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    Success for All - Believing All Children Can Learn

    in Education

    Our February show will feature Dr. Robert (Bob) Slavin, co-founder of Success For All.  Success for All grew out of a program of research and development that started with basic research on cooperative-learning strategies. By 1980, Bob's group at Johns Hopkins University had learned how to harness the power of kids working with kids by structuring methods in which groups could succeed only if all members had mastered the academic material they were studying.  In 1987, along with Nancy Madden, Bob founded SFA.  Bob is currently Director of the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University, part-time Professor at the Institute for Effective Education at the University of York (England), and Chairman of the Success for All Foundation.  Our 2nd guest will be Mrs. Linda Lorenzo, Principal for the Kane Area Elementary School  in Pennsylvania.  Kane Area has been recognized as one of SFA's exemplar schools.

    Join us for this 2nd in our series of school improvement initiatives at 2pmEST on February 12!

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    Learn Truths About the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

    in Business

    Calling all Human Resource professionals, business owners, insurance representatives, organization leaders - BluPrint welcomes Larry Frazier, M.S. and Carla Watson, BA, both of whom have led Affordable Care Act training sessions. Listen and take notes as we discuss how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) helps employers provide feasible options for current & potential employees.


    A professional with over a decade of experience in training, developing, and directing highly successful teams, Carla is a member of the BluPrint Leadership Institute faculty and proven leader with diversified education, skills, experience in training, employee coaching and development, performance management and customer relationship management. She is a member of the Principal Training team at BluPrint and is a  subject-matter expert on Maryland health-care reform.

    A member of the BluPrint, LLC training and development team, Larry has more than 20 years of domestic and international experience in leadership development, knowledge management, strategic planning, performance management, organizational change and employee development programs.  Larry understands Health Care Reform specifically as it applies to the state of Maryland and is a blogger on the Affordable Care Act.

    He has many years of experience in organizational change, instructional systems design-Gagne-Briggs and ADDIE model, HR development, mentoring, process mapping (problem diagnosis-incorporating 360 feedback processes), project management, information management, leadership ethics, training, and executive coaching.

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    Self Talk for A Calmer You - Dr. Seibel Interviews Beverly Flaxington

    in Health

    Beverly Flaxington is a corporate consultant, behavioral coach, hypnotherapist, college professor and author of the book Self Talk for a Calmer You. In this interview she offers insights from her book on how the negative messages in your brain can lead to anxiety and depression, and how offers tips for turning those negative messages into positive ones that can make a calmer you. This is particularly helpful in stressful times such as menopause.

    Dr. Mache Seibel is Editor of My Menopause Magazine in the Apple News stand and My Menopause Mag on the Web. He is the recipient of the 2013 Media Award from the North American Menopause Society and one of the nation's leading experts and speakers on women's health, particularly for women over 40. You can find more about him at DoctorSeibel.com. Because heart disease kills more women than men and because many women don't realize steps they can take to reverse heart disease, this interview will offer very valuable information. Click Here for free monthly health news and updates.

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    Danielle Emanuel, Progressional Speaker Talks Destiny's Divas & S.U.C.C.E.S.S

    in Entertainment

    With a career that spans over a decade of experience in politics, the entertainment industry, and the non-profit sector, Danielle’s professional range has progressed over time to where she is today, and she is nowhere near finished.  Danielle has worked with and for NYC Council as an Economic Development Coordinator, Oxygen Television as an intern and junior editor, MACY’s Workshop, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) and Brooklyn Philharmonic as press coordinator, VH1, MTV, Boys and Girls Club of America, and Mercy Corps to name a few.  She has garnered sponsorship for various clients from major corporations such as Verizon, MetLife, Pinnacle Vodka, Code Mantra, and successfully continues to obtain media

    Facing challenges balancing work, career, school, and her spiritual and physical health, Danielle took the time out to reevaluate where she was going and how she was getting there.  Slowing down and prioritizing, yet being ready to take off and soar at any moment is what Danielle guides so many women through every day.   To the women who are willing to make the sacrifices required for entrepreneur success, the lady determined to climb the corporate ladder and kick through glass ceilings, and who has a passion that they should be profiting from, Danielle shows them practical professional tools and offers real life encouragement. coverage for clients in publications and outlets such as CBS Radio, VIBE Magazine, The New York Times, Corporate Secretary, Complex magazine, and more as well as other local, regional, and national outlets.  And now, she's here with KieneWorks on Kiew Radio...Tune In...

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    Intuitive Tarot Reading

    in Spirituality

    Have you always wondered how tarot cards worked, but thought they'd be too difficult to learn? In this episode of Spirit Light Radio, I'll be talking about using the Tarot as a tool to help build your intuitive abilities.  I'll discuss using the basic meanings of the cards along with your intuitive feelings to do readings for others.

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    Project Empowerment - David Tuccaro Jr

    in Self Help

    Project is thrilled to have on David Tuccaro Jr.

    David Tuccaro Jr. is a Mikisew Cree First Nation who overcame his fight with Leukemia, 
    chronicled in his memoir written by Marala Scott, Bad to the Bone: The True Story of David Tuccaro Jr. Born and raised in Ft. McMurray, Canada. He shares his tumultuous journey of self-discovery through 
    pain, hopelessness and the feeling of inadequacy to inspire others to overcome adversity. 
    After finding his purpose, he is living out his passion of teaching others to save lives by 
    registering to become a bone marrow donor. 

    For more information about David Tuccaro Jr. visit:


    Please also visit our web partner www.weZENu.com


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    Community Benefits From Senior Response Teams

    in Family

    Julie Hess, Founder of ACM Care, talks about the many Senior Response Teams availble in the St. Louis area and what a profound value they bring to the community.  

    Julie Hess RN, C, CCM is the Executive Director of ACM Care.  ACM Care is a non profit agency with over 14 years experience helping adults access quality services so they can avoid going to a nursing home in the future. Senior Resource Teams are community-based teams that collaborate to address educational and community needs of senior citizens in the area.

    Phone: (314) 293-0697

    Toll Free: (888) 323-5916

    Email: info@acmcare.org

    Web: www.acmcare.org

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    Miscarriage of Justice what do you do when God allows the unexpected- HOLI radio

    in Lifestyle

    Hearts Of Love International – Reproducible Ministry Models focused on Emotional Wellness, Awareness, Training, Implementation and Outreach. Discussing concepts covered in workbooks and materials written by Dr. Frank Minirth, Dr. Larry Gilliam, as wells a support materials developed by experts in the fields of emotional wellness, life coaching, early childhood development and church leadership. 

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    Startup Kitchen - Recipes for Success

    in Entrepreneur

    Recipes for a Successful Tech Startup

    On this episode we discuss the ingredients, preparation and energy that go into making a successful startup:

    Getting the correct ingredients - People, Ideas
    Preparation - Planning the Business
    Energy - Getting Funded
    Time - Launching in the quickest time possible
    Taste - Testing and validating your model
    Sample Recipes of successful startups

    Call in and ask your questions

    If you miss the show you can find this and past episodes posted at http://www.techstartradio.com


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    Planning Your Business Success

    in Business

    Sandy Collins is a seasoned talent management consultant, management coach and workshop developer. She specializes in working closely with clients to achieve and sustain high impact results through the use of a practical, systematic and synergistic approach. She'll be sharing strategies for plan development in your business that will take you to new heights and revenue levels for 2014.

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    Ashram Rituals

    in Spirituality

    Devotional time, focusing on the will of God, connecting with the Ascended Masters through meditations, mantrams and the spoken word

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    Uncommon Knowledge

    in Radio




    Denise & Bobbi discuss, once a week, current events with Uncommon Knowledge and interaction with callers and chat room.

    Denise's Blog

    Bobbi's Blog