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    The return of the Animal Ft K'wan

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                K'wan  In 2002 K’wan hit the scene with his debut novel Gangsta, . After penning his second novel, Road Dawgz (2003), K’wan drew the attention of St. Martin’s press.  StreetDreams (2004). K’wan’s titles also include Hoodlum (2005), Eve (2006), Hood Rat (2006), Flexin & Sexin: Sexy street tales vol. 1 (2007), Blow: A G-unit novella (2007), Still Hood (2007), Gutter (2008), Section 8 (2009), Flirt: An anthology (2009),Welfare Wifeys (2010). Kwan has been in Vibe,  The New York Press, Clutch and most notably Time Magazine, to name a few. He was also interviewed by MTV News for a feature on Hip-Hop fiction

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    Should Blacks Pay Attention to Herman Cain? w/ MG Hardie

    in Politics

    Will the Republicans nominate a Black presidential candidate?

    He's controversial, he's entertaining, he's a man with plans... I'm not talking about host MG Hardie, I am talking about Herman Cain.
    Love him or Hate him...Call in and voice your thoughts and opinions on Herman Cain, Republican Presidential nominee front-runner.

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    Talk About It Tuesday's

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             Erick Gray  Erick’s writing style is diverse; he captures the emotions of his characters in a very believable manner, which would make his transition from books to screen plays very effortless. His stories come to life right before your eyes; they jump off of the pages. The raw emotion evoked by his writing is nothing less than a masterpiece.The 34-year-old gifted author is a lifelong resident of Southside Jamaica, Queens N.Y has emerged as a front-runner with his first endeavor, Booty Call, published by Black Print Publishing in 2003, has sold tens of thousands of copies in the past years and from there on, he’s never looked back.
    No stranger to the streets, Erick’s very descriptive writing style is often very cinematic, as he weaves the tales; it’s as if you were walking in the very shoes of each character. His Stories are thrilling and gritty as he  has shown in his collaboration with Mark Anthony and Anthony Whyte in the Streets of New York series Volume, one, two and three, along with Ghetto Heaven, Love and a Gangsta, and  his award-winning blockbuster Crave All Lose All, which won an award for best urban street lit book, 2007. Nasty Girls, It’s Like Candy, Money Power Respect, One Lyfe to Live, Flexin & Sexin, Booty Call *69, and the highly anticipated soon to be released novels, America’s Soul, and Live and Nasty Girls 2…              Kendra Littleton  Mother of 4...I'm a nurse,I write book reviews under the pen name Mrshoneydip for video network,and I write book reviews for writers chat.i'm working on a few more projects for 2012

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    Authors & Readers Lounge

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    EYONE WILLIAMS Eyone made the Don Diva best-seller list with his first novel, Fast Lane (Fast Lane Publications). He followed up his debut novel with Hell Razor Honeys 1 and 2 (Cartel Publications). He then delivered his readers a short story entitled The Cross (DC Bookdiva Publications). He s also a staff writer for Don Diva Magazine, his most notable work is featured in Don Diva s issue 30, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, where he outlined the rise and fall of D.C. street legends Michael Fray Salters and Wayne Perry. Eyone s first acting role was in the forthcoming movie Dark City (District Hustle). His latest mixtape, A Killer z Ambition, is a sound track to the novel, A Killer z Ambition (DC Bookdiva Publications) by Nathan Welch.

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    Readers Lounge

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    This is the Readers Lounge where we'll be talking to Jeanette Mcmillan James creator of Readers R Us. An pro-active popular Facebook group with readers from all over...I have had a passion for reading ever since I can remember. I collected the “TheBerenstain Bears” books in 1st grade. As I got older I fell in love with “The baby sitters club” and “Sweet valley high” books. When I was in high school a family member introduced me Terry McMillan and she made me fall in love with reading all over again. My Aunt would have to come and check on me to see if I was still alive because I’d spend the whole day in my room reading. From Terry I moved onto Eric Jerome Dickey. His books were just a little slow to start but I did enjoy his work. I hear a lot of people say that “The Coldest Winter Ever” was the book that got them hooked on Urban Lit. I liked the book but it was not what did it for me. An ex con friend of mine told me I should read Donald Goines' books so I picked up “Dopefiend” and I’ve been addicted since.
    & we'll be interviewing BDI/BAD girl Kelly Wiley aka Brooke Lynn as she tells listeners about her book titled "Candy Girl" Kelly Wiley, also writing as Brooke Lynn has been addicted to words for as long as she can remember. Being born and raised in the San Francisco , Bay Area, Kelly’s flare for descriptive writing will take you right into the land of hyphy, where pimpen aint easy, and hustlen is a way of life.  As the first author stepping to the stage on the Black Dawn after Dark’s side,

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    Readers Choice

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    Zaneta Powell Zaneta Powell was intorduced into this genre at the age of 25. The first book that she read was "God Don't Like Ugly" by Mary Monroe, Zaneta was undecisive on the genre she wanted to read until she stumbled across Wahida's Clark "Thugs & The Women Who Loves Them."  Being the creator of Black Faithful Sisters & Brothers Book Club is such a turn out on FB. Zaneta Powell is also an aspiring Author
    Mallori McNeal-Payne Thepenprincess Mallori McNeal-Payne penned her first novel at age fourteen while a freshman in high school, earning herself the Title The Pen Princess. Mallori is the author of A Down Chic, The Set Up, and Mimi's Remorse.

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    Reviewers Choice

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    SiStar Tea SiStar Tea is a proud mother of 4 daughters and 2 granddaughters. Avid reader and loyal member of ARC Book Club Inc.” I read 4-6 books a month. Always with a book or in the new age my kindle”. I’m  grateful  and my love of reading has filtered  down to my children and hopefully my grandchildren. I am also loyal member to Silver Star #50 AF&AM Order of Eastern Stars. SiStar Tea hails from the Bronx, NYC and love to travel. Some of my favorite charities are the Asthma walk, Breast cancer walk and Silver Stars 50 very own Education fund where we give book grants to incoming and upper class collage students. SiStar Tea onced helped organize with other members of Silver Star 50 promoting literacy  and giving back to group homes of unwed single teenage mothers with I ask my author friends to help
    Tajana Sutton The very first novel Tajana read was Addicted by Zane. From that point on she was hooked to urban novels. After reading all of Zane's books, she moved on to Eric Jerome Dickey, then Nikki Turner. In 2007, she joined black expressions bookclub.  Tajana had read Nikki Turner books, but there was a slight difference in Wahida Clark books. Tajana began reading Thug Matimony. She was hooked from the very first page!  After reading those books, she felt as if she knew one of the characters far to well. Tasha's relationship was very similiar to hers with one missing link, babymama drama.One night in 2009, she went to sleep upset about some drama that had occured that particular day. When she woke up the following morning, she said "This shit is enough to make a book". Two weeks later, she completed her very first book entitled, Deja. She wrote an entire book in two weeks. She searched around for a publishing house for weeks. In November of 2009, she signed with Enaz Publications. Deja was released in June of 2010

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    Author Spotlight

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    Spotlight authors wether it's Street Lit or Contemporary 

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    Word on da Street!!!!!

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    Join me and my sister Shalona Amos tonite at 9 pm EST as we chat with WCAM Movement. Terry Wroten, Mimi Renee, Cha'Bella, Brandy and Raynesha will be with us.  So tune in and call in to 310 388 9769 & see how we do...ITS AN AMOS THING!!!!!   

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