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    KURT COBAIN Murder or Suicide- Forensic Astrologer Linda Crystal Investigates

    in Spirituality

    On April 8th, 1994, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was found dead of a gunshot wound sustained on April 5th, 1994, in his Seattle home. Many, including the Seattle Police Department, believe this gunshot wound was self-inflicted. Some do not. Renknowned Forensic Astrologer Linda Crystal investigates the case, bringing in her expertise of astrology, police investigations and psychic mediumship.

    Did Kurt commit suicide or was he in fact murdered? What do the planets and univeral energies of that time say about the man that inspired so many? 


    LINDA CRYSTAL: www.lindacrystal.com 


    Linda Crystal, Now with 38 Books Published and ON SALE at AMAZON.com, Kindle and Barnes & Noble Stores, BA Degree in Forensic Psychology from The State University of New York, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist producing RELAXATION CDs also at AMAZON.COM and MP3 for immediate download at www.lindacrystal.com working on SERIAL KILLERS, HOMICIDES and MISSING PERSONS FOR OVER 30 YEARS! Passing The NEW YORK STATE PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS EXAM, LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING WITH ICS, POLYGRAPH TRAINING, DECEPTION TRAINING, NUMEROLOGIST, GRAPHOLOGIST. Author of over 185 articles previously viewed on Yahoo Voices. Fellowship from College of Divine Metaphysics,Worked at WGR-TV, WAV-TV, WECK Radio, WBNY Radio CO-HOST TERRYE LYNN NEWCOMB was a SEARCHER, investing hours of her time to look for HAILEY DUNN, missing from COLORADO CITY, TEXAS. Manages the CHAT ROOM, answering questions, giving you links, helping listeners become followers. Discussing ASTROLOGY, Psychics, MISSING PEOPLE, Deception, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, Criminal Behavior, SPIRIT WORLD, Paranormal, Dreams, HYPNOSIS, PAST LIVES and various other METAPHYSICAL subjects. THE UNKNOWN WORLD EXISTS! 


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    WGR 31: Golden Age Series Part 1: The WWWF

    in Wrestling

    WGR proudly presents the WrestleGroup Golden Age Series where Rusty and various guest travel back in time to their favorite era's so we can get a point of view from the fan of that period. 
    In this episode Rusty is joined by, special guest and friend, Alan Ambrose as we explore his favorite era: the late 60's to 70's WWWF. A lot of us have read about the time when men like Bruno Sammartino, Pedro Morales, Superstar Billy Graham, and Bob Backlund ruled the ring. Find out what it was like, from a fan's perspective growing up during this era.
    Join us this Sunday, January 13th at 6:30 pm by calling (347) 237-4370 with your questions and opinions.

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    WGR 33: Worst Matches of WrestleMania

    in Sports

    In the 33rd episode of WGR, Rusty will be doing a complete 180°from the last show and rank what he feels are the WORST matches in WrestleMania history.
    Though WrestleMania is known as the "Showcase of the Immortals", it is not without it's share of bad matches. Some fall short of their hype, some were laced with botches, and some were just destined to fail to begin with.
    Join us (Time and Date to be Announced) by calling (347) 237-4370 and letting us know your opinions and thoughts of what you feel were some of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time.

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    WGR 28: The Rebirth...

    in Sports

    After 4 months of being away, WrestleGroup Radio returns to BlogTalkRadio. This Thursday, November 29th at 4pm ET Rusty returns to address his official return to Internet Radio. When and why did he decide to end WGR? Tune in to find out. He'll also be talking about the future of the Facebook WrestleGroup and addressing the state of WrestleGroup in general.
    Call WGR at 4pm this Thursday (347) 237-4370 and share your feelings on the show. Also be sure and tune in here on Blogtalkradio.com.

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    WGR 32: Greatest Matches of WrestleMania

    in Sports

    With WrestleMania just around the corner, Rusty reflects on what he feels are the greatest matches in WrestleMania in this 32nd installment of WGR.
    Join us this Wednesday, March 20th at 4pm by calling (347) 237-4370 and letting us know your opinions and thoughts of what you feel were some of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time.

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    WGR 35: Most Shocking Finishes in Wrestling History

    in Sports

    WrestleGroup Radio is back for it's 35th installment.

    In this episode join Rusty as he takes a look at some of the most shocking finishes in the history of professional wrestling. From Brock Lesnar ending the Undertaker's WrestleMania streak to Ivan Koloff ending the nearly 8 year WWWF Championship reign of Bruno Sammartino in 1971, we'll look at them all!

    Feel like we are missing a match? Call us live Monday April 21st, at 6pm by calling (347) 215-8302 and let us know what you think is the most shicking finish in wrestling history!

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    WGR 23: We're Back!

    in Wrestling

    After a short hiatus WGR Returns to Blogtalkradio. In the 23rd installment Rusty will be discussing the latest from WWE and TNA. As well as the first ever installment of "Best of 3 Falls Trivia"! I'll also be taking some at (347) 237-4370. Join WrestleGroup Radio this Saturday 6/23 at 11pm EST.

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    WGR 30: 2012 Year End Awards

    in Wrestling

    In the 30th episode of WGR Rusty will be revealing the winners of the 2012 WrestleGroup Year End Awards. From Wrestler of the Year to Match of the Year, we'll be awarding those we felt were at the top of their game in 2012.
    Join us this Friday, January 4th at 6pm by calling (347) 237-4370 and letting us know your opinions and thoughts of the winners.

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    WGR 29: What was the Best Era in Pro Wrestling History...

    in Wrestling

    In the 29th episode of WGR Rusty will be exploring the eras of wrestling past and present. How it has changed, who helped change it, and ultimately, which era he thinks was better and why.
    Join us this Tuesday, December 4th at 6pm by calling (347) 237-4370 and letting us know your opinions and thoughts of what you feel is the greatest era in wrestling

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    WGR Ep. 21: After Hours: Ode to Jobbers

    in Sports

    We're going AFTER HOURS in our 21st edition of WGR as Rusty and Patrick pay homage to a special breed of men in the world of Pro wrestling. I’m talking about those hard working individuals who make it their duty to make the “superstars” look good. Some call them Jobbers, some call them enhancement talent, but in this episode, we call them Wrestling’s Unsung Hero’s. Join Rusty and Patrick on Tuesday 5/8 at 11pm EST by calling (347) 237-4370 and share with us your thoughts, memories, and opinions of your favorite Unsung Hero’s of the squared circle.

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    WGR Ep. 20: Behind the Curtain: Facts and Stories

    in Sports

    The World of Pro wrestling is without a doubt, the most interesting form of a sport (or entertainment). There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that so many of us don’t know about. On WGR's 20th show, join Rusty and Patrick on Wednesday May 2nd at 6pm by calling (347) 237-4370 as they discuss a variety of fascinating facts that you may or may not know involving the world of Pro Wrestling.