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    Mikhaela Asheena

    in Education

    Mikhaela Asheena a wayshower, universal healer, Galactic walk-in, 11-11 being,Reiki master/teacher, Ordained minister, and creator of Sacred Geometry Patterns. A spiritual warrior for Mother Earth and humanity. Dedicated to the divine feminine and assisted by Babaji and Kuan Yin, and Pythagoras, the Ascended masters, angels and archangels and the "I Am Presence." For additional information you reach her at



    574 - 496-9490

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    The Collapse of Materialism: Philip Comella

    in Spirituality

    Do Darwin and materialist science have the only answers for humanity? Or does human consciousness demand a much more expansive vision? Lawyer and visionary futurist Philip Comella is the author of the new book The Collapse of Materialism: Visions of Science, Dreams of God, in which he explores the dramatic spiritual awakening taking place on the planet right now. Philip invites us to transcend the "truths" of the past to discover a higher truth, a glorious new epoch in which science and religion are no longer at odds with one another.

    Many have suggested we live in a materialistic universe that is random and unconscious, evolving only through the constructs of natural selection. An alternative view has co-existed, one that describes the universe as a conscious creation existing beyond the limitations of matter, indeed creating matter itself.  The seemingly endless collisions between these two competing world views need not hinder humanity forever. We will explore Philip's groundbreaking predictions on how a unified vision of reality is not only possible, but already in existence.

    In addition to his professional life as a lawyer, visionary wayshower Philip Comella is the host of the popular radio show Conversations Beyond Science and Religion. Philip's book is the culmination of decades of work studying how the physical world of science can be unified with the metaphysics of religion.

    Philip's web site: TheCollapseofMaterialism.com


    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission.


  • Catharsis

    in Radio

    Is That Jazz Radio will be touching on Spiritual and Intellectual Truths with none other than our very special Guest a poet, writer, metaphysics teacher, free thought spiritualist, motivational speaker and "wayshower"Dr. Nailah Bakari Gilliam.

    Dr. G will discuss in this interview the Spiritual Truths as well as the Intellectual Truths as they are prevalent in our days and times and what we can do with this information to transform our lives in away to uplift ourselves and humanity.

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    The SYNCRENICITY of the 21st Century Superhuman w/Alexander RA-Sol

    in Education

    Presented by India Irie & Kami Be w/honoured guest, Alexander RA-Sol, Renaissance Spirit with Many Many Gifts!

    ON THE CUSP OF THE WAVE, a free eBook written by Alexander RA-Sol available here: http://waverider1.wordpress.com/e-book-by-waverider1-on-the-cusp-of-the-wave/
    *A Mystic Surfer’s Experiences Of, and Reflections On Gaia’s Epic Transformation

    Change Agent, Wayshower, Adept, Surfer Extraordinaire, Blogger, Author, Multi-Faceted Healer, Alexander RA-Sol shares with us from his plethora of experience in a variety of topics relating to this incredible Shift of the Ages currently raising the vibration of our planet and humanity. One who lives a fully experiential life --living, learning and growing wiser thru doing--Alexander will bring to us what he has discovered as tools we can use to assist us in matriculating this new energy and awareness we have evolved into as a collective and the responsibility that is part of this new step.

    We will discover what the 'hole in the fence' is that he has found, what the 'Afterglow' is, the significance of opening one's third eye, twin flames and soul mates, shedding the dogma of indoctrination, bowing out of the blame game, how to FOLLOW YOUR BLISS and a host of other pertinent subjects.




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    (#30) A Mystic’s Rites Of Passage

    in Spirituality

    On the high end spiritual consciousness includes:

    (a) being aware of what’s going on within you,
    (b) being aware of what’s going on around you,
    (c) being aware of how both kinds of awareness affects you, your relationships and your experience of everything in your life.

    (d) And  most importantly, realize that the theme of developing this kind of personal awareness is about creating, sustaining and perpetually expanding upon an intimate (day-to-day) relationship with your Immortal Essence which is the unique facet of Prime Source Creator you manifested as on Earth this lifetime.

    Tune and keep your pen and paper handy.

    CHANNEL SHORT LINK: Http://TinyURL.Com/VajSoulPathRadio

    DONATIONS:  Http://TinyURL.Com/SupportDocVaj

    TELE-CHATS:  Http://SoulPathClarity.Biz

    BACKUP DATA: Http://TheCartomanc-Seer.Biz

    CLOSER TO GOD: Http://TinyURL.Com/DocVajSoulPathPaver

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    Balancing Heaven and Earth and Sacred Hoop

    in Spirituality

    October 22, 2014

    Balancing Heaven and Earth with Denise Iwaniw @ 8 PM EST

    Join Denise Iwaniw this Wednesdy for another 60 minutes of spiritual conversation.  This week the topic is "Good and Evil...Shadow and Light".  Its going to be another great conversation. Please be sure to tune in by phone or join us in the chat room. 

    Sacred Hoop with Neshi Lokotz @ 9 PM EST

    Telling Your Story - What’s your story? Sharing your life experiences, your wisdom is important as a healer, a Way.Show.er. Yet, telling your story can be difficult due to self confidence and knowing how much to share. In this show, Neshi explains and shares why it is important to use your voice to tell your story as a part of your walk on the Red Road.

    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.


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    (#22A) White Coat Syndrome Power

    in Health

    Okay Peeps ...

    Time to begin linking the dots between ... LONG TERM PROGRAMMING and what you mindlessly assume, and between PROGRAMMING and what you thoughtlessly believe about the (disease) called cancer, the doctors we see whenever we are not well, etc., etc.

    This is the hour to get slammed upside the head with truth that you can no longer ignore, dismiss, devalue and not pay attention to for only you can ever save you from the BS that the Matrix Wizards perpetrates against us for hundred of years.

    Remember:  Don't shoot the messenger because you don't like the message, because you don't resonate with the message and/or because you're unable or unwilling to assume a NEUTRAL POSTURE ... gain insights and then decide for yourself.

    If you resonate with this message, please show our support with any donation amount that is comfortable for you.  Visit Http://SoulPathClarity.Biz, which is a one page site.  Scroll down the page till see the PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON near page bottom, and trust that you are opening a cycle of abundance for yourself, by supporting my outreach.  Thank you very much.

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    ExpandingU RADIO: An Out of this World Chat w/Julien Wells, Reality Programmer

    in Education

    Presented by: India Irie Sanatana Dharma, Kami Be, Sherri Fischer, Judy Jandora & Edan Sehayek

    Honoured Guest: Julien Wells, Reality Programmer.

    Join us as we have a lively discussion about all things pertaining to this impressive shifting of the ages. We will learn more about the Pleiadian perspective, the fact that we are a reality show for the cosmos, what we mean when we speak of dimensionality, how he came to embrace his telepathic gifts, what other realms are we failing to perceive as a collective, the role of the Silver Legion and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

    Julien is a most kind-hearted wayshower who is humbly making himself available to anybody who has been trying to make these connections with themselves and finding difficulty. Julien also has a direct empathic/telepathic link with the star civilization The Pleiadians, and shares much insight from their perspective.  After no more than 5 minutes of speaking to Julien, his kind (and Canadian) authencity simply shines through, and his psychic abilities and connection to his own heart are undeniable. I live with the guy, I can certainly attest as these are sincere words from my own heart!"

    -Crystal Walker

    To reach Julien....find him here =====>

    Currently the site he's using for sessions:
    I offer Private and Public Skype or Phone sessions. Because of the benefit for others sharing them publicly, I have discounted the price for that option and have begun posting them here.  Note that phone sessions cannot be recorded, and thus cannot be made public.


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    The New Age Review with Guest Psychic Donita King!

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to The New Age Review with metaphysical writer and spiritual teacher Barbara Graver of TheNewAgeReview.com  and BarbaraGraver.com for an exciting interview with psychic Donita King!  Donita King is a practicing attorney, natural intuitve, A.R.E. Wayshower, tested psychic and certified dream guide mentor.

    Topics for this encore episode (with live intro and update by Barbara) include psychic development, dreamwork, psychic training and how you can achieve real life guidance through your own psychic abilities.

    Donita's readings are designed to present information needed for decisionmaking and self-empowerment.  She also teaches others how to enable their own growth and development, and will be sharing some of these insights and teaching with us tonight.

    For more about Donita please check out her website at DonitaKing.com/intuitive!

    Join us every other Wednesday at 9PM ET for compelling interviews with your favorite spiritual authors and teachers, in depth reviews of metaphysical material and resources, and ongoing previews of Barbara's own spiritual teaching and upcoming book on spiritual guidance!

    And don't forget to follow Barbara on social media at:


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    Juggling Butterfly Chrystaline Golden Energy I am That I am

    in Spirituality


    It has been some time,  as I have taken some time out, Vibration our Crytaline essence is occuring we are vibrating to higher frequencies, on so many levels.

    An Arc of LIght/Covenant  is occuring, many are awakening, raising the vibration,   so much occuring right now, I have been off air for a few months,  as I got told to stop via my ancestors, starseeds, energy, but the trueality,  of it all is,  the vibration the essence. the energy,  as that is who we are!  So come along and enjoy the ride, I am that I am,  just flowing within on my own personal journey, Truth is the only way forward. So listen take on board what you need and leave behind what you,  do not understand,  as maybe you are or  not ready., Aho! It is time enjoy the show and lets have fun laughter, truth Aho see you all shining your vibrations, and feeling the vibrations, and the veil is open Aho xxx I will enlighten you all a little bit  more on your journey as we all know we are all experiencing so much and it could just be very familiar, that resonates or awakens you. remember Protection is the also the key Aho xx itisasitis right now trust within as the key is within.

  • Juggling Butterfly Golden Energy

    in Spirituality

    Nikota777 Come and enjoy the ride! 347 - 308-8246 ring in
    Nikota is back
    Nikota is a Wayshower/ Lightworker she is an intuitive on her own journey that assist others when it is needed.
    MIni readings will be available, She is Lemurian works with the crystals angel cards and much more. So many are awakening and feeling confused, the signs are there and she will explain so much to you on an earthly aspect.
    She is just a vessel working with the divine so how about taking  step forward and let the fear go and start to release and listen within and allow love and joy within your heart and soul. Aho!
    It is time to discipline your self, work with your energies.
    It is time for you to really feel your energy, to expand your energy to play with your energy.
    A meditation to assist you copy and paste in to your browser the link below!
    go with the flow Aho! xxx

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