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    The Gift of Shamanism - With: Itzhak Beery

    in Spirituality

    Itzhak Beery, the author of The Gift of Shamanism,bridges the indigenous shamanic traditions his teachers entrusted in him with a contemporary shamanic approach relevant to our modern life.

    Born in Israel he is a New York-based practitioner who conducts shamanic healing ceremonies, and teaches seminars internationally and co-lead trips to Ecuador and Brazil's Amazon.

    Itzhak apprenticed intensively and initiated by don Jose Joaquin Diaz Pineda an Ecuadorian Quechua Yachak from Iluman, into his family tradition and into the Sacred 24 Yachaks Circle of Imbabura. He was also was initiated by Shoré a North Amazonian Pagé in Brazil. He studied with and assisted Ipupiara Makunaiman a Brazilian Amazonian Pagé from the Uru-eu-wau-wau tribe for 12 years until his passing and with his wife Cliecha, Peruvian Curandera and also with other indigenous and contemporary elders and shamans from around the world. 

    Itzhak's work has been featured in a variety of worldwide publications including the NY Times, radio and video interviews and he is often invited to speak on panel discussions, press conferences and festivals and to host and participate in Shamanic Webinars. 

    He was featured in the feature film "The Hindenburg Omen" and Parashakti's "Dance of Liberation" documentary. He is also the featured shaman in the upcoming TV show "Soul Search."

    His website is: http://www.itzhakbeery.com/index.php

    For more Soul Talk Episodes go to this website: http://www.soultalkradio.org

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    WAU Depression, Death and the Dumbing Down of America

    in Politics

    Today Ricky and Denny are gonna be kind of all over the map. From topics on depression and the recent suicide of Robin Williams to the dumbing down of America in the modern eduvational system They will honestly touch on a bit of everything. So tune in live for all this and more. Today on Wake Up America

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    WAU -- Holder Resigns, multiple attacks on the White House and Murder in OK

    in Politics

    Tonight on Wake Up America the Rowdy One aka Ricky Robinson is joined by John Wright formerly with News Radio 1000 KTOK. Rick and John will discuss the recently announced resignation of the AG Mr. Holder and what that might mean.  Next on tap the recent attacks on the White House that are coming to light and then the recent Attack in Moore Oklahoma. John and Rick will discuss whether they agree with the media talk of this possibly being a terrorist attack or if there could be another explanation. All this and much more tonight on Wake Up America!

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    WAU The World is on Fire and we fell asleep on the Wall

    in Politics Conservative

    Today join Rick and Denny as they Discuss the continuing crises facing America:  The deluge of Illegal Imigrants, The crrrolation between the ACA and the crumbling Vetrans' healtcare system.  The ineptitude of our current leaders when it comes to things like foreign policy; as evidenced by the continuin Ukraine situation, the recent bafoonery of our secretary of state, Rick not so lovingly has dubbed John "The Raisin" Kerry, and the fact that illegals feel they can now protest right outside the whitehouse with out any consequences,  This and much much more as we continue to try and Wake Up America

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    WAU -- Obama, The Border Crisis, Ukraine, and More

    in Politics Conservative

    Denny and Rick are back at it again. This show they will conclude the segment on Obama and his dishonesty.  They will also be discussing the border crisis and the latest developments there.  Next on the list will the the Ukraine situation and then if there is time left a bit on the recent gay narriage ruling.


    So join the guys as they do what they can to Wake up America..... Before it's too late.

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    WAU -- Ish is Bad All Over! Israel, Ebola and More.

    in Politics

    From the Hamas-Israeli conflict to the recent killing of an American General lets face it the world is a mad house and no one in charge of our government seems to care! We have people of unkown origins and allegiances flooding across our borders. We have people threatining to beat other people and kill them over differences in ideology.  We as Americans need to realize that while the majority of us are silent and peaceful as a whole if we do not wkae up soon history will judge us to be irrelevant.  Don't believe us? We Have proof.  Join Rick and Denny for this and much much more on Today's Wake up America!

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    A 1940’S tribute to a Truly Timeless Lady

    in Music

    “Forgotten music on 78 records" by Curt Hahn

    A 1940’S tribute to a Truly Timeless Lady

    9 songs

    (1)  Ella Mae Morse Why Shouldn’t I?

    (2)   Les Brown and His Orchestra ‎– Sentimental Journey

    (3) Harry Owens and His Royal Hawaiians ‎– Maui Girl

    (4)  Aloha No Wau I Ko Maka

    (5)  Rosemary Clooney – Shot Gun Boogie

    (6)  Beautiful Brown Eyes

    (7)  Harry James and His Orchestra ‎– You Made Me Love You

    (8)  ‎– A Sinner Kissed an Angel

    (9)  Les Brown and His Orchestra ‎– Twilight Time

    This Show is dedicated to the memory of my Friend Sharon Cahn and with a Truly Heartfelt Thank You to her Husband David

    Link to podcast to listen and enjoy this music:


    For information on the background of the songs and contacting Curt Hahn, write to www.Facebook.com/s3productions2 or Forgotten music on 78 records

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    Pilot Show for Campus Ministries Radio!

    in School

    This is the first official show for Washington Adventist University's Campus Ministries Radio.
    Tonight we have WAUCurrent Events, NK's Top 5 Christian Artist, Ask D and Goodnight WAU.
    Great things in store. We look forward to talking to you live from WAU Campus Ministries Radio!

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    Help Find Raven Cassidy Furlong

    in Education

    The Official Help Find Raven Cassidy Furlong Website: https://www.facebook.com/HelpFindRavenCassidyFurlong 
    Missing since Feb 5, 2013 Email us your tips: TIPS@nwcave.org   Case: Raven left her home on Feb. 5, 2013 at 8am headed for school. She is said to be in the company of 2 other girls including 1 adult. Raven’s phone has not been used since Feb. 6   Despite having a car description no Amber Alert was activated  CAR DESCRIPTION: Red Ford Taurus 1999 4-door License Tag: Colorado DONATE LIFE plate 284 WAU   Missing: Feb 5, 2013 Birthday: Mar 26,1995 Age Now: 17 yrs old Sex: Female Height: 5’5 Weight: 120lbs Race: Caucasian Eye Color: Hazel Hair: Brunette-currently short & auburn Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: Two small tattoos on right hand/wrist of a star & a heart. Both ears have two piercings each in the lobes   If you have information on this case or the whereabouts of Raven dial 911 or call the Aurora Police Dept Case 13-4777   Media and Family Inquiries: Michelle A. Bart National Women's Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation Office: (360) 852-8019 or Cell: (626) 644-3472 michelle@nwcave.org or shelley@nwcave.org http://www.nwcave.org

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    Sabbath Talk

    in School

    Church Time- What did you learn at church today?
    Agape- Relationships
    Prayer Ministry

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