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    Why did we choose to transition to natural hair?

    in Women

    Natural Hair Community, Naturalistas,  Natural Hair Care and Curl Sisters? Over two years ago these terms would have sounded like foreign language to me. In fact, the thought that I would wear my hair in its natural curly state is something that would not even cross my mind. Join me as I speak with my good friend Sherrifa about the good, bad and the ugly with our hair transition. We will discuss our natural hair journey, hair tips, product reviews and more!

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    power of perception coaching Do we need to conform?

    in Spirituality

    Join our host Scott Golden for the show as we discuss the power of being yourself  Today we will discuss the future of the network and what you can do to help us grow. We will also talk about being  able to use  your talents toguide your life. and  the connection that has with success. You can contact Scott at poperception@aol.com or on twitter at Scott Golden. on linkedin  You can also call in to the show live to gain insite on the topic of the day or anything on your mind. the number is 516-590-0357. More info on Scott can be found here.


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    NWCR Radio #328 - What we need to do to save America

    in Politics Conservative

    From the Islamic Cult invasion to the illegal immigration, to the people we are electing to office, here is what we need to do to save America for the next generation to enjoy the freedoms that we have had in the past.  Give a listen to this informative show.  Looking for a guest so that will be announced if it comes to pass.

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    10242015 We need another Pentecost!!

    in Religion

    Join Bishop J.O. Sparks at 11:00 PM(EST) as he preaches a message titled, " We need another pentecost." We need a church that will tear down the walls of denominational division, and disunity, that will be unified in the faith, working hand in hand to grow the Kingdom of God, a church united in Purpose, united in Prayer, united in Power and united in performance. 

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    I Need A Word

    in Religion

    What does it mean to "KNOW" Jesus?

    Is there "inner" (or "outer") evidence of a Relationship with Him?

    A walk through the Study Guide from the Teacher's Commentary....ALL scripture is from the New King James Version (NKJV).


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    We Are Not Cattle Radio (#119)

    in Current Events

    Topic for the show:  We review the recent events in Paris and discuss the possible outcomes for the world.  We will also discuss how this resembles Operation Gladio and how the COP21 is a giant step in World Government.  We now see the media with disinformation, talking points and a script that looks like something out of a comic book.  All this and more on We Are Not Cattle Radio.

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    To get where we need to be with Jesus requires forgiveness !

    in Christianity

    We will continue with parables today. We learned several things this week, one, without faith it is impossible to please God.  Two, all of the good works we could ever do can't save me, but faith without works is dead,  So, what is the problem?  Let's get an " easy barometer" for Jesus to measure us by.... how we forgive others! ouch....


    in Religion

    Too often we say we are of CHRIST and are born again but we are living a lie. The flesh still want to dominate. Paul said that he was going to forget the flesh, leaving what the flesh did, what images he rembered in then and take on the spirit mind and its faith to believe that he can and will accomplish what was assigned for his life. So he continued to move forward in the spiritual mind understand that was lead by the HOLY SPIRIT. A renewed mind is proof that your spirit man has been born again and are instructed by the HOLY SPIRIT.

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    in Self Help

    Life is filled with of recipes. There are LIFE recipes for success, a happy marriage and good health, just to name a few, and each recipe has certain vital ingredients to achieve the desired outcome. Have you ever prepared a dish only to realize too late that you left some vital ingredient out? It was not satisfactory was it?

    That is why a lot of us are not satified with what is going on in our lives, its because we left out the most vital ingredient for the recipe, which is UNIVERSAL ONENESS!

    Do you sometimes feel there's hardly any genuine love in this world?  Everyday, we are bombarded by stories of somebody taking lives of others, abusing others, bullying others for one's own benefits, taking possession of things that do not belong to us.

    Nowadays, success is mostly defined by money and power. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being materially successful, so long as we are not off balance. 

    The problem is when our desires take over our life, every time we achieve some degree of material success, we want more. Over time, we would even begin to get rid of anyone or any situation that comes in our way. We will give all kinds of excuses to justify our desires to be materially successful.

    Whether it'S from the point of view of a country, of a region or an individual, whatever we have is never enough. We have to take away what belongs to others, including their homes, their lives, their resources, etc. Wars start because of this. Disputes start because of this. There is no sense of "universal Oneness. And that’s why I call it the Missing Ingredient.

    Join me Janice Clarke, Host of THE SOULFUL HEALING TALK SHOW, as we delve into this not talked about  MUCH subject, Universal Oneness, and how it can bring genuine happiness into our lives, 

    POWERFUL ME TIME HOUR! Catch you then..One Love ~

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    We All Need A Healing.......

    in Entertainment

    Music is my way of getting By........What's your Therapy?

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    Through the Looking Glass w/Janet Lee-Choose Again

    in Spirituality

    Last night, I reached inside that half eaten bag of chocolate chips, grabbed an oversized hand-FULL, and plopped it in my mouth. Immediately, I experienced the regret. "Maybe that wasn't such a good choice."..this time when I reach inside that bag o'chips I will stop, and maybe I'll, "choose again." It is never too late to change your mind...have a new direction. You simply have to choose again. Have you ever wanted to choose again? This episode explores this fantastic notion!

    This week, Janet Lee welcomes Tracey Kern, Publisher of Conscious Shift Magazine to discuss how to choose again!! Tracey is inspiring and full of practical examples of how to change your life now. ENJOY!!

    Janet Lee welcomes your calls this evening! The number is (646) 915-8288!