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    Taken with gratitude from Unwelcome Guests #703  We begin with the soundtrack of a short RT interview of Mark Crispin Miller about Project Censored's "forbidden bookshelf" project of republishing in electronic form books which the authorities have tried to suppress. He introduces his the first 5 books, starting with Douglas Valentine's The Phoenix Program: America’s Use of Terror in Vietnam, echoing ideas from episode 693. Our next piece is an interview of Professor Alfred McCoy by Jeff Blankfort. McCoy explains the extent of the surveillance systems currently underway, which far exceeds the Snowden disclosures. Our second hour concludes with a short interview of Naomi Wolf, author of The End of America, who slightly softens her skepticism of Snowden's whistleblower status. However, Wolf reminds us that there has been minimal independent verification of his story, and the commercially-controlled media of western 'democracies' continues to trumpet his 'revelations', ... Next we hear a panel discussion of Heidi Boghosian, the author of "Spying on Democracy", followed by a customarily outspoken Chris Hedges who provides a personal reflection on the psychology of the super-rich, drawing from his experience as a student from a lower working class background who attended a school for the upper class. To underline the implications of Hedges' discussion of an unaccountable and amoral power, we present a radio adaptation of "The Strange Case of Phillip Marshall", a video broadcast on PressTV, f ... We conclude this week with a historical parallel from Heidi Boghosian, who notes that public outrage about mass surveillance was sufficient to force the US executive to desist ... but not permanently. Thanks to TUC Radio for the Alfred McCoy interview.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Left's NEED For Dylann Roof

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    Yes, Scott Walker is the conservative GOP frontrunner; Hillary Clinton dons her Henry Kissinger costume; Brian Williams, the perfect face of MSNBC; Trade Promotion Authority is baaaaaaaack; The rumblings of the American Weimar?; Obama's narrow definition of "this kind of violence"; Tea Party TPA opposition rationale: "Screw Obama"; Accountability at Rolling Stone magazine; Nikki Haley and REAL executive leadership; Politico notices the Republican Obama; The "persecution" of Rachel Dolezal continues; Barack Obama and the dictator's lament; ObamaCare math; and Hillary Clinton blames the Charleston massacre on....Donald Trump?

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    Spingola and Friends

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    Deanna shared information from the third book in her trilogy, The Ruling Elite, Death, Destruction and Domination. Much of the information she presented counters the myths that we hear in both the "alternative" and the MSM.

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    This week's guest is Donna Voetee (aka Granny Good Food)

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    Donna Voetee, lovingly known as Granny Good Food joins us this Wednesday on The Best Years in Life Radio.  Donna  is a Doctor of Naturopathy and Counselor of Natural Health. She is the great- granddaughter of Grampa Owen,   She studied diabetes,women's hormones, and adrenal physiology at the Weimar Institute,   The topic of Wednesday's interview will be the history of the public school system, and why our children are illiterate and violent.

    During the first hour of the show, Tony will go over additions to our website, and will talk about The Biggest Mainstream Lie About Cancer

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    UGP #29 Weimar Republic? The Real George Washington?

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    Are we following in the Historical footsteps of Germany? What's up with NBC & G. Washington? Election Fallout Already?
    Here at the Underground Professor Community College we are covering Freedom Studies 101.
    We will discuss Historical events relating to our Founding and apply these lessons to current political events.
    Each episode will usually cover a book of interest (required text book) :-)

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    Everyone Do The Weimar Shuffle.

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    Well it has been another week and the nation continues to rack up debt at a record pace, more importantly it would seem that nobody in the political ruling class seems to be interested in doing anything about our spending addiction.
    Whether it was Tarp, the auto bailouts, the massive expansion of Medicare, an explosion in the EBT programs, the "stimulus" , qualitative easing,or Obamacare, the past decade has seen a rapid increase in debt with no end in sight.
    With no true opposition from the GOP , the Dems have had what the what, when the wanted it and how they wanted it , if the GOP won't stand in opposition then we must become the resistance!!! So welcome to the resistance!!!
    There is a thin line between Saturday night and Sunday Morning and I am living proof of that!!

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    Radio Infocyde 0003 Weimar America?

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    How close is America to the Weimar Republic?  What parallels can be drawn?  What are the differences? Can we learn from history to avoid the mistakes of the past?
    Join infocyde radio to discuss at 9:30 PM Arizona Time (11:30 PM in the East and 8:30 PM in the West) for a half hour discussion

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    May 3, 2014 -Debut Episode

    “Living in a Matrix” and Related Topics

    In this debut Show, Stefan Timm and Rodney Martin discuss the Amerikan System, which Stefan refers to as “The Matrix”

    Is the USA Weimar or Soviet or a little of both?

    Are White Americans simply ignoring the issues, hiding in plain sight to survive, or just getting by?

    What will it take to get White Americans to look at issues through the lens of Race as other ethnicities do?

    The Jewish infiltration and distortion of every element of White Culture and Society.

    Visit the ANA & ANN: WWW.ANA-ANN.COM


    The American Nationalist Network (ANN), supports the use and availability of its programs for the general public under the “fair use” portion of Section 107 of the US Copyright Law. We require only that the content is clearly notated as being produced by and for the American Nationalist Network (ANN). Changing of its material in any fashion, whether audio or graphic, is prohibited.

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    Weimerica: Moral Decay, Inflation & War

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    The Weimar Republic, a ‘democracy’ imposed by the victors of WWI. Combining wounded national pride with hedonism, economic devastation and democratism yielded chaos and collapse. The people who desired liberation soon found themselves desiring nothing more order. Caught between the anarchy of Communism and invasion from Capitalist Powers, the people had become conditioned to choose ‘moderation’, a third way–National Socialism!

    We are not living in the Weimar Republic, but we might be living in Weimerica. We fight over false left-right politics, conspiratorial distractions and tear apart Constitutional statesmen for the most minor infractions to our political sensibilities while our blood and treasure is spilled to wage bankers’ wars across the globe.

    When we know more about conspiracies, Hollywood’s sexual escapades and sports than we do about history, the Fed and corporatism, we are doomed to relive Weimar in a new, soft, emotive American way. Torn between self-loathing, hatred of country and fascistic nationalism disguised as patriotism, we are inviting social anarchism, state tyranny and economic collapse.

    Stop thinking with your genitals, wallet, feelings and fear and learn your history of liberty, the natural law and employ the few political tools we have left to thwart the decline into the abyss of irrelevance, dissolution and chaos.

    Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving can set aside their differences and band together against the rising tide of statism. Grassroots conservatives MUST work together to ensure the restoration of constitutionally limited government–it is up to you. End the imperialist police state-to defeat the Democrat-Socialists, first you MUST CRUSH the RINOs, for liberty!

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    January 31, 2014

    A Conversation with Mark Weber

    A Conversation regarding the 81st Anniversary of the National Socialist Government in Germany – January 30, 1933.

    Mark Weber is Director, Institute for Historic Review, in this, his 5th World View Conversation we will discuss the anniversary and historical significance of Adolf Hitler’s and the NSDAP’s coming to power on January 30, 1933.

    We will discuss many aspects regarding this historical event:

    The NSDAP obtained power in accordance with the Weimar Constitution

    The NSDAP had won impressive elections

    The NSDAP was in a “Coalition Government”

    The first “Hitler Cabinet”

    Many other fascinating aspects relating to this historical event

    Visit the IHR: www.ihr.org

    Visit the ANA & ANN: www.ana-ann.com

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS: President Jimmy Carter--How and why Senator Edward Kennedy scuttled Carter's national health care plan--historical audio Carson-Verzola Archives

    Edward Teller Father of the H Bomb

    Abel Gamel Nasser--Egyptian General seized power --Egypt's Leader--Will Egypt's Generals and military repeat Nassser's political coup?

    Michael Collins Irish independence fighter - political leader--

    Rosa Luxemborg-Karl Libeknect--
    Communist activists Weimar Germany

    Sophie (Kalis) Tucker--Red Hot Mama  "That's Why the lady is a tramp"

    Januarsy15th --Births-deaths & Events relevant to US(a)