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    GOP America's Weakest Link Part2

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    Thanks for listening to part one of The GOP is the weakest link on yesterday. I shared with you a list of President Obama's accomplishments over the last 5 years. There are numerous ways the President has worked for and with the people who sent him. He has been courageous and steadfast in his efforts to leave America better than he found it. He has been successful. Accomplishments has mounted and with no thanks to the GOP, America's weakest link. So sad! On Jan 20, 2009 a GOP group of 15 met to sabotage President Obama's term in office. With all the backing of big money, and scandalous lies, and mockery, the GOP failed and President Obama is now in his second term as president of the United States. The people of America are not weak. The people of America can see clearly. Even some who didn't vote for Obama first time around came on board the 2nd time. For as American's always have done, enough have always stood up for the good of America, for we Americans recognize that we are a great human chain. And a chain is not, cannot be any stronger than it's weakest link. The GOP is old, rusty, and has served it's purpose. The new Republicans just might need to revive that party, starting with "A new name"?

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    john link show

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    john link explores madnes

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    This week we celebrate the birthday of our infamous host Mr. John Link. We are sure to be joined by actor/director.makeup artist Edward X. Young, film historian Don Fellman and various other John Link Show alumni. Join us tonight while we celebrate another orbit around the sun by the missing link...John Link.

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    The Great and Powerful Link!

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    Join us tonight for fun and insightful talk about classic films, and whatever else pops into the heads of HOST John Link, co-hosts Edward X Young and Donald Fellman, writer, actor Amanda Batdorf and the amazing Lola, and your engineer for this evening, Rusty Pietrzak.

    Call in to talk with us, or just to hang out and listen- 11 PM EDT (NJ,NYC)  (347) 934-0493   45 minutes you can never get back, so don't even ask!

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    The Weakest Link

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    Who loves the Weakest Link? I will be hosting the game show for a top prize of up to $100. Here are the rules:

    In each round the aim is to answer enough questions correctly to reach your $20 target within the time limit. There are five geniuses so the fastest way to reach the target is to create a chain of five correct answers. Get your question wrong, you break the chain and lose all the money in the chain. Say bank before the question is asked, the money is safe, however you'll have to start a new chain from scratch. Only the money that has been banked will be carried over the next round. First round will last for 90 seconds and 15 seconds will come off the clock each round. The chain will be:

    1. $1
    2. $2
    3. $5
    4. $10
    5. $20

    At the end of the around, you will have to vote off whom you think is the weakest link.

    The fourth round will have you the chance to double what you bank. The final round will be a head to head round where i ask you alternating questions best of 3. Whomever gets the most questions correct wins. If there is a tie we'll go into sudden death until we have a winner. So come join me this Sunday 3 pm eastern or "You are the Weakest Link. Good Bye".

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    The John Link Show Presents...John Link!

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    Tonight we inverview the interviewer and find out more about the mysterious John Link, and his personal recollections of horror fandom. Call in to ask your own questions, or to share stories of your encounters with the one, the only...John Link!


    Call in from 11 to 11:29 PM New York time-  (347) 934-0493

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    Grindhouse Veterans JOHN LINK & EDWARD X YOUNG angrily demand to know why The Academy Awards®, of February 22, 2015, in their televised Memoriam refused to acknowledge the passing of CARLA LAEMMLE, who died on June 12, 2014 at the age of 104! Carla Laemmle was the niece of Universal Studios founder, Carl Laemmle; her screen career spanned over 90 years from the silent classic, "The Phantom of the Opera" (1925), to her final role in 2014; and she has the first spoken line in the first talkie horror movie ever made, "Dracula" (1931). • Also snubbed, inexplicably, was beloved comedienne JOAN RIVERS, who hosted the pre-Oscar® Red Carpet show for years, in which she playfully mocked the pompous hoopla of the night. Joan Rivers omission from the tribute must have been borne out of revenge and hatred for her satire! • JULIANNE MOORE copped a Best Actress statuette for STILL ALICE; but she really deserved it for David Cronenberg's MAPS TO THE STARS. However, the supercilious & Scientologist-ridden Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences would never give kudos to a picture made by a foreign-based horror film director that horrifically castigates Hollywood Hierarchy for their decadence & depravity! • Independent horror movie producer, Cameron Scott joins John Link & Edward X Young in their rant.

  • Mr. Link

    in Hip Hop Music


    Detroit native son brings Hip-Hop to the world through the eyeys of D-Town's finest.

    The Maestro Of Hip Hop brings that "REAL" music to your ears.

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    Mastering Astral Projection by Robert Bruce

    in Film

    Something a little different for The John Link Show this week. John will be doing a review of the book 'Mastering Astral Projection by Mr. Robert Bruce. Join us tonight for a discussion on this topic, amongst other things that may happen. After all anything can happen on this show...and usually does.

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    John Link's Half Hour of Horror

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    We here at The John Link Show are no strangers to the world of horror. Tonight we discuss the rather broad term of the world of 'horror'. What is fear? What is despair? What is Horror? Join us on The John Link Show tonight to find out if you dare...

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    Game Show Tonite 117, You Are The Weakest Link, Joey...or is she?

    in Entertainment

    Ok, so I mixed in the mind's Osterizer and came up with the two topics we'll cover tonight...the eviction from BB16 is already underway...And. Professor Barcus is taking us this week to Summer School for "The Weakest Link"  

    Now, PROGRAM ALERT!  There will be No GST the week of July 15th, Alabama is having the runoff to the Primaries.  Our Next new episode is July 22...

    It's time to heave the driftwood...to cut someone's liferaft off...

    No Miss Anne, it's Game Show Tonite!

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