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    New Topics, new tips, music, life and many more

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     Barefoot Barista is a real coffee house in Pawleys Island South Carolina!  Welcome to our new radio show. On this first show we will be discussing who we are and some of the fun things we will be talking about like positive energy flow, crystal singing bowls, love lessons, favorite gurus, local movers and shakers, funny beach stories and favorite visitor's stories! We are fortunate enough to meet people from all over the world and all walks of life! They enter our doors and share their stories and now we will share those stories with you! We will talk and share our original music and introduce you to our very interesting local culture including artists, astrologists, teachers and students! So grab your coffee and grab a seat, its time to get caffeinated.

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    It Still Welcome Back Show

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    We Are Back, the radio talk show Real Man Speak Is back.

    And do we have the kickoff show for you. Now that the summer is over and it is business as usual, we want to start the show off Like this.

    Our show was based on options made available and that's what Real Men Speak Stands On, so with that in mind we are going to start a four part series entitled Man And His Family. Our speaker Dr. Miles Munroe is going to break it down for us and Explain the role of a Man And His Family.

    So myself and the crew, we welcome all our listeners back and we are excited and ready to bring you the show call Real Men Speak.

    Remember the show starts at 7 PM on Wednesday night September 17, 2014.You can catch us on blog talk radio and on Facebook

    Real Men Speak, Making Options Available

    Host and producer

    George Stevenson

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    Welcome to "This is Lawrence" radio.  This show is for everyone and the show will have a variety of topics from fashion to sports, every day life and every other aspect of life.  Feel feel to email me at thisislawrenceradio@gmail.com to discuss certain topics, have suggessstion and/or to be a co-host. 

    My very special guest for today's show is James Cannon!  Yes, James Cannon, the father of business and entertainment mogul Nick Cannon!  Tune in as James discusses his book and the calling each one of us has in our own personal lives.  I am excited to have him on my first show!

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    Welcome Back

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    Preview of the new school year. New programs, new teachers, additions to the building, new pastor! Welcome to new families

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    Assignment America - Welcome to America Again

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    Mark Smith and Terry Lee Tyler join me to discuss the song "Welcome to America Again" written by Mark, sung by Terry. The story behind this song will melt your soul. The delivery of this song by Terry, will swell your heart with pride, while your eyes begin to water. Athough the song was written back in the 80s, its message is even more powerful in today's environment.  Assignment tells the stories of America, from history, military, politics, social and economic, to entertainment - the things you never thought about to the trivia you never knew.


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    LIVE! with Cathi--Pineapple, the symbol of WELCOME!

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    THE PINEAPPLE, THE SYMBOL OF WELCOME!  In Hawaii, PINEAPPLE reigns supreme.  Be sure to have a PINEAPPLE in your home to welcome visitors when they call.

    Oh, the joy of having friends and family come to stay in your home -spending hours reminicing about good times-cooking delicious meals together-washing tons of dishes-wondering 'will they ever go to bed' and finding towels on the floor in the guest bathroom.

    Ed-gads, what to do.  Welcoming others into your home can turn into a STRESS DIASTER.  Careful planning is a must.  There are ways to be the hostess with the mostest without developing a psychosis.


    Keep it real...etc.

    Do you have enough space...etc.

    Be clear about your expectations...etc.

    House a diaster for a week...etc.

    Just LET GO AND ENJOY...etc.

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    Hello & Welcome

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    Hello and welcome to Blog Talk Raido as your host JDL.

    Guest Call In # (516) 387-1763

    Link page to my blog talk radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/josephdeluca

    When calling in please be patient for me to answer your calls, introduce yourself & basic information of what you do or anything you like to share. 

    Keep in mind I am unable to see whom you are when your calling in. In other words there is no name that comes up, just your number. You may call in from with in the platfrom from the link I send out to view my page and chat with me, which has Skype included, or there platform phone you can use, or to keep it simple just call from your cell phone, there is also a chat session as well this is used for others that come in and the room might be full of active callers, and is used the same way instant messagers work. 




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    You are welcome to World Assmebly, the citadel of love, with the principal obje

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    You are welcome to World Assmebly, the citadel of love, with the  principal objective of raising leaders for the heavenly kingdom. it is with great pleasure and honor having you tune in to partake in  the blessings the Lord has prepared. It is essential to understand  that it is not by accident, but it is the will and plan of God to  orchestrate your footsteps to the place of fulfilling destiny.

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     Welcome welcome to it is a time of refreshing

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