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    Just a Chat with Edgar Welden

    in Sports

    I talk with Edgar Welden about the newest Alabama Sports Hall of Fame inductees, and David Knight returns for the SEC Weekly Update.

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    Small Changes Big Shifts - Take Care of Your Gut and It Will Take Care of You

    in Nutrition

    On this episode of Small Changes Big Shifts with Dr. Michelle Robin, Tess Masters, Australian actor, presenter, voice over artist and  writer living in Los Angeles,. also known as the The Blender Girl, joins Dr. Robin to share recipes from her new book, "The Blender Girl Cookbook" 100 Gluten Free, Vegan Recipes -  including delicious , snacks, salads, soups, main dishes, desserts, & condiments you can whip up in a blender.

     Also joining Dr. Robin is Todd Welden, owner of Mountain Cloud Natural Therapeutics in Aspen, Colorado, a practitioner of biodynamic cranial sacral therapy, needleless acupuncture, homeopathic botanical medicine, and radionics.


    To learn more visit http://www.yourwellnessconnection.com

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    Pro-Life Fridays: Bruce Rivers on the Post-Abortive Father

    in Lifestyle

    Is abortion really a decision that concerns only a woman and her doctor?  After interviewing a number of post-abortive mothers and learning about the reality of most women's post-abortion experiences, we now turn to a story of a post-abortive father in a series of future interviews with post-abortive fathers.  Bruce Rivers, a pastor at Greater Exodus Baptist Church in California, will be on to share his personal journey through abortion and self-reflection.  He presents a side of the abortion equation that is denied to exist and silenced on politically correct grounds.

    Plus, you may soon contribute financially to abortion through your health insurance. How has Congress and the White House confirmed this rumor?  Also, how the lawyer for Andrew Welden should have argued his case from Roe v. Wade--but we're glad he didn't. And, don't miss a bunch of other headlines we'll throw out there, plus the Hypocritical Headline of the day.


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    Clueless In New England

    in News

    Three young women, all last seen hitchhiking, all disappeared.  Two of the disappearances are the oldest, open cold cases in their respective states.
    Paula Welden, a resident of Stamford, Connecticut and student at Bennington College in Vermont disappeared in 1946 after hitching a ride to walk a portion of the Long Trail.  Her disappearance sparked the largest search in Vermont’s history.  She was never found.
    Two states away, Connie Smith of Wyoming left a Lakeville, Connecticut summer camp in 1952 and was last seen with her thumb extended trying to catch a ride to the village center.  A nationwide search resulted in hundreds of leads but not one solid clue as to what happened to her.
    But there was another case involving a young woman . . . the details of which lay buried in old newspaper articles from more than seventy years ago.  Her disappearance was eventually treated as a lost-in-the-woods case by police, ignoring information from several witnesses who saw her thumbing a ride.
    Several years before Paula Welden disappeared, Katherine Hull was visiting her grandmother in Lebanon Springs, New York and decided to go for a walk.  She was seen by at least three people hitchhiking along Route 22 but was never again seen alive.  Seven years would pass before a group of hunters came face-to-face with her skull, perched in the crotch of a tree, off a lonely road outside of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.What happened to these three young women?http://www.michaelcdooling.com/clueless%20information.htm My guest is the author of this book Michael C. Dooling.

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    Super Natural, Psychic World

    in Comedy

    Today's talk...the supernatural & psychic world! Are you psychic? Give us your Story! Call in 646-381-4736 Special Guest Mike Weldon Comedian! He has been on A&E, TNN, Comedy Central,Family channel!! Don't miss the Great Show!!