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    OutSkirts Science Fiction Theatre: Balogun Ojetade

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    Founding member of the State of Black Science Fiction, Balogun Ojetade is the author of Moses: Chronicles of Harriet Tubman and Afrikan Martial Arts: Discovering the Warrior Within and owner of Roaring Lions Productions, a publishing and screenplay and feature film production company of black speculative fiction. Balogun has authored and co-edited several anthologies and seven novels and is currently bringing to the world his very own role playing game, Ki Khanga. 

    “I’m gon’ drive the evil out and send it back to Hell, where it belong!” – Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman: Freedom fighter. Psychic. Soldier. Spy. Something…more. Much more. In “MOSES: The Chronicles of Harriet Tubman (Book 1: Kings * Book 2: Judges)”

    Balogun Ojetade's Website

    Rite of Passage: The Dentist of Westminster Film Sneak Peek

    Balogun Ojetade's Tumblr

    Afrikan Martial Arts

    Balogun on Twitter

    Follow @avidreadershows TWITTER

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    History of Cliveden House - Waldorf Astor Estate Taplow Birkshire UK England

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    History of Cliveden House - Waldorf Astor Estate Taplow Birkshire UK England

    During this interview, Bruce Oliver, host of the Cruise with Bruce show interviews Michael Chaloner, a historian for the Cliveden House in Taplow Birkshire England. The Cliveden dates all the way back to the 1600's when the 2nd Duke of Buckingham built the original House on the terrace. It was built as a hunting lodge to entertain mistress and friends.

    Over the centuries it has been maintained as a Manor House and Hotel for everyone from Buckingham to the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland,Duke of Westminster and most well known to people in the United States William Waldorf Astor and his son and wife Waldorf and Nancy Astor. When the Astors moved in 1893 they used their wealth to update and modernize the property.

    Everyone from Churchill to Chaplin, Lawrence to Lennon. Several Kings and Queens of England have been to known to visit the property over the centuries. Today the Cliveden continues to be a place that people visit from all over the world.

    If you'd like to be treated like a Lord or Lady then you need to stay at the Cliveden House. When you book through my agency you will be granted special access. For info click here: http://TravelURL.Net/info-request

    Signature Amenities:

    Full Afternoon Tea, per Person, per Stay
    Welcome Half Bottle of Champagne

    The following amenities are subject to availability at the time of booking:


    The following amenities are subject to availability at the time of check-in/departure:

    Early Check-In
    Late Check-Out


    Full Breakfast for each Guest Daily at The Terrace Dining Room, Included in the Rate

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    The London Eye AKA EDF Energy London Eye & The Millennium Wheel | Bruce Oliver

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    The London Eye AKA EDF Energy London Eye & The Millennium Wheel

    Bruce Oliver, host of the Cruise with Bruce show interviews Lauren, Communications Officer for the London Eye in London England. The London Eye is on the south bank of the River Thames a short walk from Westminster Underground station that is across the river. It is the largest ferris wheel in the world and a major attraction in London. In it's short life millions of people have been on the attraction. It has had many name changes in it's life beginning with the British Airways London Eye then the Millennium Wheel. Now it is known as the London Eye. Visit The London Eye and combine your experience with other top London attractions such as Madame Tussauds, SEA LIFE London Aquarium or London Dungeon

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    The London Eye AKA EDF Energy London Eye & The Millennium Wheel | Bruce Oliver

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    The London Eye AKA EDF Energy London Eye & The Millennium Wheel

    Bruce Oliver, host of the Cruise with Bruce show, interviews Lauren, Press Officer with EDF Energy London Eye. The London Eye is also known as the British Air Millenium Wheel, The Millenium Wheel and EDF Energy London Eye. You can combine your experience on the London Eye with visits to other top London attractions such as Madame Tussauds, SEA LIFE London Aquarium or London Dungeon found in same park. The London Eye is located on the south bank of the River Thames in the Jubilee Gardens. It is a short walk from Westminster Underground and Waterloo Train Stations. Since 2000 tens of millions have taken the half hour ride on the largest "ferris wheel" in the world. In reality it is not a ferris wheel because it is supported only on one side unlike ferris wheels that are supported on two sides. From the giant observation wheel or cantilevered observation wheel you can see the Parliment Building and other famous structures in Greater London. 

    If you'd like help planning travel to London to see the London Eye visit: http://TravelURL.Net/info-request

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    Wednesday, December 3, 3 pm ET, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is taking a look at World War II through the eyes of two well-known writers of historical novels, the award-winning author Pam Jenoff and James MacManus.

    Pam Jenoff has written several novels, including the Quill Award nominee, THE KOMMANDANT’S GIRL. Jenoff is a graduate of George Washington University, Cambridge and Penn Law. She served as the special assistant to the Secretary of the Army. In 1996, after moving over from the Pentagon to the State Department, she was assigned to the U.S. Consulate in Krakow, Poland where she developed an expertise in Polish-Jewish relations and the Holocaust. THE WINTER GUEST is her latest book, the story of twin sisters fighting for survival in Nazi occupied Poland and the mysterious American pilot that lands on their doorstep.

    London born James MacManus was educated at Westminster School and graduated from St. Andrews University.  He has worked for the Daily Express and the Guardian first as a reporter and then as a foreign correspondent. He moved to The Times where he serves as Managing Director of the Times Literary Supplement. He is the author of several novels including BLACK VENUS and OCEAN DEVIL made into a film starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers. His latest book SLEEP IN PEACE TONIGHT takes place in 1941 London, and brings to life the tale of Harry Hopkins, the adviser to Franklin D. Roosevelt dispatched to London on the eve of the Second World War and the history-making relationship he forms with Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill. 

    History, romance, World War II with respected authors Pam Jenoff and James MacManus on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds, Wednesday, December 3, 3 pm ET. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com. 

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    David Frei - "The National Dog Show Presented By Purina"

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    “The National Dog Show Presented by Purina®” 
    Air Date: Thursday, November 27 on NBC (12-2 p.m. across all time zones)

    “The National Dog Show Presented by Purina®” is hosted by award-winning actor, author and Broadway star John O’Hurley (“Seinfeld,” “Dancing with the Stars”) and expert analyst David Frei, an AKC-licensed judge and host of USA Network’s “The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.” NBC’s Mary Carillo will report from the benching area and inside the show ring. Celebrating America’s love of man’s best friend, the telecast showcases some 1,500 purebred canines competing for the title of “Best in Show.” Unlike traditional dog show coverage, the National Dog Show offers the country’s 65 million pet-owning households an afternoon of family-oriented features, facilitated by the open format of the Kennel Club of Philadelphia event.

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    It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

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    In light of the upcoming Holiday Season and as we prepare for this Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, we find that it isn't so wonderful for so many people.There are people that are hungry, there are people that are Homeless, there are many people doing badly. 

    The people in Ferguson Mo. at this time do not think that this particular time of the year is so wondreful. As their town has seen so much devastation last night, to which we are certainly keeping them in our prayers.

    We will also be taking with the Nassau Chapter President of the National Action Network; Elder Annette Dennis, we will be asking for her opinion of the goings on in Ferguson and also the role of the Rev. Al Sharpton.

    As for this Holiday season, let us not forget that there are so many people suffering. My sermon addresses this condition and takes place at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, NY. 

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    The View Up Here looks at the dysfunctional norms of the House of Commons

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    Canadians have been witness to the steady decline of Parliament for decades now. Non-attendance, scheduled stunts or traditionally blasphemous behavior in the House. The wholesale decline of the Senate. The hijacking and handcuffing of committees. The general assertion that Parliament is now a tool for the party in power to sell their brand. Not to govern. Not to be held to account. Not to explain behavior and policy to the OWNERS of the place - Canadians.

    Of course, to learned watchers and average citizens alike, this is nothing new. But the naked contempt, the arrogant defiance, the indifference to tradition has been raised to never before seen levels by Emperor and the Corporate Pacification Committee (CPC). The core principles of the Westminster Parliament have been eroded and discarded to make things easier for the most corrupt Government in Canadian history.

    Nothing is more visible and symptomatic of this than the facade of the Speaker of the House of Commons. The last week has shown this once again to Canadians and the world. No other legislative chamber based on the British system has such a farce charged with keeping decorum, focus and relevance on the business of the nation. Andrew Scheer has brought new lows to the position. But he has hardly done it on his own or without direction. The Speaker is supposed to be impartial, treating all Members of Parliament with equal respect and regard. It takes one question exchange from Question Period to see this. A far cry from the Commons of the United Kingdom, where the Speaker has and does tell the Prime Minister when he is out of line and he shall be silent. Imagine that here. If you can.

    Join us to discuss this stain on our public portrayal to Canadians and the world. It is time for the pendulum to swing back. Calls welcome and encouraged tonight, lets hear what Canadians have to say!

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    Pope Benedict at Westminster

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    Pope Benedict entered the hall of the great and mighty rulers when he quietly entered the Westminster Hall, London. There he challenged the rulers of government, the powerful of society and the leaders of every area of Great Britain. His words were spoken very quietly yet carried throughout the hall like a thunder clasp. Then His Holiness went to Westminster Abbey and in a stunningly brilliant talk he outlined and forwarded the major tasks before Rome and Canterbury. His presentations in Scotland and now in London will echo around the world and this writer believes that his presentations have already impacted global Christian self understanding. His antagonists said he should not come, he came. They said, he should not speak, he did and what he had to say was like a beacon of light in the darkness of relativism, secularism and modernism! A diminuative man in stature, Benedict is a hero of Christianity.

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    Entrepreneur gives up asthma medicine after 3 weeks on a Detox

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    JOHN STAPLETON is an entrepreneur, business leader, CEO & Non-Executive Director with over 25 years’ experience in creating and building consumer brands in the FMCG sector in both the UK and the USA. A founder of three branded start-ups, John is an expert at developing new and innovative consumer-focused products.


    John co-founded the New Covent Garden Soup Co Ltd in 1987, which pioneered and established the fresh soup category in the UK. In 1998 he moved to San Francisco, where he co-founded Glencoe Inc., bringing the fresh soup concept to the United States. On returning to live in Europe in 2003, John established a consumer food consultancy and has worked with a number of varied clients across the international FMCG sector. In 2005, John co-founded Little Dish which supplies fresh, natural foods for children over 1 year and is now the dominant brand in chilled toddler food (74% market share). 


    John is a graduate of UCD (Industrial Microbiology); Reading University (Food Science); The University of Westminster (Business Administration and Finance) and holds a marketing qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). John lives in Munich, Germany.

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    America's Classical Music Jazz

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        Washington, D.C. metropolitan area has contributed numerous talented artists to the national jazz arena who continue the furtherance of jazz music.  Please join me Monday, September 15, 2014, at 6:00pm when I will speak with James Zimmerman who is a jazz event producer, educator, vocalist, lyricist, manager, and administrator.  As a producer, James led the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra for six years and served as its executive director for an additional five years. During his tenure, the orchestra performed extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.  James was a featured vocalist for the orchestra on several occasions. This Friday, James will perform at Westminster Church in Washington, D.C. 

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