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    Medium Readings with Kelly Jo Monaghan

    in Spirituality

    Hey everyone, Lets welcome JGF organization's new Medium to the show... Kelly Jo Monaghan a premier medium will have her own show on the Positive Experience Network to showcase her talents...

    This show will be a topic based and Medium Reading show... find out about youre future right here on the Joeygiggles Channel... 

    Call in for a reading at 310-982-4253 or for questions and comments

    blogtalkraido link: http://blogtalkradio.com/joeygiggles

    Invite youre friends !!!!

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    #4HFA - Adrian Peterson vs The NFL: Punishment, Accountability, and Forgiveness

    in Sports

    Adrian Peterson has been suspended without pay for at least the remainder of this season.

    The NFL announced its highly anticipated ruling Tuesday morning, stating that the Minnesota Vikings' star running back will not be considered for reinstatement before April 15, 2015, for violating the league's personal conduct policy.  A recent phone conversation, however, details that Peterson may have been promised a two game suspension.  This will be the topic of tonights show as we address: 

    After hearing the audio of Troy Vincent and Adrian Peterson, do you think there are more short term deals that has happened before (in other situations)?

    Will society only view Adrian Peterson as a man that abuses his child or will this current situation pass?

    Will this situation cause an investigation for previous suspension rulings?

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    Titus 2 Tuesday With Keva Renee & WENDY KEY

    in Women

    Titus 2 Tuesday With Keva Renee & Evangelist Wendy Key

    Come join us as we encourage you in your transitions in life.  This year is almost at its end but we can still accomplish what we began at the beginning of the year with some encouragement and empowerment. Our Titus 2 guest will assist you with just that!

    Evangelist and Author Wendy Key is a God fearing wife, mother, and entrepreneur.  She is founder of Woman 2 Woman Ministries and is a licensed and ordained minister. Wendy has a heart to reach, teach, and mentor young women, especially women who are in transition and ready to embark upon better opportunities in life. Wendy also consults individuals in writing, publishing, and marketing clean and positive based books.

    Meet Wendy before the broadcast on social media:


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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Wendy MacKay Coaching

    in Self Help

    Okanagan Falls, British Columbia – The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on you will attract, but you can’t just put a smile on your face and expect to become happy. There is an inner process that must first take place, a connection between your inner intuition and the decisions you make.

    Wendy MacKay is the founder of Wendy MacKay Coaching, dedicated to igniting the inner SPARK in the souls of women 50 and older to live happier and healthier.

    “My perfect clients are everyday women who are at a stage in life where it’s time to be selfish and take time for themselves,” says Wendy. “If you have lived life serving the needs of others it’s your turn. You matter and it’s time to bring your SPARK back to life!”

    According to Wendy, your SPARK is the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental feeling of being happy. Spark stands for “Soul awareness,” “Passion with purpose,” “Appreciation,” “Reciprocity,” and “Knowledge.” While each person’s SPARK is unique to them, it always begins with an awareness of our inner intuition, a sense of purpose, an appreciation for our lives, a willingness to share and a desire to learn. In short, SPARK is the recipe for happiness.

    “Soul awareness is our inner intuition. It is important to learn to trust that intuition,” says Wendy. “Ask yourself, ‘Where is there resistance that needs to shift so I can begin to ignite my SPARK?”

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    Shanesha Taylor, Bill Cosby, Adrian Peterson

    in Radio

    Adrian Peterson suspended without pay for at least the remainder of this NFL season after he was spared jail in child abuse case

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2839352/Vikings-Peterson-suspended-remainder-season-NFL.html#ixzz3JTY2GasF
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    Murder victim's family in last-ditch effort to save man convicted of killing her from execution...saying they believe 19-year-old was strangled to death by her cop fiancé

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2839595/Murder-victim-s-family-ditch-effort-save-man-convicted-killing-execution-saying-believe-19-year-old-strangled-death-cop-fianc.html#ixzz3JTYrPrUy
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    Prosecutors: Shanesha Taylor spent thousands on baby daddy’s rap album

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    Terror Fi Radio-Amy Jo Auld

    in Paranormal

    Join The Paranormal Outlaw, Tasha Starr, and Melissa Duck for a night of fun and craziness!  They will discuss everything from paranormal to UFOs to current news in the world. Our guest tonight is Amy Jo Auld aka Ghostbox Chick. Amy has been in the paranormal for over 5 years and been on over 250 investigations.  Amy resides in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Amy is also an avid ghost box user. Along with Amy's paranormal career, we will discuss latest news including the Fergueson Missouri News.

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    Ep17: Wendy and Charles Siefken - Monsters 4 Kids

    in Pop Culture

    Wendy and Charles Siefken - Mom & Son Writing Team

    This duo writes children's books that utilize our favorite monsters but in a kid friendly way.

    Let's all take a bite out of the inter-waves together as we learn how they got into publishing and the books they write, and maybe why they are writing them.  Truly a special success story just in time for the holiday season!!


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    Wendy Addison, Speak Out, Speak Up: 21st Century Whistle Blowers

    in Culture

    Wendy Addison's life is the stuff that makes up a great film.

    Wendy shares her experience as a whistleblower who spoke out long before Assange and Snowden made it mainstream and prior to protective legislation being in place. Her ability to have won an eleven year war of attrition is motivational as is her ability to forgive, her drive to walk a path less travelled and the stepping stones she has laid down for others to follow her lead. Wendy's battle has been for what's 'right'. It's an exposure of much of what is 'wrong' in the world. It's about Truth or Dare or rather 'Daring to tell the truth'.  

    She has shared speaker platforms with Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Whistleblower), Coleen Rowley (FBI whistleblower), Dr Phil Zimbardo (Stanford Prison experiments) and Professor Roger Steare of ethicability. Find out more here: www.speakout-speakup.org

    Linda Lombardo and Tom Goglia host.

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    The NFL, Child Abuse and Adrain Peterson: Double Standards and Disparity

    in Family

    Join Attorney Sherri Jefferson as she goes INSIDE THE NFL.  INSIDE THE NFL will be candid discussions about going “Inside the NFL”, and examining race, drugs, domestic violence, child abuse, and player discipline.

    NFL, Clubs, and Players Union – Be careful what you ask for?

    Is the NFL really serious about violence against women or is their agenda self-serving?  Is the goal of the NFL to maintain endorsements and sponsorship or embrace and develop programs and services that promote self-awareness for abusers and victims of domestic violence? Why has the NFL been vocal about domestic violence and protecting alleged victims who can make decisions for themselves, but silent concerning child abuse, sex trafficking and juvenile prostitution, which plague the League, its clubs and players?

    This episode will examine how the NFL has handled the recent allegations of domestic violence and child abuse.  We will discuss whether the role of the NFL and its players union should include disciplinary actions against players for acts committed in their personal lives.  We will also examine whether disciplinary action has been or is fair and impartial and what role does race play, if at all, in addressing off the field acts committed by players.  Finally, this episode will examine whether the NFL has been inclusive or exclusive in handling issues like drugs, domestic violence, and race and off the field acts committed by its players.

    Listen live and join Attorney Sherri Jefferson!

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