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    Meet our 2013 WBFF Professional Fitness Model World Champion

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    KickAss Radio welcomes Justin Gonzales, the 2013 WBFF Professional Fitness Model World Champion, to talk about his personal journey in the world of fitness competition. Listen in as he shares how he prepares for the shows, handles competition most especially his brother and the purpose of his JustinGonzalesFitness.com website.
    In 2005, Justin started his fitness career by becoming a personal trainer. Since then he has held a variety of positions in the fitness and nutrition industry steadily improving his knowledge and shape.
    In 2010, he decided to use his understanding and experience to inspire and motivate others to start their own journey to lifelong fitness. He then founded OneEightyLifestyle, an online community and apparel company.
    In 2012, he challenge himself to compete in his first fitness model show in Kansas City where he earned first place and the title of WBFF Professional Fitness Model. MusclePharm took notice and began sponsoring Justin.
    In 2013, he took stage at the WBFF Pro Show in Las Vegas against the “Best of The Best” and again took the top title: Professional Fitness  Model World Champion. After the show he added Fitmark as a sponsor and is looking forward to building more such relationships.
    His personal motto is “Never give up. Giving up is too easy. Setting goals and reaching them is the best feeling one can have.”
    Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
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    BNR opens the New Year with a BANG by bringing back good friend and frequent BNR guest OBI OBADIKE. Obi, who is the current WBFF Fit Model Champ and MusclePharm-endorsed athlete has come a long way in two short years and will talk about his ascent from 'that black dude with abs' to 'that black dude with abs and a six-figure supplement contract'. Tune in and be prepared to laugh.

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    The Right Way To Get Fit

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    Angelique Kronebrush is an personal trainer, contest prep coach, figure athlete, and published writer.

    Her accomplishments includes:

    2014 BCABBA Western Canadians: 5th place Figure Masters
    2012 Canadian Nationals: 8th place bikini masters
    2012 CBBF: 2nd Place Bikini Masters, Qualified for Canadian Nationals
    2011 IDFA BC Classic: 2nd Place Figure Physique, 4th Place Fitness Model
    2011 WBFF Alberta Championships: 7th Place Figure Short
    2010 Fame West: 2nd Place Figure Physique, Top 5 Muscle Model
    2010 BCABBA Western Canadians: 4th Place Figure Short
    2010 WBFF Alberta Championships: 1st Place Figure Short
    2010 BCABBA Sandra Wickham Fall Classic: 4th Place Figure Short
    2009 Fame West: 5th place Figure Physique
    2009 WBFF: 4th place Figure Short
    2009 Fame Canadian Nationals: 2nd place Fitness Model, 5th place Figure Physique
    2008 Fame West: 9th place Fitness Model, 7th place Bikini Model

    Angelique became addicted to the fitness and health industry in her early 20's. She is passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals with one on one training, online training, articles, videos and blogs. 

    Angelique also has a passion for healthy eating and playing with new recipe ideas to make healthy food fun and interesting. 

    Angelique writes for www.welcometokelowna.com, www.musclebombshell.com and is a sponsored athlete for DA Active Inc.


    Website: www.angeliquekronebusch.ca

    Twitter: @MsFitBC 

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    Best Places to Travel This Summer & What to Wear

    in Travel

    Not sure how you want to spend this summer or where you will travel to? This show will highlight the most amazing places to visit, what to do and how to dress for the occasion.

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    Fit Mom’s Series with Nicole Costa

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    KickAss Radio welcomes Nicole Costa, WBFF Diva Bikini Pro and Co-owner of Body Rock Inc., to talk about WBFF and how she was able to step back on stage 11 months after giving birth. Listen in as she shares how motherhood and the Advocare business have changed her life and still managed to get and stay in shape.

    Nicole Costa is from Providence, RI. She is the co-owner of Body Rock Inc. A Competition prep coach, she has a 16 month old daughter named Mya. She works with an amazing supplement company called Advocare. She’s a WBFF Pro Bikini Competitor and an Oxygen Magazine Cover model.

    Check out her Body Rock and Advocare sites.

    Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    Visit our KickAss Women website. 

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    Empowerment: Turning Life’s Obstacles to Inspiration with Hillary Jones

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    KickAss Radio welcomes Hillary Jones, a Chef and Fitness Model, to talk about overcoming her personal struggles in the world of fitness competition. Listen in as she shares how she stopped putting limitations on herself and the things she could accomplish and finally realized that once she believed in herself, she can achieve anything.

    In 2010, Hillary Jones competed for the first time in the Arnold Amateur, and placed third among 35 girls in her height class. She did two other shows within the next two months and then competed in her first Nationals later that year.  Her experience with competing was extremely unhealthy, but she had come to believe that it was just what everyone did. After competing at Nationals, she vowed to never compete again and spent the next several months battling a very ugly binge eating disorder.

    She had always been passionate about cooking and decided to attend a farm to table culinary arts program in Boulder, CO and learned to look at food in such a different light. It was probably one of the best experiences of her life. Her passion for fitness never went away, and she decided to get recertified as a personal trainer and start training clients again. She still also had this desire to compete again and prove that you could do so in a healthy way. In May of 2013, she competed in her first WBFF show and won her pro status. She took some time away from the stage to figure out what she wanted in her life and career and now she is training for her first pro show in Montreal in 15 weeks. She is most passionate about helping women create a balance in their life, where they can create bodies that they may have always wanted, but not have to feel they are constantly depriving themselves or have to spend hours in the gym or on crazy diets. The most powerful thing one can do is show someone all the power that lies within them, once they just let that light shine.

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    The Beauty of Basic

    in Culture

    Keeping it simple can be sexy and smart. Practical ways to look your best with very little effort and without hurting your pocketbook. I will offer 10 tips on how to keep it simple this summer.

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    Fit Mom’s Series with Jeannette Jarnes

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    KickAss Radio welcomes Jeannette Jarnes, WBFF Pro and Promoter, to talk about how she enjoys her life as a mom and a fitness pro at the same time. Listen in as she talks about all the projects she’s currently involved in:  Orlando and Miami WBFF Promoter, Team Hard Kandy Coach, Sponsored by NVIE and opening her new business (Cherry Blow Dry Bar).

    Jeannette Jarnes is a mother of two beautiful children who are her heart, Cheyenne (8 years old) and Parrish (6 years old). She has been married to her lovely husband, Larry for 13 years. She’s also an extremely dedicated fitness competitor.

    Dedication and persistence have brought her to this point of becoming a WBFF pro athlete. She has always been dedicated to fitness; playing competitive tennis and running in races. She wanted more and took it to the next level.

    She wants to thank her children, husband, family and friends for all their love and support in helping her reach this goal. Her husband has been her number 1 fan and supporter through everything. She also wants to thank all her coaches, Doug Casebier, Karen Dancer, the TBA team and a big thanks to WBFF (Paul and Allison Dillett) for welcoming her in their fitness family. She couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it. Also, sending out a special thanks to all her fans for their support and inspiring her to be the best athlete she can be.

    Follow her on Facebook.  

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    Tune in as we will have Ms Emily Sterling WBFF Figure Pro joining us..

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    Join us as Tavia discuses "How did I get here in this sport" and also discusses her progress in preparation of her contest date in November.

    PumpTV Radio's special guests will be:

    Gloria LyBurtus Keplinger:

    2010 Overall winner of Arnold Amature
    still an Amateur looking for her Pro card this year.

    Emily Stirling:
    2X WBFF Figure World Champion
    Frances Monroe:
    56 Year old grandmother
    won overalls in figure compitition. March 5th in NGA natural show.

    PumpTV Magazine has been launched did you get your copy? If not, please click on the website link below.


    Our show is not just for bodybuilders. We want to bring like-minded fitness oriented people together to encourage one another while acquiring some new ones along the way!

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    Obi Obadike:Road To the WBFF Fitness Model World Title!

    in Fitness

    Obi Obadike, International Fitness Model Sensation returns to The Soul Salon to discuss his phenomenal road to the WBFF (WORLD BODYBUILDING and FITNESS FEDERATION) World Championship! Obi and his fabulous physique will compete alongside other elite members in the field for the fitness model world title! Tune in to hear about his training and preparation for this unmatched event and maybe even apply some of his proven strategies on your own transformation. For more information visit http://wbffshows.com

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    Best Places to Travel This Summer & What to Wear

    in Travel

    Not sure how you want to spend this summer or where you will travel to? This show will highlight the most amazing places to visit, what to do and how to dress for the occasion.