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    Who is the Western Woman???

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    In the face of all that is glorified as beauty, stands the TRUTH, a potent & intentional composition of perfect & faults which clearly transcend each polarity, not this, not that, an indefinable BEing, telling the TRUTH  of who she is with her whole heart, apologies aside, defenses cast away, the True essence, thick with the certainty that there can be no other way, not now, all detours impassable....she claims her road, willfulness her greatst guide, LOVE as her GPS - I Am The Western Woman

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    I Am the Western Woman, Living in Liminality

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    lim·i·nal·i·ty [noun]
    a transitional phase between two stages of a process or rite of passage, characterized by indeterminacy and ambiguity
    Liminality is a coming of age comedy/?drama which follows an ensemble of interconnected twentysomethings, each experiencing a quarter-life crisis, as they cross paths in the city of London, Ontario throughout one day.
    In addition to this being a locally produced movie, the talent is all local AND they are completely using crowd funding to make this film a reality :)  
    We will be talking to Dominique Kamras, one of the ensemble '20 something' cast members about the highs & lows of a project such as this as well as the 'now-ness' of this film's subject matter as the topsy turvy shifts of the world impact said generation.  
    How very 'Western Woman' ish :) 

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    I Am the Western Woman, Teach me, Teachmeo

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    ?Have you ever wanted to take a one-on-one lesson with an expert in your favorite hobby or skill – without having to leave your home??Or, have you tried learning online and only got frustrated by unanswered questions and time wasted on videos that were not catered to your needs or skill level??That's Teachmeo!! Teachmeo is an online marketplace and community where anyone who wants to learn and/or teach can connect via live, one-on-one, video… giving you personalized instruction at YOUR skill level — in the comfort of your own home.?
    Teachmeo is the tech start up/creative expressive brainchild of Natalie Novoa & Eddie Daniels, an LA couple who chose to take leap & move beyond the day to day grind by expressing their own 'oomph' while simultaneously creating a platform for others to do the same.  Hmmmm.....very I Am the Western Woman ish, don't you agree??
    Nat & Eddie join us in studio for our inaugural collaborative with Roscoe Media Center in LA :)  Tune in!!! 

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    Woman OF War

    in Lifestyle

    Woman battle with insecurties,rejection, Low Self esteem just name a few. Woman of War was birth out of all that,This Mission is to HELP BUILD/ REBUILD, RESTORE, MOTIVATE HER to become and Better SHE, some have support systems and some don't, this is a system for all Women to explore her Self worth and Demand a change in there Life.

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    Black Woman: The Original God(dess)

    in Culture

    There is undisputable proof that the human race originated in Afrika. We now know that all humans can trace their roots to a family in Afrika. We know that the first mother is an african woman. the beautiful black queen is the original woman, the mother and creator of us all.  The Black woman, the original Goddess.

    Unfortunately,  the world has forgotten or denies who we are.  WE have forgotten who we are.  How does the world see us?  How do we see ourselves, Goddess or slave?


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    Woman To Woman With Pastor Rebecca

    in Religion

    Tune into Woman To Woman with Pastor Rebecca for one hour as she and her guests empower you to be, do and have all that God has ordained for you to be, do and have!  Listen live or to the archives at blogtalkradio, com/power or listen live by calling 646-652-4832. 

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    Join Us for our very first show! We will be speaking with Rev. La Tanya Hayward, Recovery Coach for the Other Woman. Her upcoming conference," The Fat Lady Has Already Sang" is set to begin March 26, 2015. 

    "Never Make Someone a Priority When All You Are To Them Is An Option." Maya Angelou
    Six extraordinary women share their story of what it took for them to let go of a painful relationship with a married man, heal their mind and heart by transforming their suffering into self-love and forgiveness.

    For more information, visit www.lifenavigationtransformation.com/thefatlady

    Also to register for the event, visit:  http://bit.ly/1Cs8u8Z


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    I am going to be like Scripture when it said about after GOD made Woman, "He saw it, and it was GOOD" See U there :-)

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    I Am the Western Woman, with Glenda Granberry Davis

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    Who, you might ask, is Glenda Granberry Davis..???  Well, among other things, Glenda (whose name always reminds me of 'The Good Witch of the North' from Wizard of Oz) is one of the sweetest most awake & aware women I have had the good fortune to meet.  Glenda's sweetness, though, does not mask her drive & passion for bringing the message that she is here to deliver....find, live & BE the Divine that is the deepest aspect of yourSelf.  Now, that may sound a little 'out there'....but it's not.  Glenda describes herself as 'progressive (I would agree).  She is the Spiritual Leader at The Spiritual Enrichment Center in Dothan Alabama, deep in Southern Baptist Country, where she shares the message of possibility.  I met Glenda at a gethering of amazing women this past summer & it has been my intention to bring her onto the show since she spoke her first words to me....so, when I read this interview between the Dalai Lama & Bishop Desmond Tutu, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/07/god-is-not-a-christian-tutu-dalai-lama_n_2421553.html?utm_hp_ref=religion&ncid=edlinkusaolp00000009
    two progressive, spiritual men who fully embrace & support the Western Woman concept, I wanted to get her take on it...on air....& share it with YOU!!! So tun

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    I Am the Western Woman, Off the Grid With Sustainable Joe's

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    SustainableJoes = "Average Joes" + G.I.Joes. Missions = collectively develop a sustainable NOW for Humanity & Mother Nature! Meet Dave & Stephen, the Sustainable Joe's, rocking out their off-grid solar summer journey!!!
    I Am the Western Woman loves our men!! How great is it when you meet people who are doing things that contribute to their own expansion while at the same time, contributing to the well-being of the Earth & all of it's inhabitants?? Well that's what our show is all about today!! Join us as we get the whole scoop from Stephen & Dave!!  :) 

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    I Am the Western Woman, Authors/Artists of Our Own Lives

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    Vanessa Brownbridge is an author & self-taught artist who has been fortunate to live in several countries all over the world.  Her book 'Symbols of the White Dove', a series of paintings & writings that Vannessa shares as channeled messages, has been published by Balboa Press 
    Vanessa is a woman who is inspired, delighted and constantly experimenting with all the different mediums we have at our disposal in the modern day art world with her foremost intention, to paint and create for the sheer joy of the experience. Vanessa believes that when we make time to do what we love, we expand in ways that are quite extraordinary.
    I Am the Western Woman agrees :)  Tune in!! 

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