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    Spirituality and Sexuality: Where Do We Stand

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    Can We Talk for REAL welcomes Joi Rhone as we shift the conversation in Black History Month to Spirituality and Sexuality. Joi Rhone is a powerful, inspirational speaker that will join co-host, Ina, Michelle and Terry, Wednesday Night Feb 18, 2015. Joi is Founding Minister of Healing Hearts Ministry, a ministry under Bishop Yvette Flunder at City of Refuge UCC in Oakland, CA. We will discuss how far has the black church come with issues of sexuality and homosexuality?  Our discussion will also go into the pulpit when we discuss what your thoughts are when as part of the LGBTQ community you keep hearing the following message: “You are going to hell and damnation because of your sexuality”. Joi will talk to us about why over the last 5 years, love and healing has become a large part of the ministry conversations. That is only the beginning of her conversation. In addition, Joi is Founding Minister of Healing Hearts Ministry, a ministry under Bishop Yvette Flunder at City of Refuge UCC in Oakland, CA. Question to the audience how have you been able to align your own spirituality and sexuality? Conversations being heard all around, “Can You HEAR us NOW”! Joi is excited that 2015 will see the publishing of her book “Joi In The Morning – Meditations For Finding Your Way Back To God”.

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    Whatever you do, do it for Jesus.

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    Interesting how lives would change if we did this...

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    Can Do! What's that about?

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    As a person with disabilities that are not visible, I desire to bring to life the stories of those who live with disabilities.  Can Do! Is not about Inspiration as much as it is in sharing truths.  Truths about bullying, truths about employment, truths about life in general - including the Sex word (If that makes you nervous... well, you can skip that episode.), and just plain truths about discrinination in community living choices... And much more. 

    If after pointing out what this show is about makes you interested in more... sit right down and listen in :-)

    We are people with disabilities and we CAN DO!

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    Can We Praise Him w. Trinisa Pitts

    in Self Help

    Robert Montgomery a man that says He Has been there and done that and ready to school the younger generation of men on what to do and not to do… 

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    Jesus Is LORD, We Can Do What He Does and Greater Things!

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    One of my favorite scriptures in the word is John 14;12-14 I love the word of God! Jesus is so epic and His grace truly is all I need. I am thirsty for more of Him and will pay any cost to have more. I am not giving Him anything less than my best and so with that said I love Jesus more than words can even say and my actions show it. I am not saying I am perfect and in fact I have so much to learn however I have been blessed to receive the proof of the reality of that very truth that I can do what he does and even greater and I am so excited to explore scripture and the ways we can apply it to our lives and grow even stronger in our relationships with Him so we will dig in to John 14 tonight and this being our day 1 of 40 days of deep purpose in the LORD Jesus!

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    Forgiveness...... Can we do it?

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    Why is it so hard to forgive?  Especially when you see its' negativity.

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    Opulent Network- Helping Others Help Themselves

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    yES! wE cAN dO It

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    HI THERE! Let's have some fun!


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    God Can Use Whatever You Have

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    Join us on Rhyme The Word with Gail Gower as we look at Jesus feeds the Five Thousand. Our Scripture is found in John 6:1-13. We will be talking about how God can use whatever we have to offer to Him.

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    Who Decides When a Life Matters? Transgender Lives DO MATTER

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    February is supposed to be the month of love and romance. The year is 2015 and in January and February the lives of Trans Woman have not matter because 6 have already been killed. There is no national or local uproar for justice for the families, friends or the victims. There are no marches scheduled through social media with expecting crowds of 1000 or more expressing outrage. There are however organizations that are raising theirs voices and hoping you join them as this is a trend that MUST STOP NOW. Joining co-host Ina, Michelle and Terry Wednesday night, February 25th will be Monica Roberts, aka the TransGriot, is a native Houstonian and a trailblazing award winning trans community leader. She has lobbied since 1998 for trans human rights protections at the federal, state and local levels in Kentucky and Texas.  January 2006 she founded the award winning blog TransGriot. We will talk about why the deaths of 6 transgender women have had little mainstream media attention, no community leadership out cry, nothing. New Orleans LGBT youth of color activist group, The BreakOUT stated in the Feb 10th news story, "The silence and lack of action from media on behalf of the Black transgender community sends a strong message that Black Trans Lives, in fact, do not matter."  At last count 5 black transgender women and 1 Latina transgender woman have lost their lives. Where are the black and latina leaders that scream when a black or latina man or woman are killed for no reason? When does a human life not matter and who determines that?

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    If God Can Do All Things, Then Why Do We Worry?

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    If God is truly Almighty and can do all things, why do we ever worry? Furthermore, why is it that we sometimes feel that our prayers "won't make a difference"? Join Catholic speaker and author Gary Zimak as he continues his walk through the Catechism of the Catholic Church and discusses some of these important issues. We'll also look at the common question of why evil exists. You don't want to miss this episode of The Gary Zimak Show. If you do, you'll miss A LOT!

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    A Talk about how we can control...

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    Real Soul Music Talk Radio presents a great talk about how we can take control of our own destiny.  Host DJ Jano G and Mr. TIm Poetic and crew will expound upon this particuliar topic and give the some facts on the subject.  We will discuss what steps of measure can we use to take control over our situation in america.  Do we need our own protection, do we need our own religion, do we need our own schools, do we need our own political structure and etc.  Please join the movement and we do not judge anyone.  

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