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    Weirdo News!

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    Join us for Weirdo News - the funniest news show ever. Real stories of the strange ripped from today's headlines. This is some messed up stuff!

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    New Orleans Vodou & The Way Of The Weirdo

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Rita Louise is joined on Just Energy Radio this week by two guests, Kenaz Filan who will be talking about New Orleans Vodou and Jason Gregory who will discuss the way of the weirdo.
    Kenaz Filan
    New Orleans Vodou
    After a decade of solitary service to the lwa (spirits of Haitian Vodou), in 2003 Kenaz Filan was initiated at Société la Belle Venus #2, a Vodou House in Brooklyn, New York. Kenaz is the author of “The Haitian Vodou Handbook”, “Vodou Love Magic” and the forthcoming “Drawing Down the Spirits” with Raven Kaldera.
    Jason Gregory
    The Way Of The Weirdo
    Jason Gregory for years has been a researcher in the fields of suppressed history, esoteric knowledge and the origins of humanity. Growing up his whole life within the comforts of the west, he chose to live a more humble existence in the land of Asia. Jason's life in the east naturally moved him into the exploration of consciousness and the world within. In this journey he was profoundly influenced by the philosophies of Vedanta, Buddhism, Hermeticism and the way of the Tao.

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      Hip Hop’s New Solo artist Salma Slims born Salma Conteh has a New Image, New Sound and no more girl group. Salma’s rapid fire flows and precision delivery are being put to use and she has now branched out into being an individual solo artist where she can now showcase her talent at its best. Currently the First Lady of the Collective clique "The Private Club" along side SoSo Def/RCA recording artist Rolls Royce Rizzy, Phin Da Weirdo, and Jaamal Davis. The Private Club are hip-hop artist whom move as a team every show, radio event, studio session and club appearance.

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    Nutjob White Nationalists and Weirdo White Rabbits w/ Mike Sledge

    in Comedy

    Tonight I will be discussing the pure insanity and and total hatred coming out of many circles of the so called "White Nationalist" movement. I will also talk about the latest tragedy and go through the bizzare history of these weirdos, schizoids, and NS freaks. Be there!!

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    Weirdo News

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    Tonight's show begins with Weirdo News, reporting on the strangest true stories ripped from today's headlines. Our guest Jonas Ball did not call in. We will try to reschedule. However, the show is still very entertaining - enjoy.

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    This week on OTTR~! join ED and and his beautiful co-host for this week the one and only CHERRY BROWN as they talk all the storys and events from this past weeks F4W/WrestlingObserver Vegas Convention. During the show we will be joined by members who where there live like Dr. Lucha, GG, Dez, Marco, and that weirdo Charlie plus a few more. Topics that include Meat overload, Beatles Love, and everyones favorite place The Bourbon Room, hot tube incidents, Banquets with suprise apperances by Crime Tyme and once agin Ed hots the best suite party ever, UFC and RONDA KICKING ASS and an awesome mainevent title match plus the most disgusting broken toe ever, Party at Dicks and whose mystery ass is on Ed's camara (someone will pay for this), cluster fuck at Pink Tacos, Ed kicks Charlies ass at Kiss Mini Golf, Karaoke and so so much more~!

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    The Cichlid Life - Odd Balls, Weirdos, and Lesser Knowns

    in Hobbies

    Join us in this episode as we take a look at some of the not commonly seen cichlids in the hobby.

    Learn all about the odd balls that people often confuse with it being a non cichlid.

    Find out about some of the down right weirdo cichlids that are commonly seen in the hobby and ones that you can easily keep!

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    Sarah Fertig - Pie It Forward

    in Culture

    Changing the world one pie at a time, Pie It Forward believes that every human being deserves tasty, nourishing food, made with care and served with dignity. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Sarah Fertig, Executive Weirdo Do-Gooder, on a mission to change the world with the power of pie, to the show on Saturday, June 14 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

    The Pie It Forward crew, which is comprised of Sarah, her fiance Chris Kovac and their Border Collie, Shalosh, is based in Ann Arbor, Michigain's Liberty Plaza. Formed in 2012, Pie It Forward hit the road in 2013 in their wagon house camper. They traveled 12,000 miles and baked and gave away more than 200 pies as they crossed the U.S. What kind of pies? The main ingredient in all of Pie It Forward's pies is kindness.

    The current plan is to become a 501c3, buy a food truck and use the profits to serve free or very affordable pies to people across Michigan. You can find Pie It Forward on Facebook or on twitter or the web site. Click here to make a donation to Pie It Foward.


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    Shrink n Drink Q & A: Family relationships

    in Self Help

    Dr. Julie Helmrich, psychologist from Milwaukee, WI and creator of Shrink n Drink, takes on-air questions and written questions.  Written questions are submitted via Messages on the Shrink n Drink Facebook page.  Questions are about generally about interpersonal relationships at home and work (spouses & partners, children, co-workers),  goal-directed behavior and self-leadership, and clinical issues such as anxiety, depression, and addiction.  Today's questions were: 1) husband annoyed with younger shy sister's 'hanging on' behavior. 2) 13 yr old son ditched job watching his 8 yr old brother for a job outside with friends, 3) just found out from my cousin that people talk about me at family reunion like I am weirdo, 4) best friend and brother are dating and no see best friend now, 5) sister is left out of what her adult brothers are doing.

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    Weirdo World author Cathy Seckman talks about teens

    in Health

    Cathy Hester Seckman is a dental hygienist, speaker, writer, and indexer. As a dental hygienist, she has been in general and specialty practices for 31 years. Since 2003, she has worked in a pediatric practice.
    For the past eight years, she has presented continuing education programs for hygienists on pediatric communication, management, nutrition, pre-natal to pre-school care, and teen health. She has spoken in California, Michigan, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.
    Seckman is the author of Weirdo World, a young adult fantasy novel published by Cool Well Press in 2011. She is a co-author of Bad Moon Rising, a murder mystery set between Woodstock and the Kent State shootings; and an anthology, H2O Mysteries. Both are indie-published on Amazon and Nook. Her short fiction has been published in several magazines.
    Seckman's talk at Las Vegas in mid July centers on Teen Risk Behavior:
    Sexual experimentation
    Drug experimentation
    Sports and energy drinks
    Tobacco products
    Piercings and splittings

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    Execution in Oklahoma...it only takes a minute or 30 of agony and you're gone

    in Current Events

    Your host calls into the stupidity of the death penalty and the even stupider ways to execute those who are REALLY bad.  Minimum wage, we don't need no damn minimum wage...learn to live in poverty, it's the new American way.  There's no money for schools, poverty and urban blight are everywhere, the state and federal gov't refuse to step in and help struggling urban schools, de jure' segregation exist in most schools and it's all the teacher's fault that schools are failing.  Makes sense to me...NOT!  That was the week that was...a reprisal of the absurd, stupid and downright ignorant of the week.

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