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    Captain Curtis Wegener and the Baja 1000

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    Captain Curtis Wegener talks about all the great times he has had at the Baja 1000 and his love for Baja, California.

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    Today's show 1.31.14
    On the January 31st broadcasting of the Loisirslit Radio Program we will be showcasing some of our city’s brightest movers and shakers. Our guests include be Haley Burns, Founder and Executive Director  and Laura Stokes, Marketing Director from Fund 17, as well as Gerry Vaillancourt (aka Gerry V) the Sports Anchor and Writer for FOX 8 Morning Edition.
    Additionally, we have the honor of chatting with Renee Wegener from “The BeeR GirL NolA”, as well as Chef Anthony Landry, Owner of Sensational Tony’s BBQ in Gert Town. These wonderful guests are joining us to talk about some of the great food and beer that New Orleans has to offer. Remember to keep them in mind come game time this Sunday!
    Finally, we will close out our show with Orleans Parish Sheriff Candidate Ira Thomas, who plans to bring the sheriff department in a new and different direction based on his commitment to our community and his character-driven work ethic.
    Today is also a special day as we welcome my new talented host Jennifer Pagan, and as always we are accompanied by our resident band and Dj BLacK PeaRl.

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    Eliminating Autoimmunity Together - One Pajama at A Time

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    Meet Marta Rode, a wife, mother, sister, daughter and a friend. 
    Find the Common Thread to Autoimmunity Leader in Canada!"I use to be a very productive member of society as well as a very healthy and fit individual, running, biking, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, back country hiking - doing all the cool things living in a mountain town affords. Then I got sick with an autoimmune disease that is one of the deadlier varieties and everything changed."  She has made it her life's mission to do what she can to help in awareness and eliminating Wegener's and autoimmune diseases that as a whole are generally ignored by the medical profession, research and the general population "even amongst some that are ill with it."Blog Common Thread Blog PJ Event Photos

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    The Tennis Authority - Tim Strawn, Ben Porter, Oscar Wegner

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    Join the dynamic Natalie Chaline Fox as she brings tennis industry to you.   We will be visiting each week with various tennis businesses and organizations to see what they offer in this great sport we all love.
    This week we will be visiting with Adam Wolfthal and David Sickmen, publishers of New York and Long Island Tennis Magazines, to get the latest and greatest about the First Annual Tennis Expo.  We will hear from Tim Strawn and Ben Porter, Prince Brand Manager and Philip Van Asselt about the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians as well as Oscar Wegener of TennisTeacher.com 

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    The Legacy of James Bond

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    If you are a James Bond fan, you better tune in Tuesday's Kicking It With Tony show on Blogtalk Radio. Colin Clark is coordinator of the Ian Fleming Foundation, which preserves the legacy of James Bond, aka, 007. He will be on our show to talk about the James Bond film series, the actors who portrayed James Bond, and behind-the-scenes stories in making the film. You don't want to miss this one!
    Also, we will talk about Tony's battle with Wegener's Granulomatosis, and educate the public on this terrible disease.
    Tune in March 5 at 7 p.m. PT.

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    Our Expanding Earth? The Investigation with Liam Scheff

    in Science

    We talk with Tokyo-based journalist, long-time writer for the Japan Times, 20 year ex-patriot in Japan, former US Navy air-traffic controller, 9/11 activist, and all-around nice guy Jeff Ogrisseg, for a report on the fiction of "plate tectonics" and the remarkable changes that planet Earth has undergone in its life-cycle. (Read Jeff's Japan Times article on "Our Growing Earth.")

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    The 40 Year Old Marriage...

    in Romance

    Hello Everyone, join us as we speak with Heinz Wegener, Cofounder of the Norcross Fellowship Luncheon. The Norcross Fellowship Luncheon (NFL) is a weekly luncheon that meets at 12:00 every Wednesday at the Golden Corral in Duluth, GA. The NFL’s mission is to provide a platform for Christian businessmen to share their story of how God has touched their lives both personally and professionally.

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