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    Real Talk with Wesley Williams Gets Real with Sampson McCormick

    in LGBT

    This Friday January 23, at 12PM Sampson McCormick the first openly gay black male comedian to headline at the historic Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C. will be joining Wesley on Real Talk. 

    Sampson McCormick is a nationally touring, award winning, stand up comedian, writer and activist who can make audiences double over in laughter whether he's joking about his whacky and beloved, Aunt Jackie, his twink neighbor or addressing homophobia, poverty, and religion. For over a decade, he has been a favorite at LGBT pride festivals and mainstream venues alike. His screen appearances include BET, MTV's "Real World",  and the Oprah Winfrey Network. He is also the author of two books "Ebonic Faggotry", and "Taboo Village: A Perspective on Being Gay In Black America" and is at work on his third. He's also released three live stand up comedy albums, including his latest"That Bitch Better Be Funny: Live at the Howard Theater", where he made history, becoming the first openly gay comedian to headline the famous venue. 

    We warn you now, this episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

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    Cosmic Awakening Show- Matrix 101 with Paul Wesley

    in Spirituality

    Host Michelle Walling will be talking with Paul Wesley from Philadelphia, Pa. also known as "Truthchaser". Paul is a Activist, Universalist, and a self-empowerment coach who stresses the importance of love vibration. Our topic will be The Matrix 101. where we will dissect these topics as well as many more:

    -What is the energetic make up of the matrix?

    -Who created the matrix and why?

    -Your experience with abductions and a hybrid child you have met

    -How can we stop abductions?

    -We don't have sunglasses like in the movie "We Live". How can we best recognize a mind controlled zombie or a hybrid shape shifter that may want to mess with us?

    -How to dissolve the matrix

    -What was it like to hang out in Mark Passio's home?

    We will take your calls in the second half of the show. Paul's Facebook page is here, and his you tube page is Princetruthchaser.


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    Gail Saunders on Expert Insights Radio!

    in Self Help

    3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / 12pm PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 646-727-1711)

    Viki Winterton interviews Gail Saunders!

    Gail Saunders, M.S., is a global “Resilience Catalyst,” mourning mentor, and #1 International Best-Selling author of Resilient Heart: Transcending the Death of Your Loved One. As an enlightened griever, Gail has helped patients and their families cope with dying and grief through her work as a volunteer for hospice.

    When her husband died at 51, Gail was determined to not let grief become her identity. Gail shares creative and enlightened ways to mourn and reconnect with the part of us that is unbreakable, invincible and resilient.


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    David Saunders- Diaspora Market Place

    in Entrepreneur

    The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Western Union have launched the third round of the African Diaspora Marketplace business plan competition (ADM III).  15-30 successful ADM III applicants will receive a matching grant of up to $50,000. In 2011 two Zambian applicants made it to the semi-finals and one of them was successful and earned grant support for the business. That company is Mobile Payment Solutions based in Lusaka, Zambia.  Mobile Payment Solutions Ltd.  

    Join us this Saturday January 24 as we host David Saunders from the Diaspora Market Place and our own Robert Sichinga from the Zambia USA Chamber of Commerce. For more information access:


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    Dr. Wesley Muhammad on The Ahmad X Morton Show

    in Islam

    Join us tonight @7:00pm EST (6:00pm Central), for a rare Interview with Islamic Scholar, Dr. Wesley Muhammad

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    Conover U: Special Guest John Wesley Nobles

    in Politics

    Tonight we welcome John Wesley Nobles, John is a former California State Director for Fair Tax and has been an advocate for Fair Tax and tax reform for the last 40 years! John is also the host of the The Fair Tax Time Radio Show.

    The Fair Tax is a consumption tax, eliminating income taxes and actually abolishing the Internal Revenue Service. Please visit FairTaxNation.org for a complete self-study guide to Fair Tax.

    Once you see how the IRS has so abusively violated your freedoms, you may well be compelled to rise up and revolt.

    UnFair The Movie  tells the true story of how the Internal Revenue Service, under the tacit approval of the president, has assaulted your personal freedoms and the very principles of our nation.

    Join Rodney Lee Conover and Scott Osborn as we take a (sometimes comedic, sometimes serious) look at politics, current events, the state of the Union, and the current climate between establishment politics and the grassroots, and all the issues of the day!

    As always, Jennifer Kabbany - editor of The College Fix – who will talk about the absolute crazy stuff college kids are being taught.

    And don't miss this weeks discussion with Dr. Mark Braunstien,  Family Practice doctor for 24 years.

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    Protecting Your Assets & Be Your Own Bank. Keith Saunders of Gallagher Insurance

    in Sports

    The HOT CORNER SHOW w/ Dr Ray!  

    Protecting Your Assets & Be Your Own Bank. Keith Saunders of Gallagher Insurance

    Dr Ray Tolmos is a Family Chiropractor at Frontier Spine & Health in Kendall, FL and the Official Chiropractor of ISPS.



    Protecting your Assets and Becoming Your Own Bank

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    The Inner Desire (and Craving) for Fame

    in Spirituality

    A conversation with author Jason Renville ("Bring My Soul Out of Prison" and "Embracing Your Mark of Authenticity") about the inner desire and craving for fame.

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    Jan Saunders Maresh - Talk For Profit

    in Entrepreneur

    Communications expert and author Jan Saunders Maresh has figured it out. A simple way for growing your business. Even though most people fear it more than death itself, in her opinion, speaking to groups is the way to go.

    In this interview with Jack, Jan explains her formula for speaking to groups successfully in a manner that will reap financial rewards. And she doesn’t mean speaking to thousands on stage with lights in your eyes.

    As the creator of Talk for Profit, Jan teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses by speaking to small, highly targeted groups. Most importantly, she teaches how to magnetize a talk so that it moves the audience along to the desired end, where they’re anxious to pull out their wallets for more.

    Her recommendations are not for those who want to be motivational speakers or those who want to expound to an audience for the purposes of entertaining them. Jan works with those who want to increase their income and help their audience solve a problem.

    Rather than spew out everything someone has learned over many years, Jan has her clients talk about one topic which is of interest to others, leaving them wanting more – either through a service, a product or a virtual product.

    If you’ve been trying to figure out how to grow your business, Jan Saunders Maresh provides a simple, highly doable strategy that works.

    To learn more:


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    Raiders Tarell Brown Power Jerell Lee Wesley

    in Sports

    We will be talking sports and having fun doing it. Expected to be joined by Raiders CB Tarell Brown, who will discuss his season, clothing line and more. One of the stars of the hit show "Power" Jerell Lee Wesley, who will discuss the show, football and more.  Also, NFL Draft prospect and former Illinois State S Dontae McCoy will join us to discuss to prep for the upcoming NFL Draft and more. Talking ll the NBA trade deadline, NFL and so much more. Call 646-727-3070 to join the fun!

    Follow on Twitter on @goforitgant

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