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    Jan. 21, 2016, 10pm (PST) - Werewolves, Dogman and Aliens with Butch Witkowski

    in Paranormal

    Coming on for the second time on Spaced Out Radio, Butch Witkowski is an investigator who looks into some very dark information. The last time he was on, we discussed haunting tales of Alien Abductions and Alien mutilations of people. It was sobering and staggering.

    This time around, the nightmare continues. Butch has been on the case of chasing stories of dogman and werewolves. Recently, sightings of werewolves have been popping up, with people reporting a vicious dog-like creature transforming and chasing them. It's look is one of half wolf and half human.

    Are they real? Or is it vivid imaginations or hallucinations of the eye witnesses? Are they another species of alien that has come down on this planet?

    Bruce's website is www.uforcop.com for those with intreguing tales of the unknown.

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    A werewolf, also known as a lycanthrope (from the Greek ????????p??: ?????, lukos, "wolf", and ?????p??, anthropos, man), is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature, either purposely, by being bitten by another werewolf, or after being placed under a curse. This transformation is often associated with the appearance of the full moon, as popularly noted by the medieval chronicler Gervase of Tilbury, and perhaps in earlier times among the ancient Greeks through the writings of Petronius.

    Werewolves are often attributed superhuman strength and senses, far beyond those of both wolves and men. The werewolf is generally held as a European character, although its lore spread through the world in later times. Shape-shifters, similar to werewolves, are common in tales from all over the world, most notably amongst the Native Americans, though most of them involve animal forms other than wolves.

    Werewolves are a frequent subject of modern fictional books, although fictional werewolves have been attributed traits distinct from those of original folklore, most notably vulnerability to silver bullets. Werewolves continue to endure in modern culture and fiction, with books, films and television shows cementing the werewolf's stance as a dominant figure in horror.

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    Guest Linda Godfrey will tell us about the legend, lore and evidence of werewolves. Callers welcome!

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    Witches, Werewolves, and Vampires.

    in Paranormal

    Hi my next show will be on Witches, Werewolves and Vampires. Are they really out there lurking in the shadows or is it just stuff of a legend?

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    Vampires and Werewolves

    in Spirituality

    International Psychic Medium, Abbeygale Quinn, and the Rev. Lila Gee, discuss vampires and werewolves.
    During the last half hour, Abbeygale Quinn will do psychic readings, by tapping into your energy field and contacting your Spirit Guides, so call in early!
    Schedule a Private Reading
    To schedule a private reading with Abbeygale Quinn, call 810-346-2487, or visit www.abbeygalequinn.com
    Email Contact Information
    Abbeygale Quinn: abbey@abbeygalequinn.com
    Lila Gee: radio@abbeygalequinn.com

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    The Legends of Vampires & Werewolves special guest Montu Hotep

    in Current Events

    Legends of vampires and night stalkers have been around for centuries, the mystery of the night creature is eternal. Many cultures believe in the myth of the night stalker and take their precautions against the undead, the creatures who seek blood by night. Each culture has a name for the night creature. The Latin, sanguisuga, the Serbian, vampir, the Greek, Brucolacas, the Slavonic Magyar-vam (blood), Tpir (monster), the English, vampyr, the Polish, Upirs, the Russian, upyr.The African vampire, the Obayifo, hunts the tribes of Africa, it is said to be the spirit form of a male or female practitioner of occult magick, who leave their body at night in search of human blood.First, we should look closely at the history of the werewolf. The myth of a man turning into a beast is one that has been with us since humans first walked upright. There are cave paintings around the world starting about 10000 years BC that show man turning into a beast (and often its a wolf). The first written account of werewolves comes from a region of Greece called Arcadia. It seems that in Arcadia, some of the popular gods at one time were Zeus Lykaios and Apollo Lykeios meaning Wolfish Zeus and Wolfish Apollo. Their worship was quite shamanic. They kept wolves to be sacrificed to wolfish Zeus and his priests often wore wolf skins. The myth goes that Arcadia had a king named Lycaon. The story goes that Lycaon was a worshipper of wolfish Zeus and invites him to dinner one day. He wants to make him something that he has never eaten before, so he serves him up one of his sons. In anger, wolfish Zeus turns Lycaon into a wolf as punishment, and in some accounts, saves the son from death.So the next time you watch a werewolf movie, or you see werewolf costumes at Halloween, you can smile to yourself as you remember the truth behind the werewolf legend and our noble shamanic ancestors. Think on this concept a bit and other monster stereotypes. How is the myth of the vampire similar?

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    Neil Haley Interviews the Multi-Talented David Barckhoff

    in Education

    David was one of the Emergency responders who was at United 93 crash site just after it occured and did recovery work. Same for NYC ground zero. He also knew 50 of the NYC firefighters who died & some who survived the collapse. and attended some of their funerals. David is also a teacher in preparedness. He is an expert in Family Disaster Preparedness for Surviving Natural and Man-Made Hazards Terrorism and terrorist incidents.
    As a director and writer, David llikes to discuss the theory and psychology behind horror movies, why we love them, and how to use that fear to write a horror story then turn it into a horror themed screenplay. For examples, sexuality & the vampire, actors who played vampires, notable writers of vampires, werewolves, and zombies, books, movies & tv shows.
    David also teaches how to write a movie logline, one paragraph summary, a “one page leave behind 3 paragraph movie storyline summary”, and if needed an appropriate movie title, as well as how overt and subtle use of symbolism was used effectively in a movie to tell a story. The class will focus on elite/secret societies, the male-female relationship, psychology behind “sexual ritual programming”, satanic and Tantric rituals, good vs. evil, lust, desire, love, kundalini, emotional attachment & detachment, then discuss its use in Stanley Kubrick’s movie “Eyes Wide Shut” as the case study. (History of Sex: The Eastern World – Philosophies about sex and spiritually in the Eastern cultures are explored) 

    Check out https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/2016-wildland-fire-national-leadership-campaign-david


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    Jan. 12, 2015, 10pm (PST) - Crypto History with Rob Morphy

    in Paranormal

    The history of Cryptozoology is a fascinating subject, as throughout history people, since they arrived in North America have reported sightings of strange creatures on land, sea and air. From sea monsters to pteradactyls, to werewolves, Rob Morphy is a researcher that looks back into these reports.  Rob is also a monthly contributor to Spaced Out Radio making his first appearance on the show in 2016.


    Rob developed a longing for these weird and obscure sightings when he was a kid. He's always had an affinity for finding out the true stories behind what people reported back in the day. The research is arduous and frustrating at best, especially if all of the eye witnesses are deceased, but he tracks them down to keep them in the forefront of the crypto world.


    With his partner, Marc Storrs, Rob started www.cryptopia.us. The first website developed to the pure history of crypto sightings and reports. Think of Cryptopia as their love of monsters. They also examine enigmassuch as psychic phenomena, spectral visitations, historical anomalies, UFO encounters and anything else that may have slipped the surly bonds of conventional reality as we know it.

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    Jan. 20, 2015 - Hellhounds with Crytpo Guru Ron Murphy

    in Paranormal

    One of Spaced Out Radio's more popular guests is the man we call "The Crypto Guru". Ronald Murphy returns for his first appearance of 2016 on #SOR Wednesday night, as he brings his knowledge and insights from his research into cryptozoology to you, the valued listener.

    Ronald Murphy is a writer and a researcher. His books on faeries and hauntings are best sellers on Amazon. For this live show, we are taking a turn into a field of study where we've never gone before. We're talking Hell Hounds.

    A hellhound is a supernatural dog in folklore. A wide variety of ominous or hellish supernatural dogs occur in mythologies around the world, similar to the often seen dragon. And for some, this creature is all too real. Sightings in the 2000's range all around Eastern United States, as well as England and Scotland. The creature is said to be on average seven feet in length, and usually dark in colour.

    Hellhound legends date back to ancient times and sightings and attacks have been reported throughout history.

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    Vampires, Zombies, and Werewolves

    in Spirituality

    Do Vampire's exist?
    Are werewolves real?
    Can someone be turned into a zombie?
    In this show we deal ith te concepts of vampires and zombies and how it relates to our own behavoir and our soul connection.

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    W.D. Gagliani Returns to Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

    in Books

    Nothing's more dangerous than a wounded wolf!

    Injured by an explosion, homicide detective Nick Lupo should heal right up... because he's a werewolf! But something keeps him from shifting into wolf form, making him unable to heal. New Mafia boss Joe Rabbioso is after Lupo, seeking his very brutal form of revenge, and he thinks he has Lupo on the ropes. Can loyal Jessie Hawkins and Lupo's partner, DiSanto, find Lupo before the hunter? Nick has a lot to deal with -- but only if he can manage to heal his wounded body first!

    W.D. Gagliani is the author of the novels Wolf’s Trap, Wolf’s Gambit, Wolf’s Bluff, Wolf’s Edge, Wolf’s Cut, Wolf’s Blind (upcoming), and Savage Nights. Wolf’s Trap was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award in 2004. He has published fiction and nonfiction in numerous anthologies and publications such as Robert Bloch’s Psychos, Undead Tales, More Monsters From Memphis, The Midnighters Club. His book reviews and nonfiction have been included in, among others, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Chizine, HorrorWorld, Cemetery Dance, Hellnotes, Science Fiction Chronicle, The Scream Factory, The Writer magazine, and the books Thrillers: 100 Must Reads, They Bite, and On Writing Horror.

    Visit Thorne & Cross at their websites: tamarathorne.com and alistaircross.com

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