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    Living Wealthy Classic: Credit Facts and Fiction- What Consumers Should Know

    in Finance

    Way back in 2012, Living Wealthy Radio aired its' third episode on how to handle credit.  Tammy de Leeuw and Teresa Kuhn discussed some of the myths and eye-opening facts about credit and how to keep yourself out of trouble.

    If you've been struggling to get your credit in line; to repair dings and dents, and get better interest rates, then you'll want to hear Teresa's strategies for taking hold of credit and using it to your advantage.  Take our credit quiz and see how much YOU know about this important element of your financial life.

    As a Bank On Yourself (tm) authorized advisor, Teresa helps her clients avoid credit traps, increase their cash flow, and protect and grow their nest eggs.

    You can get free resources at http://www.livingwealthyfinancial.com  and also at www.livingwealthyradio.com.


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    Talking Trash with bag Lady Sue and Biker Bob!

    in Comedy

    Join me for an interview with BIKER BOB of US BIKER PARTIES . com A great photojournalist who travels the country covering the best adult biker rallies out there! Check out his website @ www.usabikerparties.com and www.usbikerparties.com  Call in to the show to night and kick it with your Bag's and Biker Bob, to get the scoop on the best rallies in the country.

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    Black Bag Talks with Armani Nejor Designs

    in Fashion

    Remember paper dolls and dress up? You could take the cardboard doll and pick a paper dress or even create one that you liked.  What if you decided to take it up a notch and you created dresses for people and you were only 6 years old when you started and you have won awards and clients? When you hear the amazing rise and story of this young lady you'll agree that her future is nothing short of fabulous! Join us to chat with Pittsburgh’s 2013 Youthpreneur who is a 12-year old certified as MWDBE Couture Fashion Designer. Armani Dolby and her mom, Tish Dolby, CVO for Armani Nejor Designs are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Her designs include everything from suits to evening wear to bridal wear.  The line is unique and on par with any of the major labels you find in stores. Get a second cup of coffee, a pen and get ready to join us as we talk with a rising star in fashion design, Armani Nejor.  Always searching for the innovative, creative, excellence and bringing it to you, Black Bag Productions.

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    I AM Wealthy Radio Webinars Intro

    in Lifestyle

    This is the kick off pre-show segment of the first I AM Wealthy Radio Webniars segment for introducing the platform.

    Hosted by Alicia Nicole Waters! who will also be sharing from her book I AM Wealthy! (A Mini Journal Guide For Embracing Internal Prosperity To Achieve External Manifestations).

    Resource can be found on Amazon.com or www.aliciawaterscrossindustries.com 

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    just This Word

    in Christianity

    Elder Michael Holman of A Wealthy Place COGIC (http://www.wealthy-place.org/ ). The Jurisdiction is the 1st Jurisdiction of East New York of the Church Of God In Christ where the Jurisdicitonal Bishop is Bishop James Gaylord. The Jurisdictional Supervisor is Mother Marcelle Harris. The International Bishop of The Church of God In Christ (http://www.cogic.org/ ) is Bishop Charles Edward Blake. The International Supervisor is Mother Willie May Rivers.

    Elder Holman Shares in a series called, "Just This Word with Elder Holman". We will whenever possible try to Broadcast Audio via BlogTalkRadio and Broadcast Video via our ComF5 Live Broadcast Channel

    Go to the link to enjoy a short clip from "Wealthy Place" by LaShun Pace and Edwin Hawkins based on Psalm 66:10,12 which is also our Ministry, A Wealthy Pace ® and Registered Trademark

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    Social Media Marketing with Amy Donohue | Brown Bag Business Chat

    in Marketing

    Join Heather Steele with guest host Amy Donohue from The Fab Social. The good, the bad, and the ugly of social media marketing. Tune in for tips to avoid looking like a jerk online!

    Topics included in this chat:

    What is your definition of social media? 

    How has social media changed your life?

    How do you bridge the gap between the person and the brand on Twitter?

    How do you introduce your business in the mix?

    Do you agree social media is good for SEO and that sharing your content is smart? 

    What is the one habit you wish people would break? 

    About your host, Ms. Heather Steele: 

    Heather is the Chief Marketing Officer for Blue Steele Solutions, in Denton, Texas. She is a marketing professional specializing in interactive/Web marketing. She practices innovative operations and process development with a knack for making the most out of small marketing/sales budgets and personnel.

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    Monday Morning Prayer

    in Religion

    PRAYER is the KEY and FAITH UNLOCKS the DOOR. Go with us in Prayer this Monday Morning!

    Click the link to enjoy a short clip from "Wealthy Place" by LaShun Pace and Edwin Hawkins based on Psalm 66:10,12 which is also our Ministry, A Wealthy Pace ® and Registered Trademark

    Use Link or Call-in numbers


    Elder Holman

    A Wealthy Place

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    Lee McCormick - "Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag"

    in Self Help

    During those times when life seems empty and we’re feeling lonely, lost, or “less-than” or even struggling with addiction--it’s often because our spirit has become squashed. We’ve disconnected or shut ourselves down. You hear it in the stories we tell. Driven by injury, false beliefs, fear, we accept this manufactured vision of ourselves as true. Yet our lives have the ability to go from a living hell to living our version of paradise when we release our spirit from bondage. We can indeed achieve a Happy, Joyous and Free life!

    And that’s why Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag (HCI Books, June 2014) is such an essential and life-changing resource for so many. Crafted by best-selling authors, respected leaders in the recovery movement, and founders of Nashville’s Integrative Life Center, Lee McCormick and Mary Faulkner, offer a way out of life’s maze. The book is half autobiographical journey and half medicine bag ... filled with spiritual healing practices for those who are struggling with any aspect of life.

    But Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag wouldn’t have the gut-punching impact that it does, were it not for McCormick’s willingness to bare all … to strip away the layers and let us share his journey to addiction-free, spiritually enriched mental and emotional health.

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    Monday Morning Prayer

    in Religion

    PRAYER is the KEY and FAITH UNLOCKS the DOOR. Go with us in Prayer this Monday Morning!

    Click the link to enjoy a short clip from "Wealthy Place" by LaShun Pace and Edwin Hawkins based on Psalm 66:10,12 which is also our Ministry, A Wealthy Pace ® and Registered Trademark

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    Elder Holman

    A Wealthy Place

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    Wealthy Wednesday Empowerment Experience!

    in Business

    WEALTHY WEDNESDAY Empowerment Experience Series....
    God's Way to Wealth! 

    Today's Topic: What is Your Financial Mindset About Money, Wealth and Prosperity?  Do You Have a Wealthy Mind? 

    Every Wednesday: Join us as we share financial insights, wealth-creation, wealth management ideas and skills, money management tips, wealth-buliding and investing strategies, biblical prosperity truths, estate planning (wills and trusts), business and entrepreneurship strategies and other money and financial related topics and subjects.

    You will be EMPOWERED and EDUCATED that Money Matters!

    Coming Soon...... School of Wealth ~ January 2015.

    The School of Wealth is a Wealth Management training school. Learn and develop ways to implement God's Kingdom principles of wealth and sound business wisdom. Receive training and strategy to activate Kingdom laws of wealth. Listen to dynamic speakers who are actively applying principles for wealth in the marketplace.


    Develop ways to advance his Kingdom
    Gain knowledge on how successful people invest
    Learn how to build wealth through prudent investing, starting with small amounts
    Build contacts and relationships with others who desire to build wealth for the Kingdom

    Those who want to receive impartation from professionals who are actively applying God's principles for wealth in the marketplace and all spheres and sectors in society. 
    Contact us at Good Success Institute Center ~ goodsuccesseminars@gmail.com 
    for seminars, workshops, presentations and speaking engagements. 

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    Ms. Computer Lady LIVE At The Variations of Womanhood Event in Toledo, OH 11/21

    in Computers


    Stop by the Ms. Computer Lady Show as she comes to you LIVE from the Variations of Womanhood event.  Various topic point of discussions include spirtituality, dating, health/fitness, live performances by local indie artists, and so much more!  Tune in to two places Internet style.  Tune in via your laptop, smartphone, iTunes, iPad, (and yes even your desktop), or whatever device you use to enjoy live streaming.  Make sure to go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/MsComputerLady AND right here at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/MsComputerLady.  Spread the word and experience for yourself the Variations of Womanhood.

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