap-up:

    LPGA - CME Group Championship

    WTA - Tourney Update

    CWHL - Inferno v. Furies, Blades v. Thunder

    NWHL - Pride Home Opener, Whale v. Beauts

    NCAA News and more...



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